Who was Bruno Groening?

Bruno Groening (1906 – 1959) first came to the attention of the public as a so-called “spiritual healer” in 1949 on account of spectacular healings. At the high point of his activity, up to 30,000 people a day flocked to his talks, which were open to everyone and which he gave without any notes. After these talks, time after time, seriously ill people reported inexplicable healings. The national and international media carried frequent reports at that time on these successful healings of illnesses that continue to be regarded as incurable, and these healings have not yet been the object of any adequate scientific investigation.

Bruno Groening, a man of deep faith, constantly asserted: “There is nothing that cannot be healed – It is not I who heals; the divine power, it helps, it heals! – God is the greatest physician!”

Today, more than half a century after Groening’s death, the events concerning him continue to be of great interest to the public, and even today the reports of healings that have occurred as a result of following Bruno Groening’s guidance show no sign of stopping. An increasing number of people are showing an interest in well-researched and systematically organised information about the work of Bruno Groening, and in having access to the historical sources that concern it.

During the first years of his public activity, Bruno Groening’s talks and lectures were recorded in shorthand. Later on, from 1955 to 1958, a large number of them were recorded on tape. Apart from some short autobiographical texts, a few letters and several handwritten notes, Bruno Groening did not produce any other written works.



The most important biographical episodes in Bruno Gröning’s life

1906 – 1927

Bruno Gröning (originally Bruno Grönkowski) was born on the 31st of May, 1906 in Danzig-Olivia, Rothöfer Weg 1. He was the fourth of seven children of bricklayer August Grönkowski and his wife, Margarethe. The family lived in rented accommodation in a working class district.

Even as a small child, Bruno recognised that he had a healing and soothing influence on humans and animals alike. His parents didn’t understand this gift and, as a result, his relationship with them was strained.

Bruno Gröning went through secondary education and, on leaving school, he began an apprenticeship as a retailer. His father requested that he cut this short, as it was his intention that Bruno should go into the building trade.  As a result, Bruno started training as a carpenter.  He subsequently became self-employed and, at the age of 19, established a construction and furniture joinery.


Bruno Gröning married Gertrud Cohn.  At this time he worked, among other things, in a chocolate factory, as a telegram post-worker at the Danzig post office, and as an electrical engineer at Siemens & Halske.


His first son, Harald, was born.

Bruno Gro__ning Film


The Grönkowski family changed their name to Gröning.



Bruno Gröning’s mother died.   Bruno’s second son, Günter, was born.



Harald became seriously ill and died, aged nine, in a Danzig hospital.



Bruno Gröning was called up for military service. He was enrolled into an anti-tank gunner unit and stationed at the Eastern Front, in the former Soviet Union.



Bruno Gröning was made a prisoner of war in Russia. Fellow prisoners suffering from dropsy in the detention camps experienced healings through the help of Gröning. He was released from captivity and made his way to Western Germany.

He worked as a casual labourer on farms in Hessian Haigerseelbach (Borough of Dillkreis), and rented a flat in Dillenburg.



While Bruno was in Dillenburg, his wife stayed in Danzig with their second son, Günter. Now, in 1947, Bruno Gröning sent for his family. Günter became seriously ill and died, at the age of eight.



Sick people, asking for help and healing, increasingly visited Bruno Gröning.



In March 1949 Bruno Groening separated from his wife Gertrud. Unfortunately she had no understanding of the divine call of her husband. She wanted just live a civic life and couldn’t support her husband in his endeavour to help people.

At the time, he was living in the Ruhrgebiet (Ruhr area in North-Rhine-Westfalia). Engineer Helmut Hülsmann, from the Westfalian town Herford, informed the press about the healing his son Dieter had received, as a result of which Bruno Gröning’s name made headlines.


Sick people from all over Germany and abroad travelled to Herford, in search of help and healing. Bruno Gröning delivered many speeches here, during which he appealed for trust and belief in God and the necessity of a true Christian lifestyle. Numerous healings occurred, not only during his talks, but also in his absence.

