C – Help and healing reports


Meabh McElligott, IRELAND


I went out for a short run with my 2 small dogs although I was tired I pushed myself to go out.  I had only walked as far as the edge of the housing estate I live in, about 500 metres, when I blacked out and woke up feeling the right side of my face dragging on the pavement.  I lay still for a few seconds assessing my body for injuries.  Apart from my hand and face I felt fine, but rang John my husband to meet me and help me home.

My face along the right side was as follows, a large lump over my right eye half the size of a golf ball, a cut on my eyebrow and swelling, my eye socket cut and double the size of normal, my cheek cuts and abrasions, my nose was cut and above my lip cuts and abrasions.  My upper lip was swollen and cut on the inside where my teeth had cut into my lip.  I knew I needed the healing stream and we had planned to log on to the Sunday community hour, so that is what we did.  I fell into a deep sleep, but still heard every word.  Then I got the strong thought to go to bed and sleep.  This is what I did, but on the way to the bed room I saw my face in a mirror and was delighted with the amazing changes.  The golf ball lump was flat, the eye socket had shrunk on top, the abrasions on my cheek had disappeared, and my lip was back to normal apart for a small cut, but on the inside there were no cuts or swellings.  I knew immediately that the power of the heilstrom during the community hour was the reason.  I never said please help, and I did not want sympathy, so the power from all the friends helped even though they were not aware I needed help.  This so fantastic to see the difference in 1 hour, and the healing is still going strong.  Within 6 days there was hardly any marks left on my face. I broke my hand in the fall but I felt and still do not feel any pain and have no need for pain killers at all.

I have attached photos of my face 24 hours after the fall and photos 6 days later as proof of the power of the Healing stream.

Thank you God and Bruno.

Meabh McElligott

Cervical Pain in the Neck for 6 Years  (Help for my neighbour)

Maria Nuria Segura, AUSTRALIA
September 2012                                                     
 One April morning I was energetically working in my garden – a chore that I really enjoy doing- when I saw my 72 years old neighbour. She greeted me in a friendly manner and commented on how lucky I was to be able to do hard work without experiencing any pain. She, on the other hand could only manage the bare minimum of house-work as she was in constant pain in the neck area. This pain, she explained; had started six years ago straight after a treatment of deep muscular massage for a sore shoulder and had never abated since. 
 I immediately thought that Bruno Groening could help my neighbour and invited her to my home where I briefly explained how to tune-in to the Healing Stream and how to give her burden away. We both sat together and I asked Bruno Groning with all my heart to help my neighbour. After a few minutes she felt a sharp pain in the neck and became alarmed.  I explained to her about the Regulation process and that it was a sign that the Divine force had started the healing process. I sent her home with the advice to tune-in again in the evening. 
 At 7pm the following day she knocked at my door asking if we could do it together again as she was not able to concentrate on her own.  I was very happy to do so and we both sat for a while listening to music. Afterwards she complained of very strong pain in the same area again and wished to leave immediately. Again I told her to believe in the Regulation. A few hours later I saw an ambulance at her door and she was taken to hospital. I became alarmed and the thought that my neighbour would be thinking perhaps that I had somehow done her harm entered my mind as she didn’t understand the Regulation process properly.  
I firmly rejected the thought and for a long time that night I asked for her protection and I repeated to myself over and over that she was well and simply experiencing the cleansing process that precedes healing.   
 The following evening she came to tell me that her husband phoned for an ambulance when she saw that she was in extreme pain in her neck and shoulders. When she arrived at the hospital, she had to wait for five hours for a doctor. By that time, all pain had vanished and after a complete examination and X-rays the doctor said to her “I don’t know why you are here, I can’t find anything wrong with you at all”  
She has been pain free since that night and cannot really understand what has happened to her but she is very happy about it. I thank God and Bruno Groening for this healing with all my heart.