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Healing from chronical insomnia since 35 years

E. R., Warilla, NSW, AUSTRALIA
For thirtyfive years I suffered from chronic insomnia. It all started in my mid-twenties and a doctor started prescribing sleeping tablets. Soon I was taking double doses of pills as my metabolism became accustomed to the drugs. After two years of feeling groggy in the morning, I decided to step down from medication, but it was too late, I was addicted and couldn’t sleep without it.
I, then tried, Hypnotherapy, and that worked for the first night only, after realising that I couldn’t afford to be hypnotised every two days, I went to another doctor and asked his help. He then described sedatives, milder then the sleeping pills, but I had to take twice the dose to sleep at least six hours. Soon I gave up trying to clean up and resigned myself to be on medication forever. Of course, the quality of sleep on drugs it’s not the same as a natural way of switching off at night.
Twenty-five years later due to drug abuse, the medical profession was forbidden to prescribe addictive drugs unless absolutely necessary. Then my nightmare started, as I was refused help from doctors, and I had to lie shamesly about dying relatives to inspire pity and get 20 pills of mild sedatives, but as patients went into a central computer I was then labelled and addict and firmly refused medication.
I started on natural alternatives and it was quite useless, so for another ten years I was functioning on three or four hours sleep, and my health deteriorated rapidly. I became prone to infection, colds and allergies and my energy levels were on the ground.
I went to a session of Healing with Bruno Gröning and that same night I slept seven peaceful hours, as I continued with the sessions at home and in a group, the quality of rest at night improved daily. That was only five month ago. I now sleep normally and I hae energy and joy of life. Gone are the headaches and mental confusion.
I thank God for putting in my path Bruno Gröning and his teachings.
Elisa R.