Herford’s Chief Municipal Director, Mr. Meister, subsequently banned Gröning’s actions, as they apparently infringed the “Heilpraktikergesetz” (a German law against healing or non-medical practitioners).   Gröning left Herford and asked his co-worker, Egon Arthur Schmidt, to found the group called the “Circle of Bruno Gröning’s Friends”.

Bruno Gröning travelled to Hamburg, in the hope of continuing his healing mission there, but the Hamburg Chief Municipal Director banned him from public speaking, as a result of which Bruno Gröning left.

The magazine “Revue” offered to have Bruno Gröning’s abilities clinically tested. Bruno was pleased to cooperate, and travelled to the University Clinic of Heidelberg, where his ‘methods’ were supervised by a commission of medical practitioners, under the surveillance of the Marburg psychologist and medical practitioner, Prof. Dr. H.G. Fischer. These tests officially confirmed the curative effects of the healings.  However, it was recommended that he continue his healing work strictly within a medical environment.

In Southern Germany, Bruno Gröning became acquainted with Leo Harwart, the owner of a horse-breeding estate near Rosenheim. Grateful for the healing of a close relative, Harwart offered his estate, “Traberhof”, as a place for Bruno’s healing work.

When the press leaked information on Gröning’s whereabouts, huge numbers of people flocked to the estate for several weeks. Numerous visitors received healings – amongst them patients with ‘incurable’ ailments.

However, even Rosenheim Gesundheitsamt (the local health authority) was of the opinion that Bruno Gröning was in breach of the healing practitioner law. Hence Bruno Gröning started making plans to establish healing sanatoriums where he could work with official authorisation, accompanied by medical doctors. He requested permission in Bavaria to work in accordance with official regulations relating to healing, while also complying with the healing practitioner law. He pleaded with those in search of healing not to come to see him at “Traberhof” anymore; it was his intention that, as soon as the proposed sanatoriums were established, they would be advertised to the public. From that time onwards, Bruno Gröning delivered his speeches only to small groups of people in the town of Bad Wiessee.

Film director Rolf Engler made the documentary “Gröning”. The film premiere was shown at cinemas in Munich, Essen and Gelsenkirchen.



Businessman Otto Meckelburg offered his services as manager to Bruno Gröning and founded an association called “The Society for Research into Gröning’s Methodology of Healing”. Meckelburg became executive manager of this association and made a contract with Bruno Gröning, whereupon Gröning was expected to dedicate his services exclusively to that association.

Gröning gave lectures to 30 – 120 people at events organised by Meckelburg in hotels and restaurants in Wangerooge (an Island in the North Sea), Oldenburg, Mittenwald and Werlte, Emsland Region. Amongst other things, Meckelburg promised healing – against the explicitly expressed wish of Bruno Gröning – to Ruth Kuhfuß, who suffered from tuberculosis on both lungs and subsequently died.

The Bavarian Ministry of Interior Affairs contested the practice of healing within sanatoriums.

From then on, Bruno Gröning lectured at the healing practice of Eugen Enderlin, a healing practitioner. There, he met his second wife, Juliane (Josette) Dufossé, who was initially his secretary. Gröning left Enderlin’s practice, following a disagreement with him.

Munich’s health authority ordered Bruno Gröning to cease all healing treatments immediately. Gröning was of the opinion that his work was not a “treatment”, and he continued to lecture to small groups.  There followed punitive action from the district court in Munich, as a result of the offence against the healing practitioner law of the time. Gröning raised objections against this.



Bruno Gröning regularly lectured to 15 – 30 people in the healing practice of practitioner Cäcilie Scheuerecker at Grafing, near Munich.



Bruno Gröning lectured all year, initially in Grafing at Scheuerecker’s practice, then sporadically in Hameln, and later on regularly once again at Enderlin’s practice at Feldafing, near Starnberger See. Towards the end of that year, he gave lectures at private apartments, and at the “Aindorfer Hof” inn, Munich.

The Munich district jury court acquitted Bruno Gröning of the charges against him under the healing practitioner law. The prosecuting lawyer lodged an appeal against this decision. Gröning, however, was acquitted of infringing the healing practitioner law by Munich’s district court, on appeal.



For the time being, Bruno Gröning continued to give lectures at Enderlin’s practice, which were attended by 30 – 50 people. The partnership with Enderlin broke off once again, and Gröning left Enderlin, this time for good.

