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Healing from Back Pains

In 1991 I came in contact with the teaching of Bruno Gröning in Hamburg, Germany. I went to an Introduction Session and one explained me the techniques how to absorb the Divine Energy, which Bruno Gröning called “Healing Stream”.
During that time I was in an apprenticeship of a Naturopath and I was also interested in other spiritual methods of healing.
At the beginning when the session starts I asked myself if this is really something for me because I found it too simple; and I didn’t feel anything. But the atmosphere was very peaceful and relaxing and so I stayed until the introduction was finished. One hour later the real Healing Session started and the room was filled up with ca. 50 people. I placed myself into the last line in the back.
The Session started with a nice classical music, but unfortunately this music didn’t belong to my favorite, because I was a fan of Rock Music. In that time I also suffered from strong back-pains. When I listened to the music, I started to feel a certain stream like an electrical current flowing through my body. It was very relaxing and refreshing but at the same time almost doping me like in a rush.
Suddenly I noticed a very strong stabbing in my back. It was a feeling like somebody screws me a sharp metal item into my spine next to the place where ever I felt the back pains before. This was so painful and strong that I jumped on my chair every time.
Simultaniously a lot of energy flushed in showers through my body – this was really a phenomenal experience and I was very amazed!!
The Session was finished after 2 hours with continuously stabbing and streaming of divine power. I was so occupied with myself that I didn’t notice what was spoken in the front.
When I left the room all pains were gone, and I felt refreshed and verymoved.
From that day on I “tuned in” to the divine stream every day twice at home and sometimes I felt the same pain in my back during meditating.
Almost 8 weeks later the back pains had vanished completely and many small other problems at my body as well. But the most important thing was that I had the feeling of coming home and a wonderful feeling of love, protection and divine guidance which I never experienced before in such intensivity. The back pains never came back until today.
I thank Bruno Gröning in the bottom of my heart that he healed me and that he connected me again with the divine source and is further helping me in all my concerns.

 Broken Leg – Healing from pains in

At Easter 2007 I fell off a ladder, actually the ladder collapsed while I was at the top, the result being I broke my right leg in 2 places. The tibia required 2 pins and the fibula required a plate and 4 pins inserted.
After several month of physio, acupuncture and remedial massage I was still experiencing a lot of pain, swelling, restricted movement and discomfort (a lot of heat in the ankle) in bed. I actually had to sleep with my leg hanging over the side of the bed without bed clothing over it. I walked with a limp and found my whole body becoming unbalanced due to the restricted movement. I only had about 40 % to 45 % ankle movement.
When I went back to the surgeon he explained that I should get about 80 % to 90 % movement back in time and there will always be little discomfort, restricted movement and swelling due to the amount of metal inserted. A way to overcome this is could be to have the pins and plate removed, but there would be no guarantee and although the bones have knitted successfully they could re-brake!
So away I went a little disconcerted and continued doing the physio exercises at home and having remedial massages once a month. This continued for the next 2 years with very little improvement, not so much pain, and movement in the ankle to maybe 60 % on a good day and less swelling and heat at night.
Then I went to a Bruno Gröning Spiritual Healing and Meditation Session at Oak Flats on the 19/04/09. During this session, although i felt very relaxed, carefree and invigorated, I can`t say that the improvement in my leg was immediate, but I did feel a different kind of heat in the ankle, as if a small electric current was running through it. At the third or fourth session I started to get small muscle spasms and tingling heat, like the heat from dry ice, down my right thigh, leg, ankle and foot. When meditating at home this continued and still does on occasions.
Now 5 months later the pain has diminished to a slight discomfort, the swelling is almost non-existent, the movement in the ankle is up to about 95 % and the heat at night has all but gone. My body balance is almost back to normal and I can do almost all normal things that I was not able to do 5 month ago e.g.: Jog on the beach, bend down or squat down to do gardening or clean the car.
Pretty basic stuff I know, but when you have been unable to do them for a while it feels very good. Because of this improvement my general health has also improved and I don`t get as tired or fatigued as before.
Therefore, as I continue to receive the divine power from God through the teaching of Bruno Gröning, I feel that my health can only get better. I bless the day my wife saw the ad in the local paper and we went to Oak Flats and met Peter and Petra who introduced us to this simple but effective teaching.