F – Help and healing reports

Febrile seizures/ convulsions

report by V. S. about her 4-year old daughter


In 2001 I received a magazine from a friend in the mail on the cover of which a man named Bruno Gröning was shown. His date of birth and death were under this picture. In this magazine there was an article by Armin Risi about this man. Since Bruno Gröning had already died, I thought: “What should I do with that?” and put the magazine among other books on the bookshelf.

In 2003, my daughter Anjana started febrile seizures with a high fever at the age of four. The fever lasted for five days. We went to a pediatrician. There she was given an antibiotic to prevent further complications. The fever suppositories I gave my daughter didn’t work, just like everything else didn’t work. After five days the fever subsided.

The same thing happened 14 days later. Further visits to pediatricians and other doctors did not result in a clear diagnosis. A middle ear infection was suspected and, as a precaution, another antibiotic was prescribed. Anjana was without pain, but in a dream-like state. Her eyes rolled up. She kept telling the same story, namely that she had a task and that she could not do it. You have to push all large objects through a door slot. She cried because she couldn’t do it with a fever that was 40 degrees Celsius and higher. All attempts to lower it only lasted for minutes until the fever subsided again on the fifth day in the evening.

14 days later everything was repeated. Again with a high fever she told the story that she had to push large objects through the crack in the door. This was repeated a few more times at equal intervals. This made it weaker and weaker.

I started to deal with homeopathy and studied all kinds of books (even naturopaths books) diligently to understand whether and how that could help. I came across the Schüssler salts and decided at my own risk to start the next fever attack without taking antibiotics, as I hadn’t seen any improvement.

The book said you had to give a certain mineral every three minutes to prevent a febrile seizure. I figured it wasn’t going to be easy, but that I had no other choice now. So I lay in bed with her and an alarm clock that went off every 3 minutes and actually did that for a few nights and days.

On the fourth night – just before 3:00 a.m. – I was completely desperate and sat with my prayer beads. She told the same story again. The fever had risen to almost 41 degrees. I didn’t know what to do next. I threw my prayer beads on the bed, raised my arms and said with all my heart: “Whoever wants to help us, whatever their name is, I ask for help!”

I don’t know how it happened, I just know that I suddenly took the magazine with Bruno Gröning on the cover, which had stood untouched on the bookshelf for two years, from the shelf and almost threw it on her stomach. It was a few minutes to three in the morning. I had the little clock right in front of my eyes. I fell asleep in deep calm after a long time. Suddenly I saw in a dream a small, light-like or crystal-like creature about 10 cm tall, flying towards Anjana from above. When it landed on her forehead, it made a sound like a bell. It looked like a cute little angel. The sound woke me up. I looked at the clock. It had only been three minutes. My daughter was not in the same place as before. I was scared and looked around. She sat close to the edge of the bed and looked at me deliberately. I touched her because I saw that she was soaking wet, so I immediately measured a fever. The fever was completely gone. Anjana was hungry. My joy was huge. That was the last time she had such a high fever.

My daughter recently told me that about three months ago she had severe abdominal pain and that she felt the same way she did when she had febrile seizures and felt the task of pushing the big things through the slit of the door . When we got together, I asked her what that would have been. She burst into tears and said, “I had to stay alive and it was so hard!”

She said that back then – 15 years ago – when she got the healing, Bruno Gröning came to her and said: “Get up!” and she could sit down and the fever was gone. It was so indescribably nice to hear that from her and very emotional for her to tell it.