In order to ensure protection for his activities, Gröning established an umbrella association named “Gröning-Bund” at Murnau-Seehausen. Several societies or communities, which had been formed in various areas, joined this association. The managing committee was comprised of: Rudolf Bachmann, Anny Freiin Ebner von Eschenbach, Bernhard Graf von Matuschka, Konstantin Weisser, Hermann Riedinger, Egon Arthur Schmidt and Graf von Zeppelin. Gröning himself was president, appointed for life.



Gröning continued to give lectures, along with others, at the castle of Graf Zeppelin in Aschhausen near Heilbronn, in his private

 apartment at Grafrath (Bavaria), the hostel “Schweiz” in Muni

ch, and in Rosenheim and Graz.



Once again, Bruno Gröning was found guilty of repeatedly infringing the ban on healing and, additionally, he was accused of 

manslaughter in the case of Ruth Kuhfuß.

The divorce with his former wife, Gertrud Gröning, went through. The same year, Gröning married Josette Dufossé and subsequently moved with her to Plochingen on the river Neckar.






Bruno Gröning gave lectures, especially in Southern Germany, but also at Westfalia, Lower Saxony, Northern Germany and Austria.

Together with his wife Josette, he travelled to France and visited among other areas, the place of pilgrimage, Lourdes.

Bruno Gröning went to Freiburg, along with his wife and solicitor, Dr. Schwander. At the University Hospital of Freiburg, he underwent a neurological assessment in order to prove his accountability according to criminal law.



Gröning continued with his lecture tours in Germany, Austria and Northern Italy.

Preparations for the trial against him, due to his apparent infringement of the healing ban, as well as the manslaughter charges, cost Gröning much time. The jury-court in the Munich area sentenced him, despite all efforts made, to a fine of 2000 DM or 100 days imprisonment. He was acquitted of the manslaughter charges.

The Attorney General of public prosecution appealed against the judgment. That appeal was directed against the plea of  “not guilty” for  manslaughter and against the degree of penalty concerning the repeated offence against the healing practitioner’s law.



Bruno Gröning gave further lectures all over Germany and Austria. In order to preserve his teachings for posterity, he and his closest friends recorded his lectures and meetings on audiotapes.

In the second instance, as a consequence of the involuntary manslaughter charges and infringement of the healing ban, Gröning was given a suspended eight-month prison sentence and a penalty of 5000 DM or 50 days in jail by the 2nd criminal division of the regional court of Munich II. Gröning appealed to the highest regional court of Bavaria.After the verdict, he spent nearly two months in France.

Bruno Gröning decided to dissolve the “Gröning-Bund.” In its place, several associations were founded, first in Austria, and then in Germany:  “The Society to Promote Psychological, Spiritual and Natural Life Premises,” was founded. The Chairman of the Austrian Club, Alexander Loy-Leute, was appointed for life. The Chairman in Germany was Erich Pelz, who held the post for twelve years.

Once again Gröning travelled to France. He stayed mainly in Mimizan, in the Bay of Biscay and at the Côte d’Azur. He also travelled to Lourdes for four days and to Spain for a day. He returned to Germany, via Switzerland.

By the end of the year Gröning had lost a lot of weight. His friend, M.D. Dr. Pierre Grobon from Paris suspected that a severe disease lay behind his symptoms. Subsequently, Bruno Gröning went to Paris for a check-up. The diagnosis was advanced stomach cancer.  Although Dr. Grobon advised an immediate operation, Gröning returned to Germany for a couple of days. Since he wasn’t able to personally participate at the friends’ Christmas celebrations, he recorded his address on an audiotape. He returned to Paris, together with his wife, in order to be operated on by Dr. Grobon.  Gröning then returned to Germany, against the advice of Dr. Grobon, who believed that Gröning would soon die.

At Plochingen, meetings were held, together with Gröning and his closest friends.



Final discussions were held at the beginning of January, between Bruno Gröning, his secretary and the chairmen of the club.

Following this, Gröning and his wife flew to Paris, in order for him to undergo another operation. On the same day as the operation, the charges of involuntary manslaughter and repeated infringement of the healing practitioner law continued in his absence from Bavaria’s highest regional court in Munich.

