H – Help and healing reports

Hashimoto Disease

June 2013.  
Healing from under active thyroid and Hashimotos disease
 In 1996 while on the 5th month of pregnancy of one of my children, I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid and a little later with hashimotos disease (infected thyroid). I had a lump in my throat resting directly over my vocal cords, this was between 2.5 to 3 cms. in size, surgery was considered a risk because of it’s position.  I was put on thyroxine medication and ever since I had blood tests every six months and needle biopsies every 12 months without anaesthetic to numb the area as it was considered dangerous. I also had to go to the specialist every year. 
 After every test my medication was increased or decreased according to the results and two years ago I felt very unwell, getting all the symptoms for both under active thyroid and hashimotos.  They were as severe as waking up every morning feeling exhausted and nauseous and the symptoms became worse as the day wore on. I felt like going to bed and sleeping for a whole week knowing I would wake up still tired. I had muscle pains all over my body and no medication could ease them as they were caused by hashimotos. Other symptoms were: thinning of hair, extremely heavy menstrual cycles and flu like pain. When pain became unbearable the thought of calling an ambulance was abandoned knowing that no many doctors understand the disease. 
 The only time I felt better than usual over all those years was when I was pregnant with my fourth child – now a six year old – In the last 2 years the blood tests revealed that my vitamin D levels vere almost non existent and I was very deficient in iron as well. There was complete disorder in my thyroid glands and the tests results came up always over or under normal levels. The medication was regulated according to these results. I was always depressed and the low counts increased the depression which is one of the symptoms of hashimotos as well as memory loss. 
This continued and was still unchanged in the year before my introduction. In 2011 my mother told me about Bruno Groening and my husband and I received an Introduction to his teachings. At the beginning of 2012 I started reading about the risks of resorting to surgery as I couldn’t live like that anymore and said to my doctor that I was ready for the next step. He said that to start with, my iron and Vitamin D levels needed to increase before surgery and that this was essential, so he gave me extra Iron and Vitamin D tablets as well as my normal medication. He knew a surgeon who could operate and started to prepare the paperwork. This was going to take place within a few months if the Iron and Vitamin D levels were satisfactory. 
 On my way home I felt relieved that finally something would be done and that I will feel better afterwards, but as the days went on I started to recall the words of both my doctor and specialist when I was first diagnosed with the disease, both said that surgery would be a last resort and not safe for me. I started to look up web sites and found out that there were a small percentage of people in my condition that either – didn’t make it- or had damaged vocal cords. I was in that minority.  
After reading several books about Bruno Groening I made the decision that I was going to be the boss of my own body and didn’t need a doctor to tell me what I had to do. Shortly afterwards I started reading the book “I only want to Help and Heal” I thought that a particular sentence there was addressed to me personally it said:  “Success has often come most promptly when full of despair, the sick person grasped at the last straw” and I said: ‘Yes, that’s me.’
 I continued my research of the web sites and found out that the medication  I have been taken for so long was making some people really ill and they were losing hair as I was. I then tuned-in to the Healing Stream and asked Bruno for help, I said to him: “I will do what needs to be done, but please guide me because I will not be understood by a lot of people who will think I’m doing the wrong thing and I’m crazy. I will only listen to my body from now on and think about how good it is to be healthy and in no need of any medication.”
 I stopped all thyroxine medication on June 1. 2012. Six weeks later a blood test came back a little better than the last one. Then, I was convinced that my body was healing. I didn’t tell my doctor that I had ceased all medication. I was on a mission to get rid of my burden and wasn’t going to have anybody try to stop me. Two months later I had another blood test, my iron and vitamin D levels were within normal range and the thyroid was borderline – which means normal- The quote from my doctor was that those were the best results since my health problems started. I then told him that I had ceased taking my medication. His reaction was no good and he urged me to go back on it. I said that I would not do so as I was feeling well for the first time in 16 years and my blood tests proved I didn’t need to take anything . I said that I had been listening to my body and understood what was good for me. 
 I left my doctor thinking I was half way there as I had an appointment with the specialist as well and knew he wasn’t going to be easy to convince. He looked at the blood tests and said very pleased, that it was the first time he didn’t have to add nor delete medication as the results were perfect, then I told him I was off medication altogether. He was shocked by this revelation and asked how I felt with a horrified look in his eyes. I said I never felt better since 1996 with the exception of the months of my last pregnancy. He then urged me strongly to resume taking medication just as my doctor had done, again I refused. He became so upset that did not even wish to do the customary ultrasound. I then looked at the small photo of Bruno on the back of my mobile phone and thought that it didn’t matter to me whether or not this was done. Neither my husband nor I had been able to feel the lump in my throat anymore. I thanked him and left. There were days afterwards in which I did experience regulations while  thinking about the words of both: doctor and specialist about my behaviour and what they thought. 
As doubt crept over my mind: – within one hour I started to feel unwell and have pain – but thinking about Bruno I immediately  became reassured that I was healthy and in no need to take any medication, then… the pain disappeared. Nowadays I focus only on my wellbeing and how different my life is now. I feel like a new person as if my whole inner body has been cleansed and I feel and think differently. My advice to everybody who wants good health is: to believe in the good and stay positive, then incredible things can happen. 
You have nothing to lose except for what is making you sick inside. I thank God and Bruno Groening with all my heart for this healing.

