G – Help and healing reports


Healing from “Grief after son’s death”

July 2010
In August 2004 my son lost his life instantly in a car accident  and I was unable to accept this loss, I was consumed by grief and it did not get better with time, at times I thought it will be better if I was dead also and became prone to depressive moods and once I even contemplated suicide. My faith in God which I have always had didn’t help me in this instance, and nothing I did or experienced over the following 5 years could ever erase my deep suffering. 
The same year of my son’s death I had a fall and broke the tendons in my right shoulder, in 2007 I broke the tendons in my left shoulder also This left me with restricted movement and pain after any kind of lifting or raising the arms. 
In 2009, I was persuaded by a friend and went to an introduction to the teachings of Bruno Groening. I sat at the front row with my friend and as soon as I fixed my eyes on the picture of Bruno Groening I felt a strange feeling of warmth, this feeling intensified with time, I then became convinced that something was happening in my body and I asked Bruno Groening to release me from the grief over my son’s death, afterwards I started to sweat intensely until I was completely wet from top to bottom. 
That night, I kissed my son’s photo as usual before going to bed, and for the first time in 5 years I didn’t feel deep heartache when looking at his dear face, I felt happy and free from the burden and I couldn’t comprehend it. Since then, I have been able to experience joy in life. 
 In October 2009, I felt deep pain on my left shoulder while doing “einstellen” (absorbing the healing stream) in another session and since then I regained movement on that shoulder and the pain vanished, and in December of the same year my right shoulder became healed also.  I had never asked for the physical healings and yet those were granted to me as well.  I thank God for these blessings and for His son Bruno Groening who mediated for me, he; Bruno has became my life-saver and my friend forever, THANK YOU DEAR GOD!