A verdict was never reached, due to Bruno Gröning’s death in Paris, on 26th January, 1959, 13:46 CET.

In the run-up to the “Great Trial” against Bruno Gröning, which began with the filing of the indictment by the Munich public prosecutor on March 4th, 1955, Bruno Gröning, who at that time had his residence in Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt, was announced on January 31 and February 1, 1955 by the Stuttgart Criminal Police.

Interrogation of Bruno Groening by the Stuttgart Criminal Police
Stuttgart, January 31, 1955


Bruno Gröning provided the following information about himself:


“I was born on May 31st, 1906 in Danzig, the son of the mason foreman August Gröning. I still had 6 siblings, 2 sisters and 4 brothers. My parents lived in Danzig-Oliva, Rothöfer Weg 1. My father was always employed. We had our livelihood.

I attended elementary school in Gdansk for 6 years. At that time you only had to go to 6 classes of elementary school in Gdansk. You started with the 6th grade and then came to the 1st grade when you finished school. Because I had red dysentery in my youth (a bowel disease that can be traced back to the events of the war), I was out of school for a year. But since I was promoted to the last grade, I am of the opinion that I have completed elementary school. I wasn’t a bad student.
After leaving school, I set up a trading company with a director in Gdansk. The structure is to be understood from an organizational point of view.

We traded in food, tools, fabrics, etc. I was actually an errand boy there. I was at this company Interpol for 2 ½ years. But my father took the position that he was a builder and that I had to become a builder too. That’s why I got an apprenticeship as a carpenter. However, various companies where I was an apprentice went through the inflationary period and I was therefore unable to complete my apprenticeship. I did not take a journeyman’s examination, I was still missing about 2 ½ months of apprenticeship time. I now had to try to earn my own living.
While I was still an apprentice and the last company I had an apprenticeship for had just closed down.

I got married on March 17, 1928. My wife’s name is Gertrud and she was born Cohn. As already stated, I was now forced to pay for my and my wife’s maintenance. At the beginning of my marriage I lived with my parents. Later I got my own apartment in Gdansk. Subsequently, until 1943, I was constantly in Danzig and found employment in various professions, partly as an unskilled worker.

Our marriage resulted in 2 children. One child died in June 1940. The second child probably died in November 1947. They were both boys. I don’t want to say anything about my marriage. I have been separated from my wife since January 1949.

On March 1st, 1943 I was drafted into the former German army. I came to a tank destroyer unit. I was also on the front lines. I was wounded. A shrapnel is now stuck above the right knee. Shortly before the end of the war, I was taken prisoner by Russia. I was in a camp in Russia for 9 months. I was released to Hessen.

During my imprisonment I met a comrade who had offered me to live with him in Haigerseelbach. I was there for a few months and then I was busy building up the aid organization for displaced people. I was also temporarily on the housing committee or in the housing committee for the district of Hesse, district of Dillenburg. My job was to find apartments for refugees.

In January 1949 I was invited to Herford to visit a Kunz family. In this context I also got to know a Hülsmann family. The boy of the Hülsmann family got well after my visit. Behind my back and without my will, I was now being dragged into public. I will come back to that later.

Even in my earliest youth, people noticed that they felt something special when I was there. People told me that too. They told me that my presence alone made their bodies feel good, and that they felt something very specific that had brought them betterment. I am of the opinion that every organic ailment has a psychological cause. I was not quite correctly understood. I will now dictate what I mean myself.
To give a perfectly clear picture here would lead too far, so I will try to give this in a concise form, but limit myself to this little. Because I know that someone who is ignorant in this area cannot get a clear picture.

A human body that, afflicted by a disease, has its cause. Neither he nor his relatives know what the cause of this disease is. The body breaks down even more when it comes to the person or the sick person the courage is denied that he is on one, i. H. his health no longer has to be reckoned with. I have become aware of many such cases where people have given me the explanation that they have been informed by the doctor that they are terminally ill and that they can never reckon with a recovery (cure), and this then applies to them Doctors as “abandoned”.

