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Danzig Postcard

What did they experience with Bruno Gröning?

“I shouldn’t sink with “Wilhelm Gustloff”

Witness report by Sascha und Barbara Haferkamp

—In December 2020 we put a spiritual book that we had twice on eBay classifieds for sale. We had a lively conversation with the man who picked it up from us and, as it’s often the case with us, we came to speak about Bruno Groening.

—He then told us the following story passed down in his family:

—His great-grandmother knew Bruno Gröning by person and asked him for help during the great war in Germany 1944. The people from the eastern countries were on the run to the West and his great-grandmother had got ship-tickets for the whole family, there were 5 children, for the last ship, with name “Wilhelm Gustloff”, which should rescue the refugees across the Baltic Sea to the west out of the war zone. As everybody wants to escape via that ship, so getting hold of these tickets was an absolute godsend. As some of you may not know, this ship „Gustloff“, which was completely overcrowded, went down with man and mouse, because it was hit by three torpedoes from a Russian submarine peeking nearby. More people died on this ship than on the Titanic 32 years earlier.

Still, his great-grandmother had concerns and an unsettling feeling about going aboard this ship. A friend advised her to seek advice from Bruno Groening, who was living in Gdansk at the time and was obviously on home leave during the war.

.—So she went to Bruno Groening in Danzig-Langfuhr, where he was currently living, and he advised her against fleeing by ship. She should flee across the ice frozen lagoon – it was January 1945 with minus 25 degree Celsius – with the whole family in a team of horses and everyone would get safely to the west. She followed his advice and everything turned out to be true. All members of the family survived,

—His grandmother also asked Bruno if in future there would be another terrible war?

—Bruno replied: The next two generations would have it good and be able to build something up. But then he also said that another big war would come, but without a hail of bombs and shells, like now. When this will be over, it could be worse for the Germans than it was then.

His great-grandmother also got shrapnel from a grenade in the eye and lost sight of that eye. Bruno Groening told her that it would be fine, but only after the escape, over into the West. There she later went to the doctor, who unfortunately could no longer help and a vitreous body replaced the eye. However, it has been passed down in the family that she could later with 50% of her eyesight with this eye.

—At our request, our book buyer asked his great-aunt, who is still alive, what else she knew about this story in her family.

—She confirmed that they all knew Bruno Groening personally, as they lived not far from him, in Danzig Langfuhr, (Magdeburger Strasse at number 52). Bruno lived on the same street at number 77. Yes, Bruno had advised them not to go on board of the “Gustloff”, because he saw the ship was going down.

—He also said that the whole family will survive the escape, but that all ancestors will be widely dispersed afterwards.

—She also confirmed that Bruno had definitely spoken of a 3rd World War, that would come and after that only a handful of Germans would be left. She also confirmed that Bruno Groening had largely healed her mother.

—As proof that Bruno was really on home leave in 1944, we found this document from Bruno’s brother Georg, who wrote the following: 

—Georg Groening wrote in his report about his brother Bruno, 1957: (from the archive of the Bruno Groening Stiftung) “Who was Bruno Groening?”


—When World War II broke out in 1939, Bruno, like the other brothers, became a soldier and went to the front. A healthy return home was destined for him too.

—His foresight was again evident when he was on home leave in 1944, suggesting an escape for all borderland residents. At that time nobody thought of an escape, and the thought seemed almost unbelievable to us …

—This confirms that in 1944 Bruno was in Gdansk and that this great-grandmother of our story was able to visit him.

—My husband and I are very happy and moved to have unexpectedly encountered connections and encounters with Bruno Groening. A friendship emerged from this.

—Barbara and Sascha Haferkamp Gem. Nuremberg







Left: Bruno Gröning as a soldier:

“If you put me to the front or not, I’ll never shoot on human beings!”

That was the “real” Bruno Gröning

Anny Baroness Ebner of Eschenbach: 

Open words of a honest, brave God-and truth seeker, who knew Bruno Gröning very well for many years, and who is entitled for a decisive judgement about him.
(Reprint of „Spiritual Life“, Felix Schmidt, Cleveland 1/Ohio, P.O. Box, Journal June 1962)

