Einstellen / Tune

Tune in / Meditation


Bruno Gröning recommended us humans to take in divine energy every day. Whether once or twice or several times a day, it doesn’t matter. It is important that you absorb the energy correctly. This is what he called “attuning” to divine power.

He recommended that we sit up straight with our spine straight and open our hands as if to receive. Legs and arms should not be crossed or touched so that the energy can flow freely through the body.
During the adjustment, one can reflect on the Divine Source in silence or with calmly flowing music, i.e. establish a connection with the Divine Power Plant. In doing so, one should observe one’s body, what is going on in it.

Above all, one should not think about the diseases that still burden the body, on the contrary, one should forget about one’s illness, not think about it but concentrate on something beautiful. (medical help should in no way be rejected or viewed as counterproductive. On the contrary, ideally a relationship of trust with the doctor should be established and contribute to the healing process)

It can be found reactions in the body that express themselves in different ways, such as. B. Tingling in the hands or feet, warmth, cold, yawning (when relaxation comes into the body) and other reactions, as well as pain in the stressed parts of the body. This already initiates the “regulation process” that wants to clean up or bring back the parts in the body that are not in order.


Here is a short, simple description of how we adjust to divine power:


  • Sit on a chair with your feet flat on the floor, a comfortable distance apart.

  • Place the back of your hand on your thighs so that your palms are facing up, your hands are not touching, and your arms (and legs) are not crossed.

  • Your spine is straight (if possible) but relaxed.

  • Believe in the loving inexhaustible source of strength that wants you to be well.

  • With an open mind and heart you adjust to the Heilstrom with the intention of accepting and absorbing it.

  • Trust and faith – the divine power helps and heals. – As soon as you ask for healing, believe that you will receive it.

  • Pay special attention to your body and especially to your feelings in the body.

  • Do your best not to follow the pain or discomfort, but to notice other sensations.

  • Do not think about your illness, worries and complaints. Let go of them! When your mind wanders, just bring it back to consciousness on your body.

    If this is difficult, think of something beautiful instead or listen to spiritually uplifting music.

  • If you experience an increase in symptoms or unusual discomfort when you sit in this position and turn yourself on, don’t worry – remember that you have asked for healing and sometimes it has to work in a very physical way – this pain do not always occur, but are referred to as “REGULATIONS” (it is a cleaning process).

  • Live according to the divine laws (and follow the teachings of Bruno Groening.

  • Put aside restlessness, anger, and gossip, and other unpleasant things that may harm yourself and others. Avoid negative attitudes and influences on other people as much as possible.

  • Things that can get in the way of healing are

    – loss of hope,

    – unwillingness to believe in God,

    – identification with the disease,

    – Hold on to problems (by viewing it as your own).

    You have to be open to the healing and let go of the bad forever!

    I wish you success! All are welcome!

Tune in – Einstellen 

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The inner attitude

Open your heart wide, let go  all burdensome and disturbing thoughts, you may give it to Bruno Groening, as he promised us to take it away.

Give up everything bad, such as pains,  fears, worries, all hardships, anger, anger, anger, resentment, bitterness, grief, sadness and above all the diseases. Simply let it go spiritually, detach from  everything that you find bad.

We are allowed to make room for the good, because only where there is room for the good , the  divine power can work.

It is also important to get rid of disturbing thoughts. Open up to the teaching of Bruno Groening and the divine power with trust. We observe our body, what is going on in it, what do we feel?

It might help to compare yourself to a house where we open all the windows and doors to let in the fresh air. So we have to open ourselves to this spiritual power as well.

Bruno Gröning called the inner and outer “being open” for God, eliminating all disturbing thoughts, “tune in /einstellen”.

We prepare ourselves to receive the divine mission, the divine power.

Einstellen means: We detach ourselves from everything that disturbs our thoughts, open ourselves and turn to God in order to absorb the divine power.

  • “Give me all the heaviness, all the illnesses, all the worries, you will not be able to deal with it alone. Give me everything of your own free will, because I’m not allowed to steal.” Bruno Groening

The more trusting we open up, the easier it is for the healing power to flow into us. In this calm we can best present our heart’s desires to God.
We can ask for divine protection and guidance. Likewise about the divine order in and around us. We can ask for health, for peace, for our workplace, for neighbors, etc., so for all our heart’s desires. When we adjust, we receive divine power. We can also adjust to another person. We then take in the good power for this person and it flows to him. This power can then have a helping and healing effect in him.

This is exactly how we can adjust to animals and plants. No matter where the other living being is for which we ask, the energy, the divine power always arrives.
There are no limits to the divine power. We are allowed to present to God all our requests, our thanks, but also situations in which we struggle for solutions, in short everything for which we want God’s support with all our hearts. It is important to mentally let go of all of our requests and to remain in peace and quiet for a while and watch our body.

The Heilstrom can be perceived differently for every person. Perhaps one feels it as warmth, another as cold, another feels a tingling sensation or shaking, another feels pain or restlessness, another perhaps calm.

  • “If you now pay real attention to your body, then you will not perceive something in your own body, but what is noticeable in your body at this very moment. You will say yourself: It’s a strange feeling that I’ve never noticed. It’s different than before. ” Bruno Groening

Of course, asking does not release us from doing our own part, which is necessary for the desired success to occur.
If, for example, an exam is pending and we ask God to help us, we do not do or learn anything, yes, dear friends, that will not work, God will not help us. But if we study hard and just can’t do it better and ask, God the Father will help.

It is important that we adjust ourselves twice a day for at least 10 minutes. The more often and longer we adjust, the more power flows.
But we can adjust at any time and at any place. The power flows everywhere, around the world and around the clock.

Please keep your back free, the backrest has an exit today.

By adjusting, we receive the divine power that enables us to break free from the old patterns and come back into the divine order.
When we strive again,

To align our whole life according to the spiritual laws and to follow the call of our soul, we will feel how we become more and more free. We are then ready to put our findings into practice.

Even if we are allowed to receive healing through recognizing and applying the spiritual laws, it is always a grace, a gift from God and never a matter of course.