In individual cases it has even happened that doctors tell the sick that they will have to die shortly after long. As a result of this, the sick have lost their courage and completely given up on themselves, and from then on they no longer had the slightest courage to face life and were now all the more mentally depressed.
If the sick person or a relative of the sick person asks me questions so that I have never denied courage to the sick person or the relative, on the contrary, I have given him a new courage to live, as my request leads to the shouldn’t give up on himself. As always, my teaching has had the effect, even with large mass gatherings, that many people have regained their health. This is not denied by some specialists either. Who made the statement with these her patients that he, the patient, was actually in the best of health again.

If I have understood you correctly, does your influence on the patient consist in giving him the will to live again and in making him believe that he will overcome his illness and get well again?

I can make this clear with an example. If someone z. B. falls on a railroad track, or fell into the water, or lies on a roadway, the person concerned will come to this realization, if a person does not come now to take me out of this danger zone, I am lost. Everyone
When such a case is before him, a person will go over to it by helping this person who sees himself given up and also lost. By acting on him and saying: “I will help you and you are not lost now.”

Should the person concerned have suffered a physical injury somehow through this case, it is natural for him that he has so much knowledge that he first, freed from this emergency, overcome the worst and he is now left to himself, how he can cope with this minor damage to his body. As a helper, I myself give him the consolation on his future path in life before saying goodbye, so that it now depends on him, as he should not give up himself in the further life.

So for you, every organic disease is a helpless state that can be improved by giving the sick person courage to face life again?

Yes that’s right. In individual cases it is only difficult because the patient or a relative asks questions that I am answering correctly, but which are interpreted incorrectly in individual cases and cannot be reproduced as literally as I gave them, including with knows how to bring out further explanations and facts from life.

So if z. B. If someone came to you with severe pulmonary tuberculosis, was there any chance of a cure?

I have the following to say about this: On one occasion I give the hint that I am neither a doctor (orthodox doctor) nor a naturopath; Therefore not to describe the illness to me, since I am not allowed to treat the illness or any illness at all. I advise people to do so now and make up for what they have neglected, especially if they have not paid much attention to their body yet
to take care of one’s body again and not to pursue the disease. How it works in this case in the individual bodies is determined by each of them.
This is also confirmed to me by various people that he perceives a feeling in his body that is completely unknown to him. It has also happened that I advise individuals to communicate these emotional symptoms to me in writing. This confirmation is only intended to serve as evidence to give people a clear picture.

A very specific question! Can you eliminate or improve organically pathological findings under any circumstances?

“Not me. It has improved when the patient told me his success. ”I dictated the answers myself from the place indicated.


CV 1956 written by 

Bruno Gröning himself

“I, Bruno Gröning, live in Plochingen (Neckar), Stumpenhof, in Dornendreher 117, was born as the fourth child of seven siblings of the August Gröning couple on May 31, 1906 in Danzig-Oliva (Gdansk). My father was a bricklayer foreman. Both parents died; my mother in 1939, my father in 1949.


Childhood, youth and vocation:

During my childhood and adolescence, which I spent at home with my parents, I made more and more discoveries of strange abilities which – starting from me – were intended to exert a calming or healing influence on people and animals. Even as a toddler, sick people were relieved of their complaints in my presence, and children as well as adults were completely calm with a few words from me when they were upset or argued. Even as a child I was able to make the observation that the animals, which were usually considered shy or even vicious, were good-natured and tame towards me. My relationship with my parents was therefore strange and tense. I soon strived for complete independence in order to get out of the environment of the “misunderstanding” of my family.

I went to elementary school. After my release from this, I started a commercial apprenticeship. I was here for 2 1/2 years. However, at my father’s request I had to give up this apprenticeship because it was my father’s wish that I should learn a building trade. I followed my father’s wishes and learned to be a carpenter. However, it did not come to a conclusion through an examination, as there was high unemployment in Gdansk at the time. For this reason, I had to give up my apprenticeship position 1/4 year before the end of my apprenticeship without a final exam, because the company I was studying at had to close due to a lack of orders.