It happened in the year 1950 in the works of the natural health professional Enderlin in Munich, when I experienced Bruno Gröning the first time. On one hand I was drawn to this extraordinary man because of my big spiritual interest, on the other hand I was fed up from all the injections I further had been offered and administered by my former physician.
Encouraged through the study of occult and Indian wisdom  I knew theoretically, that there are sometimes people, who received special forces through training, and that they could be applied either for the benefit of Mankind or they could be misused for the own personal benefit through their individual attitude. Briefly worded it depends of their white-or black magical nature.
In the follow of many interfering newspaper reports I couldn’t assess clearly in which direction Bruno Gröning was acting. At one hand the journalists wrote that Bruno Gröning was a Saint, on the other hand again and again front pages appeared almost daily where he was branded as a “Devil”.
That was the matter why I stood in front of Bruno Gröning as a monitor, because I urgently wanted to know what kind of Man this holder of special forces is.
But I didn’t need monitoring very long, didn’t need to “prove” very long, I felt it in a matter of seconds: “That peaceful self-assurance, goodness, humility and patience is only possible for someone who is in deepest connection with God.”
So I came into deepest trust and soon I recognized happily that I was allowed to know a “real human being”, a man who practically embodied and represented all the knowledge I just knew theoretically.
My physical disorder (illness) gave way to harmony and order; yes, it was like a formal ejection of purulent discharges through nose and eyes. Within a short time I was free of all my afflictions which two male and one female doctor worked on in vain and never could figure out what it actually was.
I realized, that I’ve found a true teacher and therefore I visited all possibly attainable lectures of Bruno Gröning. Especially in the boarding house Weikersheim in Gräfelfing near Munich I had the opportunity to listen to one or two lectures almost every week.
This way I was allowed to experience almost unbelievable healings and listened to reports of healed persons with my own ears.
Just to mention a few:
A healing of a most severe heart disease of a woman from Augsburg. Out of her gratitude she brought suffering people in full buses to the lecture; another woman, who was healed from a brain tumor and already had a totally twisted face and she was very confused. From one to another lecture I could determine myself how she improved in her speech and how she got normal in her facial features.
Further I remember at a lady from New York, who was so grateful for the  remote healing of her daughter in a New York’s hospital, where she suffered from breast cancer.
I experienced with my own eyes and ears, how deaf persons got back their audition; how dumb got back their speech suddenly; how people troublesome limped in on crutches threw away their sticks during the lecture and went to Gröning with shoutings: “I can walk again free and without pain!”
They mostly ran out into the hall and happily climbed the stairs up and down!
But when they wanted to thank Gröning he always refused with the words: “ Don’t thank me, but God, and now display in your life to be true children of God!”
Sometimes they gifted him the crutches, and he took them and broke them through like matches without any effort. Strange, because they often were thick like a fist. Then I got aware which great physical forces stuck beside the spiritual ones within his rather small frame.
I witnessed boundless more and could draw up long reports about; but one thing seems to be as considerably special: Namely how Bruno Gröning devoted his time with great patience to those who obviously didn’t react to his forces. He displayed them the path to order in their thoughts and to alignment of goodness; over and over again he called them up to let go evil , and to get detached from Satanic influences, to get freed off for to reach out fort hem.
Bruno Gröning spoke always in parables like wise men and teachers do. Those were adjusted always to the status of education of his listeners. So he trained the attendees to attentive concentration and everybody could feel: This concerns me!
Through many years I listened to almost one hundred lectures, and everyone was different. They all came out of his inner   inspiration and were not mentally compiled before. So he was able to speak directly to everybody’s heart. What a joy he had when he could help somebody! Not even once I witnessed him taking money for a healing, not even at the richest; yes, often he let give some money from any attendee to a poor one. When somebody came and wanted healing for money, Bruno Gröning rejected that person strictly with brusque words: “ I don’t sell divine energy!”
At those opportunities – and when people told some untruth – were the only moments that I watched him to become strictly, otherwise he was goodness himself, always friendly and kind; but mostly serious. Even in his humor there was always a certain kind of seriousness.
As you see those experiences looked completely different to some certain newspaper reports. Here I must mention, that there have been individuals around him, who initially offered their help and support for his work – but then suddenly started to derive a benefit from for their own interest. So in many cases friends became enemies.
How easy he would have punished his wrong friends of disposition with the greatest of ease, and I have to be honest, we true friends have wished this when we discovered, how his enemies degenerated in meanness and defamations. But also then we have heard out of his own mouth: „I love my enemies too! Evil will be caught up in it’s own nets. I just feel worry fort hem!“
However, sometimes I watched myself, how enemies turned into friends – mostly in the year 1949, when Bruno Gröning started his work as a spiritual healer in Herford – and I watched also, how they finally admitted to act against Gröning out of ignorance or influences from outside.  Some relapses into the old disease arose from those attitudes; but ruefully recognized the order in their bodies and their spiritual insights would recovered soon again through his help.
Always one had to ask Bruno Gröning for help out of an own desire, and he let everybody decide himself to accept his help or not. So it was a totally wrong assumption that he worked with hypnosis or suggestion. His teaching and his acting have been built up from the teaching of Christ. The commandment of the great Nazarene was his commandment as well: “Love God above all and your neighbour as yourself!”
It was wonderful, when he guided his friends through his deep knowledge and ability more and more closer to God’s consciousness. He always hit the core because he ever regarded everything out of a higher position. So in his conversation he always was predominant against Scientists, Professors, artist and clergymen. He often led them at solving problems with his simple 
pithily words.
Through his quiet and humble nature he never made any fuzz of his knowledge and that was the matter too, why he was often estimated as crude or uneducated by fluffy and worldly people.
In reality Bruno Gröning have been equipped with a knowledge that recognized far ahead into future and that extended into the deepest grounds of the human soul. That’s why some single leader from ethno-religious or philosophical sects came to his lectures and looked for connection to him. Therefore an understanding article appeared here and there at least about Bruno Gröning; but that was – taken as a whole – of course just a little drop on a hot stone by regarding the many defacing and fraudulent publications.
His joy was great when honest people supported him truly in his call to help the suffering, because his path was very heavy in this technical and material culture.
The spiritual goal of Bruno Gröning was not “only” the cure of ill bodies, but arose from a highest idealism to guide back humankind to a true life with and within GOD.
Out of this matter he appeared alone through his existence “thrilling” and “hostile” to those, who are living from disorder i.e. remoteness of God and who drew their income.
So he was unpleasant and inconvenient for evil and negative people; he was a thorn in the eye for evil, and thereon the only matter of the big, dirty and united spiteful fight against him. This fight was spiked with untruths, malices etc. and envy.
Many many people have been discouraged to visit him. The journalistic and sensational torsions and defamations inclusive of all the continually court proceedings as well as the wrong classification into the law of naturopathy conduced the influence of not independent-minded people, so that they turned away from him.
But I, who counted myself to the closest friends of Bruno Gröning, I am able to venture an objective judgement about the man Bruno Gröning after many years and experiences and deepest insights into his teaching.
This judgement is:
“The man Bruno Gröning was small in his physique, but the traversing DIVINE flowing through him was overly powerful within him and connected him with an inner knowledge full of wisdom; he was a God-surrendered being with inner assurance and ability, but remained a humble and Christian personality.”
In deeply gratitude and devotion I stay connected with Bruno Gröning ; my life have become so rich through being allowed close to him and to do any good to others. Furthermore I was guided through him into realization of the true life, not with words but with deeds of love and serving.





Mrs. Anneliese Bollack was recalled by God already in 1997 and has still left us an interesting report she wrote for Christmas in 1982:

 It’s about the beautiful old Christmas carol :


Oh Christmas Tree


O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree,

Your boughs can teach a lesson

That constant faith and hope sublime

Lend strength and comfort through all time.

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree,

Your boughs can teach a lesson.


“My dear friends, this is the third verse of the famous Christmas carol. I would like to talk today about the fir and her dress, which is to teach us something. Always at Christmas time we should remember what Bruno Groening has taught us, we call it back to mind and want to pass it to our new friends, so that they too can experience such a beautiful and blessed Christmas as we are experiencing, since Bruno Groening has shown us the right path and the right settings for Christmas.


Lots of good, beautiful things have already been reported. Last year, I realized that it’s also at time to report once on the fir, because with her we friends of Bruno Groening had and still have a special relationship.


In the community hours I have experienced it, that friends have absolutely no knowledge about it anymore. Bruno Groening has taught us something very big with the dress of fir. Something that is happening not only in the spiritual world but something, that the eyes can see and can convince the people who are so determined not by faith.

The old friends will still know and remember, and the new friends I would like to portray it.


After a Christmas party – the whole room, the table and everything was decorated with fir branches – Bruno Groening took a few pine branches in the hand and said: “These needles fall off after a certain time. But as man has faith and believes that they do not fall off, so they will stay tuned. If you believe me, you can take a few branches with you home and you will see what is truth. “



Perhaps one can’t say so or make it apprehensible to others, but I think in the hall was no one who did not believe Bruno Gröning that the needles of the fir tree shall remain off as long as they are kept. And so we took home all the branches and indeed it was like that, as Bruno Groening had said previously, the needles did not fall off.