Help with Hand Injury  

Maria Nuria S.

Bruno-Groening-Friends Illawarra
AUSTRALIA, September 2012
 At the beginning of May 2012 I was in my kitchen preparing a salad . I was using a recently sharpened knife and when trying to extract the seed out of the avocado I was holding in my left hand, the blade went through the avocado and deep into the pad of my left hand at an angle so that it pierced the forefinger and almost went through it. Immediately I started bleeding profusely and I knew I had to get medical assistance.  I wrapped my hand tightly with a cloth trying to staunch the blood and got in my car with the intention of driving to a nearby local hospital, but I couldn’t hold the car’s steering wheel as I experienced pain and numbness in the injured hand. I then asked Bruno Groning for help.    
 A neighbour of mine who was passing by, saw my bandaged hand and the painful expression on my face and after hearing what had transpired offered to drive me to the hospital himself. At the emergency department a doctor looked at my hand and injected a disinfectant fluid to different parts of the incision and gave me a tetanus injection. After the necessary bandaging he informed me that I had severed an artery and needed surgery. He then gave me a referral to a larger Public Hospital which had the necessary facilities required to carry out this type of operation.  Within two days from the accident I had surgery and several incisions were made on my hand in order to repair the severed artery which I was told connected to my cardiac muscle. Fourteen stitches were made in the shape of an M across the palm of my hand and I was told that since the nerve had been cut in the accident my hand would be numb for at least three months until it had time to re-grow again. 
 That night I tuned-in to the Healing Stream asking Bruno for a speedy healing. Fourteen days later, the stitches were removed showing a smooth scar and 20 days later – I was able to show my hand to the friends in my group and they couldn’t see anything – only my daughter who was also there and myself knew that I have had surgery.  
The best news of all was: that I also had the ability to flex my hand without any effort or pain and only felt a little numbness in the tips of my fingers when bending them.  Instead of waiting the stipulated three months minimum for normal movement and feeling to return to my injured hand, that had become possible in just 20 days. I’m convinced that my request to Bruno Groning for help has worked here as well as it has other times in the past. I Thank God and my friend Bruno for this wonderful help

Hay fever (outside help) 

A. H. Free Community Darmstadt, GERMANY

My husband had been suffering from hay fever since about 1984, which regularly made itself felt with burning, itchy eyes, sneezing attacks and a runny nose at the beginning of spring. Only during our one-year stay in England in 1988/1989 did the symptoms – probably because of the maritime climate – fail.

It was then that whenever the first signs of hay fever appeared, my husband took Lisino tablets (an antiallergic agent). When taking the tablets, only a slight impairment (occasional sneezing) was noticeable. If he left the pills off, the symptoms came back. The intake was always necessary over a period of approx. 3 – 4 months. A test of which pollen he was allergic to was never tested.

In December 1994, my husband and I were introduced. My husband came to the introduction as I was urgently looking for help. At that time it only came in occasionally, during which time I regularly take care of our entire family. In the spring after the introduction, my husband was still taking the tablets regularly because of the symptoms. In the second year after our introduction, he was able to shorten the intake period to about 2 months because the symptoms had clearly lost strength. In the spring of 1996, he found that he could stay outdoors for a long time without being affected by bothersome sneezing fits or other hay fever symptoms, even though he had not taken any pills. Since then he has been symptom-free.

I thank God and Bruno Groening for this great help.

Heartburn (relief from heartburn)

E.T.,  Free Community Darmstadt, GERMANY

For many years I have suffered from heartburn due to a stomach entrance that does not close completely. Sometimes more sometimes less. One evening, in January 2002, we went to bed, as usual, around 11 p.m. After about an hour and a half, I woke up with severe heartburn. I had not previously committed any initiating “eating or drinking sins”. The usual help did not bring any relief.

So I sat in the living room or walked around there. It wasn’t until 4:00 a.m. that I was able to lie down again. The unusually massive and long-lasting complaints, which I immediately accepted as regulations, gradually subsided and I was also able to sleep a little that night.

Heartburn had plagued me for many years, sometimes for days. At first I had to take different pills regularly. I later changed my eating and drinking habits. That and a change in diet helped to the extent that the heartburn no longer appeared so massive and only for a short time before going to sleep, so that I could help myself with crispbread (to suck up) when it occurred. However, it was never completely gone.

After the described night of the regulations, no more complaints arose. Incidentally, I never specifically thought of heartburn when asking and asking, because other complaints plagued me much more and heartburn had been classified by me as an “unalterable but tolerable companion for life”. So this night with its regulations was an unexpected healing gift from God with Bruno Groening’s help. Today I can z. B. a glass of wine, so drink alcohol or eat something fatter or sweeter. No more heartburn follows.
I thank God who gave me his healing power through Bruno Groening.