Subsequently, in 1925, I managed to set up a building and furniture workshop and to set up my own business. After almost two years I stopped this job and worked as a factory and casual worker until 1943. I worked in a chocolate factory, at the post office in Gdansk, also as a telegram orderer for about nine months and as a low-voltage electrician at Siemens & Halske. Here I did most of the work myself. I did all of this work with interest, and it was particularly important to me to go through an internship, where I could study the knowledge and skills of people in all walks of life and from all social classes and learn how people shaped their lives.

I was looking not only for the poorest of the poor, but also for the richest of the rich to see how they lived. A private life as one understands it in the ordinary sense (going to the cinema, going to taverns, playing cards, etc. etc.) was not of interest to me [sic!]. (In the last few years I have met people of the worst kind that I had not known them in previous years. I am thinking here of people who acted as my managers and who surrounded me from 1949 to the end of 1955. I have written evidence of this in my possession. This kind of people has worked so ingeniously that not even the authorities had the opportunity to convict them and it is therefore up to me to protect myself against the machinations of these people and against to proceed.)


Marriage and War Years:

In 1928, at the age of 21, I married (Gertrud Cohn, March 17th, 1928). Two boys emerged from this marriage, but both of them died in hospital. The eldest son died at the age of 9 in 1940, the younger, also at the age of 9, in 1947.

That married life with my then wife was unbearable for me, if only because my wife could not understand the way I lived. – My wife had stayed in Gdansk with my youngest boy until 1947 and lived a life together with the Russian occupation in Gdansk. In 1947 my then wife came to the Federal Republic of Germany and I lived again with her and my youngest boy in Dillenburg. A good year after the death of my youngest son (in 1949), I separated from my wife at the time because my wife could not agree to it, as I – as in previous years and today – my job saw and see in helping people to share with me a life that is only focused on helpfulness. In May 1955 this marriage was divorced. On June 25, 1955, I married my current wife, Juliane [sic!] Dufossé.

In 1943 I was drafted into the Wehrmacht. Because of my view, there was friction. So I was z. B. the prospect of a court martial, because I had made the statement: Whether you put me at the front or not, I won’t shoot anyone. But in the end I got to the front.

In 1944 I was wounded in my right thigh by shrapnel. For this reason I came to the home hospital, but as an unhealed person I was used again in the fight against the Russians on German soil and was taken prisoner of war by Russia in March 1945. December 1945 I was released from Russian captivity to West Germany.

In the Russian prison camps I stood up in every way for my comrades, for which I was brought three times to the Russian headquarters for interrogation; in one case I was threatened with shooting. I.a. I also demanded that our German prisoners should at least be treated like cattle, because the treatment of the prisoners at that time was far worse than that of the cattle.

In West Germany, together with refugees from the Sudetengau, I set up the “Aid Organization for Displaced Persons”. I was also a member of the Housing Commission because I felt obliged to help people again. (Evidence of these activities is included.)



In March 1949 I was introduced to the Hülsmann family, Herford, by a woman I knew. I should help the son Hülsmann. This happened. With this, Mr. Hülsmann made great propaganda and this resulted in a large crowd in and around the house of the Hülsmanns. There were many healings, even spontaneous healings. The first thing I did now was to go to the health authorities with the aim of establishing cooperation with doctors. I wanted to avoid any inconvenience in the first place.

The authorities refused, on the contrary, I was given a written prohibition on healing. Those seeking healing who were gathered around the Hülsmann house organized a demonstration during my absence and stormed the town hall. The mayor was therefore forced to have me called and give me at least three more days to heal. I also made trips to Hamburg, Schleswig, etc., to see doctors, by whom I was invited to occasionally help the sick during my visits. In Hamburg it got so far that I was banned from speaking by the local mayor because the people of Hamburg had prepared everything to enable me to speak in front of thousands of people looking for help.



Cooperation with doctors and employees

“Ring of the Bruno Groening Friends”

This was followed by the well-known attempts by the magazine “Revue” to bring me together with doctors for experiments. Sick people from Heidelberg University Hospital were brought to me. Prof. Fischer (residing in Marburg) wanted to create sanatoriums with me.