Over the years I had more experience with the dress of fir. (…)


So I place every year over the image of Christ, the image of Our Lady Mary and about Bruno’s picture a small pine branch. Never the needles fell off. Until once and indeed I tell you how it happened: It was Christmas time and the community hour was scheduled and our former community leader Ms. Puchalka and I decorated the room in the house of Mrs. Puchalka for friends.  Of course, we had made it just as we had learned it. We dropped colourful balls on the tree, small red mushrooms, tinsel, angel hair and everything one does so, scattered around the room and decorated the tree. We found it very nice. As I said goodbye and left the house, Bruno Groening arrived. I still welcomed him and then I went home. The next day I came to the community hour in the room, which we had decorated and I didn’t recognized it Everything was changed. The coloured balls were gone. The tree stood in all it’s green splendour; Bruno Groening had formed of tinfoil many balls and decorated the tree with it. On the table stood a large beautiful glowing tinfoil ball.



Everything was changed but very beautiful and glorious. I just was looking on and on. Later Mrs. Puchalka has reported that Mr. Groening had said: “What have poisonous mushrooms to do with a good Christmas Celebration?” Everyone will remember: that are the little red mushroom with white dots. I have always really liked them, because I love the red colour very much. Well, Mr. Groening had said it and it was really so much nicer, like he had done it. It was really a wonderful Christmas Celebration that we had experienced at that time.


As the time came for Christmas to decorate my home, as I stood in front of my Christmas deco and looked at it. Somehow it had lost its radiance to me. Bruno Groening had banished it from his room and especially the small poisonous mushrooms that I had always loved. I thought they just looked fantastic, the green of the fir and the red-white fungi. In my heart raged a real struggle – on one hand, the words of Bruno and on the other my delight at the red and white colour of the mushrooms. Now I must say that I am somewhat stubborn and let not easily accept something to me, if I like it and when it brings joy to me. So did I, as always dressed up the tree.



Yes, I even did something I had never done before: at the branch over Bruno’s picture I put as well a small red mushroom and saying, “Oh, Bruno, a little bit of poison can not hurt!”

The next day I looked at the branch and was terribly frightened. All needles were at the branch, it was thick and beautiful as before, but on the twig on which I had attached the small red mushroom, was not a single needle anymore. There was only the fungus there. I looked at the picture of Bruno and then following thought came into my mind: “It is done as you wanted it. You said a little poison does not hurt? I’m sorry, but that’s not true. Where you allow the evil to fix itself, there’s no more room for the good! Decide for yourself whether it hurts or not. So it’s the same in your body. If you want, you can still keep a little poison, but at this part where you give him space, no blessing will be!


I immediately picked up the fungus from the branch and also I removed all the mushrooms out of my room. As every year I let the branch there as in all previous years before too. He has taught me much. Nevertheless, I was very glad when next Christmas period came and I was finally able to take it off, because it reminded me of a dumb view and action. Who wants to be constantly reminded? Not me! Since then, I fully confirm Bruno Groening’s words: “I think that now you have nothing in common with the evil.” – Yes, Bruno, not even a tiny little bit!


Yes, dear friends, this is a valuable lesson that we can learn here. I myself have collected those pine branches from previous years, where the needles were not dropped and it is indeed true, what Bruno Groening said.

Doris Puchalka, 1955, Mannheim-Käfertal 

Doris Puchalka was a young, melancholy woman. There was no reason for her melancholy. She was pretty, happily married. She had a nice apartment, and a well-paid position in an optician’s business. There was no apparent reason why she collapsed at her desk in March 1955.
All the attempts of the doctors to get behind the secret of the disease was in vain.
She did not speak anymore. She stared straight ahead. When asked, she began to cry. Headaches she had never known attacked her. She was transferred from the hospital to the mental hospital Gleisweiler. The mystery only became more puzzling when the doctors talked about depression without being able to explain it.
“I thought about putting an end to it. I was ready”. Then my husband said that Bruno Groening will soon come to a familiar family. That’s how I got to know him. He was sitting in the kitchen talking to our acquaintances. He hardly looked at me. 
“Only my hands”, he told me, “would I have to keep open”. So I sat for hours. Then, as we said goodbye and I mechanically said goodbye, he smiled and asked, “Do  you ever want to see me again?”
At that very moment, I felt something changed in me. I was in the clinic when my husband brought me a letter from Bruno Groening. I cried for joyHE thought of me … “Do not be afraid,” he wrote to me. I held the paper in my hand and saw the hand tremble. Suddenly my fear fell down like a wall. I knew he would make me healthy.
At the Christmas party in Heidelberg I saw him again in 1957. He beckoned to me secretly, although there were hundreds in the room. I went to him and he said, “Now we’ve met again.”
Doris Puchalka and Bruno Groening became good friends. He came with his wife Josette into her apartment and went with both to lecture tours and on vacation trips. The young melancholy woman of yore was transformed. Pain or apathy did not return. If she was depressed at all, so longing for a child. “You too will have that,” said Groening. 
Today Doris Puchalka is healed and happy mother of a daughter (later another daughter followed“How old I may be, says Doris Puchalka,” for me Groening remains the greatest person I’ve ever met. “

Experiences with Bruno Groening

Hedwig Schröck,  Pirmasens, undated


It was at Easter 1955 when I drove to Pirmasens for the first time, in order to experience a community hour with Bruno Groening. As a result of an error on my part, I drove on the second Easter holiday, but the community meeting with Bruno Groening had taken place on the first holiday. I had anticipated this trip to Pirmasens, because I was so curious about the meeting with Mr. Groening. It was all the more disappointing that I did not meet him. Mr. Schweitzer, whom I had learned as a dear and concerned community leader in the following period, said: “Don’t worry! That does not hurt anything, so I can still prepare you properly and familiarize yourself with the matter.


“I had not come totally unprepared, I had read the report in the newspaper “Das Neue Blatt” (The New Paper”) as well as the book” Bruno Gröning’s Heilstrom”[Bruno Gröning’s Healing Current]. Also, my desperate health situation had brought me closer to the Lord God.

Immediately after I had taken place in the chair, a very intensive current started to flow through me. No wonder, because I was sitting in the chair, where Mr. Groening had been sitting the day before.

Mr. Schweitzer said afterwards, “We have not experienced this before, that someone who is here for the first time is taking up the healing current to such an extent.”

When I said good bye to family Schweitzer in the evening, Mr. Schweitzer handed me a tin foil ball with greetings from Mr Groening. The next night I dreamed that Mr. Groening saluted me. He shook my hand three times and said kindly:

“I’m glad you’ve come.”