Healing of Frozen Shoulder after Surgery

Terry R.
Free Bruno Groening’s Friends-Illawarra.
In 2002, I saw a tree in the garden that needed support. So I started to hammer a long wooden stake into the ground when I felt a sharp burning pain in the top front of my right shoulder,
like being stabbed with a hot poker; this pain was very sudden and very acute but only lasted for a short time. There was a slight discomfort when moving my shoulder afterwards and I thought it was muscle soreness, until one day whilst changing a light globe in the ceiling I heard a click and felt a grinding sensation in my shoulder and when I lowered it, a sharp pain shot up from my arm to that part of the shoulder again. A week later due to the continuous clicking and grinding feeling I felt when moving my right shoulder I decided to visit a doctor.
Ultra sound and X-ray tests revealed a torn supra spinatus tendon, -this is the tendon which holds the shoulder socket in place- I was then referred to a specialist who after studying the tests and examining my shoulder, recommended an operation. This surgery involved stretching the tendon back over the shoulder and stapling it back onto the bone structure.
After the operation while taking off the stitches, the specialist informed me that he had ‘filed’ a small bone protrusion on the shoulder, before he stapled the tendon back on. When the  bandage  and sling were removed,  I was asked to stretch out my arm and put it down, when I did this: ‘I saw the stars!’, excruciating pain shot through my shoulder down to my fingertips and up my neck and head. The specialist explained that I needed to do physiotherapy so that the shoulder would not ‘freeze’ and to refrain from driving or lifting anything and to go back to him a month later.
I did as I was told, but after a month of treatment and certain exercises at home, I explained to the physiotherapist that I was still having difficulty lifting my hands above eye level, the shoulder was very stiff and I was getting such strong pain under my right shoulder blade that it was cutting my breath
off, he said that with continued treatment all this will go away.
That didn’t happen, even after another month of physiotherapy and exercises more frequently done. Another month later, the shoulder movement was a bit easier but I still could not get my hands above eye level and the shoulder pain continued.
I consulted a different physiotherapist who after examining my back told me that the surgery had misplaced 3 rib bones and that was the reason that on lifting my arms this was putting pressure on my lungs restricting my breath, and with my wife as witness he pushed the three ribs into place and gave me a different set of exercises to do at home.
Afterwards, I had no more pain under the shoulder blades but every time I raised my hands over my eyes, I felt pain and dizziness  followed by headaches. This continued over the years and I accepted that it was something I had to live with.
I avoided doing anything that meant lifting my arms above eye level and when I couldn’t help it, I used my left arm which started to ache as it was overly used to compensate for my right arm’s restriction.
In 2009, I was introduced to the teaching of Bruno Groning
and after receiving help in another area of my body. I started to absorb Healing energy daily.
One evening in 2013, I was tuning-in with a group of Bruno’s friends and whilst holding an object charged with healing energy by Bruno Groning himself, I felt a tingling sensation like an electrical current ‘running from my right hand, up the right arm, across my shoulders, down my left arm and out of my left hand’. I went to bed at 10.30 that night, and around  midnight I woke up feeling unbearable pain in the shoulders and such a terrible headache that made me feel nauseous. Fearing that I was going to vomit, I stumbled out of bed and  the room started to spin and I felt dizzy, but I made it to the toilet, nothing happened there, so I went back to bed. As I lay there I asked Bruno for help, immediately the thought of regulation came to my mind and then,  strangely even with such pain, I must have dozed off for a while because the next thing I remember was waking up flat on my back, with my arms at full stretch over my head -as if someone was holding both my wrists and ankles and pulling me from both ends- like a medieval rack.  As I laid there stunned by what was happening, I noticed that all the pain and aching in my head were leaving my body,  -streaming out like running water  going out through my stretched arms and legs simultaneously.- A feeling of warmth and well being came over me then and I slept.  I woke up to the sound of the alarm clock and got out of bed, moved my shoulders, turned my neck and gingerly raised my hands above my head. No pain! no headache, no dizziness  and it was no dream! I only felt a slight muscle soreness in the area of neck and shoulders which disappeared during the day.
Since that night, I can lift my hands above my head, change light globes in the ceiling, hang pictures high on the wall  and do any home maintenance without any discomfort whatsoever.
I am very grateful for the end of eleven years of restrictions and pain and thank God and Bruno Groning for my healing.

Fibromyalgia (soft tissue rheumatism)

Healing report G. D. May 2008, free community Darmstadt

For most of my adult life I have been burdened with fibromyalgia, formerly known as soft tissue rheumatism, as it can affect all tendons and muscles in the body. During these years, the CRP levels in the blood were also increased, which is an indication of inflammation. The pain varied in severity and could best be described as pulling. I often felt it particularly hard in my hands. The pain in my legs used to bring tears to my eyes in my standing job. It was worst in early autumn, when the weather became more humid and cooler. But I suffered most during the nights. Very often I would wake up at three or four o’clock and then lay awake for the rest of the night from the pain. I only took pain relievers like aspirin or paracetamol because I didn’t want to swallow harder pills. But these only took the tip of the pain away. Otherwise, I cut down on animal foods and occasionally took a detox. From a medical point of view, the disease cannot be cured, only relieved through various applications. Often I was very desperate, overtired and on the verge of discouragement.

When I came to the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends 10 years ago, I quickly received various healings. After nine months I was cured of a migraine that lasted 25 to 30 years. At the same time I received the cure for shoulder-arm syndrome and sun allergy, the so-called Mallorca acne. This strengthened my belief that I would be cured of fibromyalgia when the time was right. I cannot say that I have had special regulations over the years. The pain was just sometimes more, sometimes less, but it has become less severe in recent years.

For about 3 ½ years I have belonged to the Darmstadt Free Community, which “works” on the basis of the teachings of Bruno Groening. In our group, we pay particular attention to recognizing pathological thought and behavioral patterns and to detaching ourselves from them. We keep turning to Bruno Gröning, who said during his lifetime: “Give me your worries and needs”. Of course we also adjust to what I do at home. It so happened that about 2 ½ years ago, when it was autumn, there was no more pain. They were just gone – and it is still like that today. The CRP values ​​have also been in the normal range since then. Three quarters of a year ago I had symptoms again for 2-3 days, but they didn’t worry me. Since my other healings were and are permanent, I remained in firm belief in a trial or final settlement.

I am infinitely grateful to God and Bruno Groening for the great healings and realizations. When I recently said to my doctor, who has been treating me for 25 years: “If I hadn’t come to Bruno Gröning, I wouldn’t have known how I would have survived all of this.” He just smiled and said: “Yes, I know.”