Due to the high financial demands of Prof. Fischer, however, no agreement was reached. I didn’t get the promised approval either. During this time, when I was no longer in Herford, only Mr. Egon-Arthur Schmidt, now residing in Heidelberg, Römerstr. 65, back, who was commissioned by me to ensure the proper handling of all formalities that were necessary in order to implement the proposal made by himself and Hülsmann to found the association “Ring of Friends of Bruno Groening”, that the association could in no way be attacked from any side.

This “Ring of Friends of Bruno Groening” received 6 to 7,000 letters a day. According to my express instructions, these letters should only be opened in the presence of two witnesses, because most of the letters were accompanied by donations of money. These funds should be accounted for to comply with regulatory requirements; but not only because of this, but also so that none of the letter openers can get hold of the funds from z. T. could enrich the poorest of the poor. These funds should be deposited in a bank account of the association “Ring of Bruno Groening Friends”.

This “Ring der Freunde” association was brought into being, but it did not fulfill the expected purpose as I thought it was right. I was able to determine that the money contained in the letters, which had to amount to several 100,000 DM when over 1 million letters were received, was no longer available. After lengthy research into the whereabouts of these funds, I have gathered sufficient evidence. All this, however, still needs a judicial clarification.


Statements of Bruno Gröning:

“I am not selling divine power!”

“Health cannot be bought, it is a gift from God! Those who were very lucky to regain their health through me, thank God from the bottom of their hearts at any time, I am only their tool and servant. “


The Heidelberg Examinations

(include just a few pictures – Bruno wrote nothing about it)


Counter forces around Bruno Gröning

“Bruno Groening Association”:

These grievances could only come about because Mr. Egon-Arthur Schmidt did not keep the promise he had given me to steer everything in an orderly manner according to my express instructions. According to witnesses, he knew how to manage everything so well that he became “healthy” through the receipt of money from sick people. In order to be able to evade any responsibility, he entrusted the chairmanship of the “Ring of Friends of Bruno Groening” association to a certain Prof. Berndt and knew how to shift all the blame on this chairman in many police interrogations. (Evidence is available to me.) As a shrewd journalist, Schmidt knew how to accommodate his press articles for and against, to make money out of it, and also to put me in such a bad light through his series of articles that I was seen as one of the worst, dirtiest people had to be confused, so that even the authorities were confused, and afterwards to pretend to me that he, the innocent angel, did not know that the press would expose the articles in this way. My reproaches made to him were completely ignored.

It can be proven that Mr. Meckelburg [sic!] Is also complicit in the grievances in my area from that time. As he promised me, he set up an “Association for Research on Gröning’s Healing Methods” after consultation with lawyers – which were put down in writing. He was able to exploit this fraudulently by keeping more than 100,000 DM for himself without giving me a penny. On the contrary, I had to pay taxes to the Munich tax office for money that Schmidt and Mecklenburg had collected and made disappear and of which I had seen nothing. At this point I have to briefly mention that the money collected from Egon-Arthur Schmidt and Mecklenburg from Herford, as I had already discussed with Pastor Art – currently residing in Herford – should first be deposited in a bank account. Pastor Kunst should have the right to dispose of part of this money in order to be able to hand it over to the poorest of the poor without consulting me. For more money, houses in the form of settlements should be built for people who had lost their homes and for others who were in need. In addition, churches destroyed by the war should also – if there was money – be prepared, etc. Unfortunately, this did not happen because these funds were stolen by greedy people.

Bruno Gröning: “There were people at work here who left no stone unturned to take advantage of what was happening here and said: ‘Aha, this can still be a gold mine, we will get rich again in money and property.’ These people took advantage of that. And so my doing and working was completely distorted. “


The Traberhof in Rosenheim – The great healings:

In order to avoid the onslaught of the audience, I accepted an invitation to the Traberhof in Munich. There the well-known appearances described in the press took place, and here too many people gathered again.

During this time I finally parted with E. A. Schmidt.

Healings were taking place everywhere I went. In September 1949, the square in front of the Traberhof was on some days filled with well over 30,000 people who came to Rosenheim from all over Germany and the world.

My previous host, Hülsmann, had meanwhile become an eager “businessman” behind my back. Everyone pushed forward with the promise to get me the healing permit, but disappeared again as more or less exposed gangsters after their business was closed and had left me with a dubious reputation, which was greedily received by the press.