From then on I took my silver ball every night after prayer and reading in the bible and concentrated to my body. I always got so severe itching on my scalp that I had to scratch it with both hands and for an entire hour with short interruptions. This went on for 3 – 5 weeks, then after I always had to bow my head on the floor. I did not like that at all, because I could not bend for a long time and while doing that I was becoming terribly bad and dizzy. However, I had to bend over and over again, it was as if an invisible hand pressed my head to the ground. When I had done this for weeks, I gradually felt the comb on my head again, which was no longer the case before, and I could do some work again, which must be done in a bent position.


That was all before I met Herr Gröning personally.


When I got to know him one and met him three months later, he was exactly the same, who had appeared to me in that dream.

Both, his appearance, as well as his gestures and his voice, perfectly coincided with my “Dream Groening”. But after the experience, I wondered about nothing more. And there were other experiences in the future.


A small experience of a different kind


For a given occasion, I was worried about how a true Christian should dress. Whether it is right to be dressed up, to dye your hair, and to strive to be always chic and elegant, or whether a person who recognizes Christ as his Savior and Lord is no better off to be simple in dress and appearance – not to overstate the exterior. Such thoughts occupied me for a long time, and I would have liked to get it clear to me.

It took us several months until we had a community hour with our great friend Bruno Groening. I had no longer any thought about this question of the clothes in anticipation of my dear visit.

At the end of his remarks, Bruno Groening spoke of the need to free our soul from all dirt, and to drive out the thoughts of evil as well as the disorder in the body, such as envy, hatred, lack of love etc., in order for the good and the beautiful to move in with us. The conclusion was then as follows:


“Who then has cleaned his inner being so thoroughly and decorated it with good thoughts, this one can add wearing a beautiful dress, if he has one.”


Then I knew at once that this little post was spoken to me, that was the answer to my question. The friends around Bruno Groening have probably all experienced that they are answering unspoken questions from him and such things are nothing new to them.

 But it is good to recall these experiences again and again and tell them to those who were not lucky enough to know Bruno Gröning and experience him personally.


Hedwig Schröck

Community of Pirmasens-Waldmohr



Archives of the Institute of Psychological and Psycho-Hygiene Border Areas e. V. Freiburg i. Br., Holding: 20/16, signature: “Training letters 1974/1975”

Who was Gröning?

Professor X, 1960
Transcript (PDF)

 Note: This article stems from the pen of a professor living in southern Germany, which the same had published still during the life time of Gröning. However, he was heavily attacked because of it and treated with hostility. It is for this reason that we have designated the name of the author with “X”.

The first time I visited a gathering of guests in Rosenheim in the summer of 1955 and got thereby in touch with Mr. Gröning for the first time.

His companion spoke a few introductory words prior (to his lecture), such as:

“In a moment from now Mr. Gröning is going to speak to you. As you know, he is not an ordinary individual, but he possesses supernatural powers. Everyone receives of them, even if one or the other wouldn’t sense anything. Some of you suddenly will be liberated, others will have to wait longer.” etc.

Over the meeting was a happy, expectant mood, not like before a concert or theatre, but like a solemn, introspective expression, as before the ordinance in the Church. It was a truly religious attitude that betrayed confidence and security.

Then, Gröning entered the room.

He spoke in simple, short sentences about good and evil. He stood there with his arms crossed, completely passively. Not the least of healing activity was noted. This passive attitude Gröning kept until the end.

He talked calmly and relaxed, stopped, occasionally he asked a question, continued slowly, moved to modern times nowadays, mentioned the menace through the technology and the atomic bomb, indicated the dangers of the evil and explained in detail, how mankind is being threatened by it. He remarked how hatred, greed and envy have wars break out, how evil is causing us all to perish.

Then, he suddenly paused at some length, silently scrutinized row after row of the audience for a while.

Then, he picked an individual and asked the person: “What leads you to me?” The addressed person was taken aback. So, Mr. Gröning himself answered the question: “Well, the evil! – you do come here to lay off the evil” If you do not afflict with evil, then you are free and happy. So away with it! It is not before you are connected to God, that you are born. That’s very simple.


Dismiss: hate, envy, greed, pride, lies and gossip, deceit, hardness of heart. Throw out all the evil and you will be connected with the divine power! Only then will your soul life be healthy, because you are so in conjunction with GOD. Then also order is in your body. WHERE GOD IS, THERE IS NO DISHARMONY!

Look up at the starry sky; look at the beauty of nature! Everything is so bursting with strength and healthy when it is in conjunction with the divine power. There, no disease exists. The same (is valid) with you, when you unite with the DIVINE POWER. Do adore the beauty and glory of the flowers and plants. Indeed, which great health everywhere! Much, much more of that Mankind receives, provided they are and want to be solely GOOD, because they are the crown of creation. Everything is given to them with full hands when they separate from evil if they be believers in God and GOOD, if they live a natural life(style), and do not get tainted with sin.

I bring you the GOOD, I give you the DIVINE POWER. Not of myself. I am subject to a mandate. I must do it. I can’t help doing it. But do not thank me. I’m quite small; I’m your student, not you mine. You are my teachers. I do not heal. As an instrument, as a middleman I submit to you DIVINE POWER. Please, help yourself! It’s up to you how much of it you receive! Every one of you gets as much as you deserve, that is to which degree you believe in GOD and are tuned to GOOD. Whosoever close them selves, navigating into evil, cannot receive the DIVINE POWER. They cannot be helped either.

I have come to you, and offer all of you this supernatural power, but a real chance the GOOD ones have alone. The doubters, the skeptics, the hostile ones close themselves out! I am not angry with these people. I do not hate because I do not attach evil to myself. However, I want to bring salvation to all of you, because I have a mission to fulfill. However, I myself deserve no thanks. Thank Him up there! I am but his little, poor servant. I have this force not of myself. It flows to me! So I’m merely connected to this DIVINE POWER SOURCE. Not I do heal! IT HEALS THE GREAT, ALMIGHTY ABOVE ME. – I am charged with this DIVINE POWER. When you have helped yourself faithfully, you too are now charged. What do you feel, watch your body!”


Answers are following:

The first person picked out, reports: “feeling of warmth in the body.”

The second person picked out: “twitching in the hands.”

The third person: “tingling throughout the body.”

The fourth: “I feel so fresh and well!”

The fifth person says: “I ​​suddenly have no more headaches!”

Mr. Gröning jumps in here and complains: “You do afflict yourself again with evil! When the supernatural power has helped you, then don’t call back the disease! You actually afflict yourself with the evil anew!”

In this way it went on for two and a half hours. No word about symptoms of disease, no diagnosis, no behavioral measures, no brushing, massaging, no medicine, no tea, no little herb was prescribed. No verbal attack such as faith healer Y. with thunderous words to the deep soul, no indirect psycho-therapy due to Carl Jung, no tracking for psychological complexes, no breathing cure, no “Kneipp” cure, neither suggestion nor hypnosis. These procedures Gröning refused from the very outset.