Healing from a longstanding chronic inflammation of the Achilles tendon (heel spur)

M.G., October 2014, Free Community Wiesbaden, GERMANY

At the age of 38 I felt severe pain in the area of ​​my right heel for the first time after a soccer game with colleagues in the hall. These pains only slowly subsided when the patient was completely at rest (no sporting activity) and came back clearly after exercise.
After a visit to the doctor and an MRI appointment, it was clear: inflammation of the Achilles tendon. The reason was a calcium deposit that had formed between the heel and the Achilles tendon, a so-called heel spur. This heel spur was clearly visible on the MRI images. I then consulted various specialists who advised me to have an operation or the opposite. An operation would have meant that the tendon would have to be removed, the heel spur milled off and the tendon then attached to the heel again. A lengthy rehabilitation measure would then have been the result.
Due to the controversial attitude of the specialists and the great effort (with an open outcome), I decided not to have an operation and looked for alternatives. I was able to sing a song about shock wave therapy, homeopathy, special physiotherapy, electrical stimulation methods, injections with cortisone and, and, and … Of course, it was also found on my feet that I have splay feet and flat feet. A lot of insoles in all variations were made for this. Nothing seemed to help. Unfortunately, all the measures that I have tried over the years have not led to the desired cure. I had come to terms with the fact that in my case apparently no cure was possible and for years I learned to live with the restriction of not running any more.
Over the years the pain increased and I was only able to walk in certain shoes with certain insoles. Smallest movements caused the pain such as B. climbing stairs, quick foot movements, turning movements with the foot, etc. Especially in the morning when I got out of bed and the tendon was still very immobile or after sitting for a long time I could only hobble the first steps. Only the fear of an operation was greater than the pain. This fear kept me from having an operation and from enduring the pain. After years of this latent state of pain, I had come to terms with my fate.
Then at the age of about 47 I was taken through a friend to an independent community of Bruno Groening in Wiesbaden. More or less regularly I took part in the community hours, adjusted myself to the Divine Heilstrom. After three years in the spring of 2014, my Achilles tendon complaints slowly improved. Today, six months later, the pain has completely disappeared and the tendon has healed. I can put on all my shoes again (without insoles!) And can go back to any sport without even beginning to feel any irritation of the Achilles tendon again. A wonderful feeling. Instead of feeling the pain when I get up in the morning, I now feel deep gratitude every time I get up. Even during the day I am always back when I B. climb stairs or just take a few steps painlessly, infinitely grateful.
I thank God and Bruno Groening for the healing given. My thanks go to the community leaders in Wiesbaden and Darmstadt, who devotedly prepare and hold the community hours. Many thanks also to the friend who always takes me to the community hour and without whom I would not have got to know the teachings of Bruno Groening. Many thanks also to all of Wiesbaden’s Bruno Groening friends, who keep coming back for everyone – I have grown very fond of you.

Hand skin disorder (Healing through a photo of BG)

Vienna R., DENMARK


My Danish friend herself enjoyed likewise a liberation from a burdening ailment.

For two years, on her left hand her skin had altered at a spot, had been growing in size and was itching. All attempts to reduce it with medicated ointments, creams and other methods, failed. In the course of autumn of 2014 as well as in the initial weeks of January 2015, she repetitively positioned a photograph of Bruno Gröning on this spot. On January 22nd, 2015, she could state to her amazement that this skindisorder has completely disappeared.

Hepatitis A, B, C (healing after heroin-addiction)

Petra Ruether, GERMANY

In 1976 I contracted jaundice (hepatitis B, serum hepatitis) due to heroin addiction and the use of contaminated syringes. Due to my wonderful healing in 1985 from drug addiction, the symptoms that were connected with it, such as tiredness, ailment, intolerance to certain foods, depression and many more, also disappeared. In 1987 it was found that my liver values ​​are perfectly normal.
After I gave life to two healthy children through God’s help, all the years up to 2003 I did not think about this burden at all, which was completely relieved from me. But through a new job as chief secretary, the amrs doctor informed me that although I still had hepatitis A-B-C antibodies in my blood, the liver was perfectly fine. She asked how I got these antibodies. I told her my story and gave her my book “My Way Across the Abyss” to read. She was very astonished and said that it was a great gift to experience such regeneration of the liver, especially with hepatitis C. This healing has continued since 1985, even after I left the CoF (Circle of Friends) in 2003.
Petra Rüther, May 2021


Cure from herpes on the lip

H.H., Free Comm. Darmstadt GERMANY

Since 1995 I have had herpes on my left lower lip again and again. Several blisters appeared especially in stressful situations and caused me severe burning and itchy pains. I found out very quickly that Virumerz ointment or Zovirax ointment allowed the herpes to heal much faster. However, this did not result in any fundamental healing. So I was afflicted with these blisters about every two months. I felt disturbed while eating, but the application of the ointment never cracked or crusted. I had to deal with this burden until I came to the Bruno Groening Group in April 1998 with a lecture on Bruno Groening at an esoteric fair in Darmstadt.

The cold sores on my lower lip, which I had about every two months before, became less and less over time. They occurred in the usual way, with no special regulation in place. After a year or two, the exposure would be completely gone. Irritation does not even occur in stressful situations.