So e.g. a certain Count Soltikov declares that he intends – and is already preparing – to write a positive brochure about me, for which I should give him documents. In the event of my refusal, he wanted to write a negative brochure about me, for which he had already been offered 50,000 DM.

In the spring of 1950 I went to Wangerooge. Again the same thing: a stream of healing seekers, mass healings, hostile attitudes of the health authorities. In the meantime, efforts to obtain a medical permit had failed in Bavaria, also for the reason that my then so-called “manager” Mecklenburg had been arrested and locked up for tax evasion and bad financial transactions.

A way out of this agitation from all sides seemed to be temporarily my work for the naturopath Enderlin in Munich in the summer of 1950. But Heilpraktiker Enderlin did not act differently than Schmidt and Mecklenburg. He told me about my lawyer, Dr. Reuss, given the assurance that he wanted to issue me with an official document that was supposed to prove that my activity had nothing in common with the naturopathic activity protected by law, so that I could not come into conflict with the law. Mr. Enderlin did not keep this promise. For this, however, he collected huge sums of money for himself, of which I did not receive a penny, so that he could later buy a villa in Feldafing and refurbish it with the money from this income.

In October 1952 I met E. A. Schmidt again in Herford, and that was because he had written everything to arrange for a meeting with me. E. A. Schmidt pleaded with me to be able to make amends for everything he had done badly so far and gave me the promise that I would now only act correctly. I myself was very suspicious despite his firm assurance, but wanted to give him a chance to rehabilitate himself – the more or less sole culprit. It was himself who pleadingly offered to publish the book “Die Wunderheilungen das Bruno Gröning”, which he had already written, with the truthful descriptions contained therein, which were irrevocable – as he put it – in order to express it to be able to bring what he thought of me. (1 copy is included). Since Schmidt did not abandon his plan, rather attached himself directly to me and repeatedly assured me that he would do everything possible to build up my work as it was thought and planned from the beginning and verbally and in writing with new suggestions approached me, I gradually got back together with him and finally accepted his offers. But soon – in spite of the fact that he showed the positive side towards me – he again launched, as I could prove, some very dirty articles about me in the newspapers. After I reproached him heavily, he apologized again by saying that he didn’t know that the newspapers would point that out. In my opinion and as I have been able to establish in many cases, E. A. Schmidt is solely responsible for all the confusions that arose in the (Herford) period, because he is solely to blame.

When I made the most serious reproaches to him again and made it clear to him that I could not possibly work longer with him on this basis, he finally withdrew and after the entire board of the Gröning Association, where he wanted to usurp the position of managing director. When I refused him, he showed his true colors. He is now pending lawsuits against me on the basis of untrue allegations and filing charges against me based on untrue allegations in an attempt to mislead the courts and cause me great trouble.

In 1953 the naturopath Enderlin once again did everything possible to win me over again. He let me through my lawyer Dr. Reuss know that he now wanted to give me permission to practice alternative practitioner activities and that I wanted to train myself for this purpose so that I could undergo an official alternative practitioner examination and thus obtain official permission to practice alternative practitioner activities. The public order bureau denied my request without admitting me to the exam. I filed an appeal against this unjustified refusal on the advice of my lawyers at the time, Schweizer-Späth and Dr. Reuss did not appeal and the appeal proceedings against this were postponed.

Today there is no longer the possibility that my absolutely legal actions will be put into a bad light or even distorted by people around me who act badly and think badly. Since then, I have only made myself available to the local communities of the Gröning Association in a closer circle. My only concern is to convey mental powers to my listeners. to strengthen their own mental powers in order to be able to bring order to their inner being.

When I am approached by the sick, I point out to them that they should have confidence in their doctors and that by the time they have and keep this they have already gained at least 60%. It is also important to me to fill the churches with believing people.

I also have friends in France. In particular, I often talk to doctors there.

I am aware that there is nothing illegal in my actions, but I understand that I had to be misjudged by the authorities due to the very unpleasant incidents that have occurred in my life.


Plochingen (Neckar) December 27, 1956

Signed G R Ö N I N G

This is where the self-written résumé ends