Completely passively this man stands there as a God sent messenger and mediates the DIVINE POWER to his fellow men.

He stands there as a medium of a higher power, and asks those present to help themselves.

I was simply speechless and kept thinking of the words of the Capuchin monk in the monastery church of Rosenheim: “The miracle cures of Gröning resemble scenes from the New Testament and can only be explained as occurring in supernatural ways.”

Gröning has certainly nothing at all to do with the paragraph of the unauthorized practice of alternative therapy. As soon as one is pressing charges in this respect, this means charging the Lord God Himself. What he is really doing, that is, where he comes into activity, corresponds to Acts of the Apostles. He gives faith lectures. He comforts, warns, straightens up, brings peace and tranquility in GOD to the people.

That is his real occupation. Can one punish him for that? Shouldn’t, then, every pastor that is every priest, visiting hospitals, who straightens up and comfort be put under indictment? No Democratic State must prohibit such pastoral help!

At the conclusion of this meeting still came requests for unhappy ones at home from various sides to Mr. Gröning. Whenever a disease was mentioned in this connection, Bruno Gröning rejected the names of diseases, and added: “I don’t deal with such things, these terms belong to the medical profession; they are tasks for the physician. In that field I have no business. I’m just stating that you afflict yourself with evil. You don’t need at all to entrust anything sad. I see in spirit what is missing with your daughter – son – father etc., basically, nevertheless the help of God! BELIEVE firmly yourself, give this faith to your daughter, stick to the GOOD, open (yourself to receive) the DIVINE POWER! I give it to you, and everything will be fine! “

After the meeting I asked several participants about their personal successes. Two of them confirmed that they have been healed suddenly from incurable diseases, asthma and paralysis.

With fairly strong prejudices I had come to the meeting, and took now home with me the following conviction:

The Gröning work was no sham, no market-driven agency matter, no quackery in the medical field. Initially, it was an ethically good ACT, an appeal against our materialistic, soulless, selfish, loveless, atheistic determined epoch of time.


And yet he was persecuted. There, the faith healer Y. is better off! Why did they measure a double standard here, although, as a supernatural phenomenon, Gröning stood superior compared to the faith-healer Y., and who could not even be compared with him?

Already after a short acquaintance one realized that Bruno Gröning was led by a higher power. His appearance was reminiscent of the Acts of the Apostles as the first heralds of the faith in our country. Like those, Mr. Gröning also spread seeds in the hearts of well-meaning individuals, for in this way to put a solid foundation for an ethical and religious renewal. He wanted to usher in a more humane world where peace and tranquility in God reigns!

Bruno Gröning was no confessional missionary but a great mystic. Mysticism comes forth from Greek and means “secret.” This refers to the secret and direct connection of the human soul with God. Mysticism sees the core of the religious in the closest possible bond with God.

Whenever the DIVINE order did no longer stand in the center of the human thought, as this is the case today with us, divinely inspired ones were found who called on for reflection and return to the Almighty. Such a special appearance I undoubtedly consider Bruno Gröning to be.

During the following two community evenings this, my opinion was even substantially encouraged. At departure I took the liberty to interrogate Mr. Gröning personally, what I was meant to be denied by the defensive characters of those around, because Mr. Gröning is in principal not at all speaking about his extraordinary disposition – or shedding light on it very reluctantly.

I asked whether he was doing private studies because his simple little lecture phrases often contained scientific results. He replied, “I do not need books, it is given to me.” And anyway, “Man is thought! The thoughts come all by themselves, even about things completely unknown. They are just being given without our intervention!” He justified this through corresponding examples.

I heard again and again, when he spoke to the petitioners, “Be but still, I much more precisely than you imagine it at all.”

Thus, the paths cross here. We remain the common individuals, opposite to him, the quite striking supernatural Man, the exceptional case, the divinely inspired one who is to be respected.

Of importance to me was also the following statement: “I cannot abandon the helpless ones. I have a compelling mandate. My conscience impels me, I need to help all unfortunate ones, I cannot help it, “The result is: It’s been so, as I initially already mentioned above. Mr. Gröning did not work with the upper consciousness alone, like us, but possessed quite rare skills. He was in the subconscious mind through the other ‘I’, the “deep soul” in intuition directly connected with an omnipotent power, as once did the prophets.

With this I am referring to a very distinguished theologian of our time, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Schmaus, Munich. Carefully going through the epoch making volumes of his strictly scientifically based dogmatism, the difference between a genius and an intuitive connection with God is easy to recognize. For example, a gifted poet works authoritarian, he draws his ideas from his genius, his disposition, he is directly actively engaged. The Prophet only holds the pen, and the thoughts are being dictated into him by a higher power. He is passive, emphasized passive. Exactly the same way as Bruno Gröning. In this way, the apostles received their ability to speak in different tongues at Pentecost, ready-made, however, not by their genius, but only through intuition.


Bruno Gröning likewise received his thoughts and his mission directly from a higher power. He was a simple man, though, with elementary schooling, who had never thought to pursue private studies. How could he possibly have created supernatural facts of such unheard extent!

He was a master of the inner psychic life, a connoisseur of the deep soul, not through study – to mention it explicitly once again – but through direct contact with the supernatural world. HE CREATED AND STRENGTHENED THE GOOD AND FOUGHT THE EVIL.

If we want to be just regarding the Gröning event, we need to acknowledge a spiritual and divine world. We need to affirm the fact that supernatural powers accrued from a higher divine world to Mr. Gröning, which he radiated constantly, though he acted totally passive. Therefore he said indeed in every community hour: “I do nothing. THE DIVINE POWER HEALS! “

Fully I became convinced of this at the last meeting in October 19…

Thirteen to sixteen feet away from Mr. Gröning, was a young man of over 30 years. Mr. Gröning behaved like always, and asked him whether he took in divine power. He said yes. Mr. Gröning asked him again whether he wanted to have more. The addressed one said yes, and Mr. Gröning told him, “Please, just go ahead and take. Help yourself! “At that moment this man became restless and alive.The state increased considerably more and more, until the whole body was shaken in this way approximately five to seven minutes. Gröning let him, and finally asked him about his health. He replied that a wonderful, warm feeling was passing through his body and he was feeling light and liberated. Gröning subsequently called him out to the front, dropped his bunch of keys as if accidentally. The individual in question bent down completely pain free and picked the same without any difficulty. Then, a second and a third time, and namely with the left and the right hand alternately. – Later, I asked the individual about his illness. He confessed to me that he had been severely war damaged, had not been able to bend at all, had moved around on two sticks because of a spinal injury and had been almost completely paralyzed.

Physicians and hospital treatment could not help him. In his desperation, he sought help through suggestion, hypnotists and magnetizers, and all in vain. Solely Mr. Gröning could help him. He is now married and works in his profession.


