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CONGRESSES 2016 – 2019


Our first Congress 15th October 12016 in Haiger/Dillenburg, GERMANY. 

Friends from St. Petersburg, and Germany arrived at the grave of Bruno Groening in Dillenburg and we met in a hotel in Haiger.



Our second Congress October 14, 2017 in Haiger/ Dillenburg, GERMANY:

Friends from Russia, Moldova, Croatia, Netherland, Brazil were our guests. We had much fun and lots of divine energy for every single one. 

We heard many healing reports from our Russian and Croatian friends, as well from Netherland.

Our third Congress 20th /21st October, 2018 in Eitorf, GERMANY

Friends from Netherland, Taiwan and our dear time witness Mr. Walter Häulser were our guests.






Our fourth Congress 2019 in Eitorf, GERMANY

Really international !! 

Friends from Canada, St. Petersburg, Russia, Moldova, Italy, Switzerland, Netherland, Taiwan, Brazil, Luxemburg arrived…