To a woman Mr. Gröning had given back complete health, where the physician (had) stated pancreatic cancer through laboratory testing and afterwards certified that this patient was liberated from this scourge by Mr. Gröning.

In the case of a woman in northern Italy a lower abdominal disease had already so much degenerated into decay, that the clinic sent this death candidate home with the comment to the relatives that she had only a few more days to live. Through Mr. Gröning she was granted the inapprehensible success that she became perfectly healthy.

But then, even the additional remote successes until up to 14,000 km overseas to Brazil, and last but not least a hundred other examples which not at all can be.

On another occasion I was witness to a very impressive impact on matter through the healing power which flowed through Mr. Gröning. A radio set, which was set for a record player, which, however, was not switched on, stood in the meeting room. Then the inexplicable occurred: Mr. Gröning switched on and tuned the apparatus in on the radio show, by laying his hand on top of the smooth wooden surface. In the same way he turned off the apparatus again after some time, and repeated the experiment to my very greatest surprise will. Baroness Ebner von Eschenbach, who was sitting next to me, confirmed to me that Mr. Gröning actually could affect the matter. She had been present as a reporter showed up with a camera at a major meeting. Mr. Gröning bothered this behavior and so, the photoflash lamp failed its service. The reporter went to the next room, there it worked out perfectly. She came into the hall again and made ​​a second attempt, again the same failure. To the reporter, the game became scary. She was confused. But the Assembly had already been noticed near completion and Mr. Gröning remarked: “Now, I agree, now you can make your shot!” And then everything went smoothly.

I inquired Mr. Gröning about this supernatural ability. He gave me a whole series of such incidents, but added that he carried such supernatural acts out only exceptionally to strengthen the power of belief, but never just to satisfy curiosity, however, definitely not on command. That he could not even do because it was against his conscience. He would have the mandate to act only in the divine sense and was compelled to behave properly. He could tell me a lot more, which, however, would only confuse me. Scientists in particular, were the greatest skeptics and could follow him the least.


In summary, I would like to set forth my observations and experiences as follows:

1) Bruno Gröning was a great mystic and directly connected with the supernatural power through the deep soul. He knew the power of GOOD and was aware of the power of evil.

As the divine mandate he had the task to carry GOOD into mankind, leading them to closeness with God and to renew the FAITH among men.

For this reason, he gave faith lectures which lasted always more than two hours; lectures, the way a well-known priest from America has given his lectures, like they were carried out in the tent mission, who even received a support by city and state authorities and, moreover, in addition charged an entrance fee.

Why wasn’t Bruno Gröning granted the same right?

2) Phenomenal powers flowed through Bruno Gröning, which were not born into his nature, but which continually flowed to him from the supernatural world. It must be noted here, that without his endeavor, without any particular setting, this healing power again leaves him. He was totally passive. He worked like a transformer, like an electric wire. Without his intervention healing seekers were charged, they received the current.

3) Bruno Gröning was a specific case. His healings were completely offside any conventional medical practice. He never asked about any disease, never gave instructions. He was merely the tool of a higher power, a higher will. He was a mouthpiece between mankind and the beyond, as once did the prophets. He couldn’t escape this supernatural destiny, even though the whole penal code threatened him! He could not acknowledge the healing paragraph because he neither could, nor was entitled, to switch off the supernatural healing current!

Recollecting, imagine Mr. Gröning as the defendant in the trial. Everyone in the courtroom received his healing power, even the honorable judges, even when they didn’t notice it. Consequently, with the healing prohibition of this individual, they had in fact accepted prohibited stuff and thereby had become liable to what they had contributed to evoke by their prosecution and that was the grotesque thing (about this). A judgment that one day – like a boomerang to the shooter – will bounce back to the causal individuals. . .

For easy reference, consider Mr. Gröning a sunray lamp, which had been offered by the great almighty physician up there. Through it he donated to our benefit healing rays for our bodies and our souls. The believers in God, the well-meaning ones, the open-minded ones received the largest strengthening. The neutral ones, the fickle ones (received) far less. The Hostile ones, the adversary ones, who almost shielded themselves as if by a vicious dividing wall, received nothing.

Didn’t Christ also say, “Go, thy FAITH has saved thou!” Or: “Sin no more, so that nothing worse befallest thou!”

The environment considered the Phenomenon Bruno Gröning only from their everyday context. Such a rare event as the one regarding Gröning must be evaluated by a higher vantage point. A further important sense had to be concealed behind such a supernatural occurrence!

How then, was our current time, how is it still now? Existential philosophy, atheism, materialism. Single philosophers see the spiritual climate of the world something like this: A large rigid ice desert where we proceed ruthlessly across suffering. Because of a few small things the world war is around the corner, and with an outcry for freedom and human dignity an entire people must drown in terror and blood. What an ocean of ​​tears, what an abyss of demonic power! And more and more weapons of hell, nuclear bombs are added, capable of destroying an entire planet.

There, the Divine Providence sent us a messenger, so simple and plain but still so powerful in his effect to generally being noticed as the “Miracle Man”. Everyone should have and had to become aware of him.

From Schleswig-Holstein to the Boden Lake and farther he traveled around, stuck around lights, warmed the hearts, carried out healing miracles upon healing miracles in an indirect manner, plainly by his presence, and thus worked at the upheaval of our dark times, pointing towards a future (being) brighter, richer in hope (and) more humanly dignified.

And him they pursued and – like Jesus – put him on trial …

I became seriously worried. I thought of some guidelines in the “Mythos of the 20th Century”[1], where they feared neither God nor the devil, and then everything came all of a sudden – our people had been thrown into the abyss by the forces of darkness. So during the lifetime of Bruno Gröning I had asked myself: “May one raise a hand against our Lord God even indirectly?


Unmistakably, he had sent us this sign. Why didn’t one grant this man to carry out his mandate? “

Simple and without “higher education” he was able to make the same things happen, like that which is happening in Lourdes, divine signs, in front of which even an international commission of physicians bows humbly. The same miraculous results Gröning demonstrated in hundreds and hundreds of examples. Miracles that, with some limitations, remind of the ones demonstrated by Jesus him-self!

Quite clearly, we were addressed from the beyond via this rare individual, this, a blind individual with a stick being able to feel, as the saying puts it. Which Man, then, was connected closer with the supernatural power and looked more clearly into the countenance face of a world of the beyond?

When we as Christians put the categorical imperative [2] shelved and reject the supernatural, then, why do we still celebrate Christmas – Easter – Pentecost? If we adjust ourselves this way, a cynical, cruel, impassive destiny is much more likely to roll over us much easier, because we just shut ourselves off from any divine help.



Thus, how was it to explain, then, that a completely innocent one, a divinely blessed one was accused???

Firstly, it was inherent in our legal system. I guess I’m a friend of the ancient world, but one thing is certain: The ancient Romans have compiled their empire by robbery. This robbery then they defended by laws, introduced by positioning the clauses above the people. In our today still Roman legal basis, it often happens that judges say: “According to human perception, I am sorry for you, but the clause binds me …”

In the case of Bruno Gröning the healer clause completely lost its ruling claim, because the precise science, the modern medical science concludes their realm of knowledge with the empirical area of knowledge up to this day, it never reaches into the super sensual area.

Consequently, the charges were based on dissimulation and were nothing but sham structures. Therefore, the charges collapse all by themselves, as they must be blamed factually.

Secondly, the German people are quicker to notify than peoples of other countries. In the course of the denazification the magistrates were not able to accept all the witnesses for the prosecution, so many queued. How did that happen? In Germany six race groups flowed together; three different landscapes, north as lowlands, the middle highlands and southern Germany as the highlands created three further types of people, and the line of (river) Main separates us by denomination. In this way different laws are set up against each other. On the one hand a big plus, on the other hand however, the terrible shadow side: discord and strife are historical facts. Very lively, denunciations remain with us. Since time immemorial, no real consensus has existed. So, preferably the elephant is scrutinized to find a flee with a magnifying glass So you prefer looking at the elephant with a magnifying glass to find a flea and on this small insect then, the notification is released rapidly.

Thirdly, if the science does not yet extend into the supernatural territory, how should an ordinary individual navigate (properly) in the mystic-supernatural territory of Gröning?

In every meeting Mr. Gröning preached again and again: “I do not heal! – IT heals, that is – the divine power “!

Nevertheless, even his close friends from the community said: “What’s he talking about? He has indeed healed me.”- These people saw Mr. Gröning and thought back to their disease, and their eyesight was the decisive factor.

Under this aspect, of course, then also Gröning’s opponents contributed straight forward their oath for the prosecution, namely wrong by the subject, however acceptable according to their conscience. Consequently, had all earth dwellers sworn before Copernicus, that the sun moved around the earth. This is a relative oath for the prosecution. Einstein’s theory of relativity relates actually to all areas of life, including the judiciary. Such an oath, however, is null and void, because it is hard in the balance between positive and negative, as if I have ten Deutschmarks with me while simultaneously ten Deutschmarks debt. Both neutralize themselves and the zero remains. Moreover, the questions asked played a quite significant role. To begin with, in this mystical matter, questions were asked aiming at passing by the fact itself, and on the other hand, the individual questioned was not informed at all. However, by such excessive demands a tangled skein was tied, which could hardly be solved unless
after thorough reconnaissance that prosecution witnesses had sworn to return to good information. That was the direction in which a completely innocent person could be convicted.

The following example illustrates this excessive demand. An individual from R… told me at the beginning of December: “I just wanted to testify in favor of Mr. Gröning, and now I have been set up as a counter-witness. I don’t know why! “To this extent went the confusion. And the prosecution must also be challenged procedurally, because all witnesses for the prosecution were practically turned out. Thus, the proceedings against Mr. Gröning had absolutely no further basis.

I could add much more details and insights, but I refrain from writing a thick book. However, I don’t want to leave unsaid that the representatives of all directions, the medical profession and science, the state, and many individuals have burdened themselves with a new guilt, because they should have paved the way for Mr. Gröning. Now, it remains to hope, that one day will emerge individuals with a vocation, who aurally and in writing counteract our outdated judicial legislation and thus, create the legal prerequisite for spiritual healing, the healing Art of the future! [3]


Josette Gröning (Publ.): The spiritual-psychic healer (Denkendorf at Plochingen/Neckar 1960) Nr. 7, pgs. 100-105 u. Nr. 8, pg. 114-118


[1] Book by the NSDAP-Party ideologist Alfred Rosenberg (1893-1946)

[2] Ethic principle raised by the philosopher Immanuel Kant (1724-1804). The categorical imperative requires to measure one’s own conduct by considering in how far it would fit serving as a general motto.

[3] Notice: It shouldn’t remain unnoticed that today in Germany legal steps against the work of Bruno Gröning by relying on the Alternative Therapy Act of 1939 wouldn’t be possible any longer. See also the Judgment of the Federal Constitutional Court of June 3rd, 2004:


Letter to the editor of the “Vegetarian Universe”.
Anny Freiin Ebner von Eschenbach

Again: for and against Bruno Gröning

As a member of the circle of friends around Bruno Gröning and as a long-time vegetarian and subscriber of the “V.U.” I would like to introduce you to

help with this letter to give a truthful answer to those who stay about the fact that in “V. U. ”an article about“ the non-vegetarian and smoker Bruno Gröning ”appears.

I just had the opportunity to talk to Mr. Bruno Gröning about the answer from your editorial team in August episode 8 of “V. U. ”to entertain personally. I read him your little reply article after assuring him that it is written in a decent, yes, generous spirit, for he refuses to devote his time and thought to negative, harassment. There have been enough of them in the last few years, and I also had one of this type right there (“Münchner Merkur”. July 7, 1953, under the “Diary” section). According to the sentence of your “V. U. “- Article:” Even a Bruno Gröning, as important as he is, would become even more important as a vegetarian and non-smoker, “said Bruno Gröning:


(Slide 40) “Yes, that’s true, but what good will my even greater ability do me if I don’t have the opportunity to free the path of those seeking healing to me and not be able to give off the healing current! I only smoke and drink coffee so that I can hold back the electricity that often comes over me with such violence. In the past I even drank alcohol because of it, but I turned it off completely. I also smoke less and do not hang on to the cigarette. I wholeheartedly support vegetarianism, because I am against killing and destroying life. Thanks to me, many have become vegetarians, yes, even raw foodists. “


“Yes,” I said, “that’s right. I only recently spoke to someone from Rosenheim who told me that since meeting you he has refused to kill animals, has become a raw foodist and has based his entire way of life on nature. “


(Slide 41) Mr. Gröning continued: “I hardly eat anything, because only a few bites are enough to satisfy me, just as I don’t need sleep. When I eat I get tired. I then only eat foods that go well together; many vegetarians suffer from too many and too many foods. I can prove that my body does not accept the strong poisons of nicotine, alcohol and caffeine at all, I am never sick, I control my body. I do not eliminate these deficiencies because people want it from their point of view, but when it is necessary for me, it happens. “


(Slide 42) Mr. Gröning allowed me to make this interview available to you. I would like to add a few more observations myself:


Bruno Gröning is constantly on the move and always comes into contact with all sorts of people, whose guest he is usually then. So he often does not want to get the hosts into trouble and ask them to eat a certain type of food. In most cases he doesn’t eat anything, but is happy when he gets nuts,

Fruit and salads are offered. He drinks a lot of liquids, especially apple juice and fizzy drinks, and, as he once told me, this is at the same time his diet and also the electricity, the heat of which would otherwise burn him up. I was pleased about your generous response to the letters, because we friends were a little worried that those who did not understand would talk about Bruno Groening in an irresponsible, profitable way. Bruno Gröning can only judge and understand to some extent those who can rise to the spiritual level, the selfless, self-sacrificing, devoted love for suffering humanity, to which he sacrifices his entire personal life, only to help with it

Human brother finds his way back to his divine origin and thus also to his health.


(Slide 43) Since we (also Mr. Gröning) are opposed to vaccinations, I would also like to share with you a case that I personally experienced recently and that I can pick out from other healing cases in our Bruno Gröning Community.

A grandmother asked me for help through Bruno Gröning for her grandchild in Carinthia, who had had terrible seizures and a high fever since a smallpox vaccination in 1952 and was slowly wilting away. No doctor could help. I asked Bruno Gröning for distant healing for the unknown child, and he gave me an “addressed” object. We sent this to Carinthia. The child touched the object and has been relieved of all complaints since then. The parents faced a miracle.


After eight weeks, they sent a written healing report on oath after they had continued to observe the child and found that their strength had increased from day to day and that none of the complaints a had occurred. Bruno Gröning never asks anything for assistance, and the parents had already spent a fortune in medical expenses on the child.

You can see from this brief account that the “sacred” lines of “V. U. “only become even more “sacred” when you read these lines for such a great person and

provide experts like Bruno Gröning and finally publish the “essentials” about Bruno Gröning. With best regards,


Anny Freiin Ebner v. Eschenbach


“I experienced Bruno Groening when I was five”

Experience report of a Polish contemporary witness from Gdansk:

This is a contemporary witness report from a lady from Gdansk, Poland, who was 75 years old at the time this report was recorded.

As a five-year-old she had met a young man in a restaurant in Gdansk, where she got herself a soda, who sometimes ate his lunch there. The man shook hands with the little one, asked the mother if this was her child and sat the little one on his lap. The old lady still remembers how hot the man’s hand was. It later turned out that this man was Bruno Groening.

The picture on the left shows a restaurant in Danzig-Langfuhr. We don’t know if this is the authentic one, but as Bruno lived in Danzig Langfuhr at those times, it could be possible.

Every time they met Bruno Groening in this restaurant, the mother asked her little daughter to go to this man – without, of course, knowing who he was.

The child was not healthy; it suffered, as the doctors said, from anemia. But BG told the mother that was not the point: the child had something with the heart.

He then drew a heart on a piece of paper and a hole in one place. Then he said to the mother:

“Don’t worry, your child will live a long time.”

And so this contemporary witness stood in front of the spellbound listening audience, sprightly and deeply moved. Then she got married and had children …

She had forgotten the man from the restaurant. In 1949, in connection with a childbirth, the doctors determined that the woman had indeed had something close to her heart. They suspected that she must have had a hole in her heart from birth, but said that now there was only a small trace of it to be seen.

Decades later, a German couple visited this Polish woman who was renting out guest rooms.


When the woman saw a photo of Bruno Groening on the table of the guests, she recognized the man from the restaurant. She blushed and felt dizzy for 5 minutes as she picked up the picture.

Only now did she find out that this man was Bruno Groening; she was introduced to teaching and has since attended the Gdansk Community Hours.

This friend passed out recently and was hospitalized with a diagnosis of ‘atrial fibrillation’. When she woke up from fainting, she called Bruno Groening: “Please help me! Do not leave me!”

Seconds later she heard her heart beating calmly again, and the shortness of breath was gone. She felt good and sat up.

“You were lucky!” Said the surprised doctors.

“After 73 years, the ‘man from the restaurant’, Bruno Gröning, helped me again!” The grateful Polish woman concludes her impressive report.

“What did Bruno Gröning himself say about his “passing day ”?

On January 26th, 1959 Bruno Gröning died in Paris … this was Bruno Gröning’s “passing day”.

Anneliese Bollack wrote in 1978:

Bruno Gröning said:
“I am bound to this, my God-given body. If I leave it one day, it will be the best hour of my life, because then I am free and here and everywhere at the same time. “

In Mannheim he only gave a lecture on this subject once. I was already healthy then, so I listened very carefully. Here, too, a re-learning and rethinking was necessary. It started even at birth.

He said: “When a person is born, people are happy, the other way round would be more correct. You would cry when he comes and be happy when he can go home. “

But he showed understanding and said, “We don’t know any better. Then it starts after the birth of the baby. Grandma and Grandpa donate a savings account. The father immediately determines the school and occupation, and everyone makes plans, but nobody knows what God’s plans are for this human child.

The only thing people know 100% when someone is born, they don’t want to know anything about it, they push it aside, they don’t talk about it and don’t even take note of it. The only thing that you really know with certainty about this child is that one day it will have to leave this earth again. It’s going home again. That’s called death.

But this is not so, what is called death?

It’s just a passage. But we don’t know anymore either. “


Bruno Gröning said he knew exactly when he was leaving this earth and that he could write it down and put it in a safe. But he sees no point of sense in doing this.

We don’t know the day and the hour, and that’s good for us too. He could wear it because he knew a little more than we did. Not much, but a tiny bit more.


He also said to us: Some people will learn to be amazed there who pretend so much about their knowledge. Some people who have power here are not very much over there in the beyond, and some who teach people here sit on the school desk and are taught themselves.

What luck for every human child, if it can already begin here, learn to understand and recognize the spiritual laws here.

One can only congratulate everyone who begins and continues on this path, regardless of their status here.

I thank God that I was able to get to know Bruno Gröning and his teaching. It brought me a lot of knowledge, insight and happiness.

He told us in this lecture:

“We would have to think back to who we are, to do what God has determined for us, why God has given us this earthly life and why He has given us this wonderful body. We would have to learn again to pay attention to this divine gift and to lead it correctly, to remember who we are, to turn fully to what we belong to, to return to divine guidance, to trust God again, then we would too one day receive the knowledge of where we belong and no longer be afraid of death. We would then know again that we would go home and then be free. “

Yes, dear friends, I have often had to think of these words of his in this lecture whenever it was time to say goodbye to a good friend, relative or dear acquaintance. Most of all, I remembered everything when he walked away with his body.

“I’m here and everywhere at the same time!”

I clung to these words of his. I trusted and built on that. I said to myself: if I call him now, he’ll always be there right away. I did and it was true. (Anneliese Bollack)

If you get to know about persons or relatives/ friends who experienced Bruno Groening during his lifetimes, please fill out the form.