M – Help and healing reports

“Masse” Tumor

Healing from a “Masse” (Tumor) on the brain of a 12-year old boy
Meabh McE.,  IRELAND
A few months ago, my neighbour asked me to pray for her 12 year old son T, as a masse had been found on his pituitary gland on his brain.   The doctors scanned him a number of times and that T would have to have surgery to have the masse removed and a biopsy done to check if it was cancer.
Over the next few weeks we put T’s name on the prayer chain during the on-line meetings, I would put his name in the chat bar when the prayer requests were being done and asked for the good for T.  I left it all go to God and Bruno to look after my request.
3 weeks later T’s mother stopped me with her husband outside our house, they looked so excited and full of joy.  They had returned to the hospital on that Wednesday for more scans to decide on a date for the operation.  When the scan was done the Doctor was astonished as THERE WAS NO MASSE ON THE BRAIN.  T’s parents trust and believe in the healing stream and knew immediately that the healing was due to prayers by the friends.    The Doctor was so amazed that he showed them both sets of scans, the old one with the masse on the pituitary gland on the brain and the scan from that day with no masse, he just could not believe it.
T’s parents were right to Trust and Believe that God and Bruno would heal their son.
Thank you, God and Bruno, you always listen to our prayers and they are always answered.




reports about her healing from Migraine (and more) during our Congress in Eitorf 2018

I remember my mother threatening us children every day, even when she was very young, that she would take her own life. Among other things, she slept with a knife under her pillow and when she left the house she often said that she was going to kill herself now. I always waited anxious and tense for my mother to return.

When I was 15, my mother moved in with another man. Until then, she had continued to issue these daily threats. As a result, I was under constant tension. And from the age of eight, severe migraine attacks set in. The seizures lasted up to 48 hours. My mother always gave me pain medication. When I was 12 years old, I decided to stop taking the pain medication as I felt very weak afterwards. Over time, I had received stronger and stronger tablets, but they helped less and less. At the age of 30 I got better and for a while I was almost free of migraines, but once a month the migraines came back regularly.

Two years ago the pain had become very severe again. After first realizing how the pain condition affects my family members, I decided I wanted to get out of it. Usually when I had a migraine I went to bed early in the evening and endured the pain until the next morning. I was mostly in the dark in the embryo position. Every tiny movement of my body, even the smallest finger, increased the pain to the point of unbearable. Then I was paralyzed. No thoughts but pain were possible. The next day I was free of pain around 9:00 am, but felt as if I was exhausted and slow. Breathing was then difficult and shallow all day. I have had periods in my life where I suffered from this extreme pain two to three times a week. When my current husband saw me suffer one night, I could feel and see the despair in him. I had previously accepted the state of pain as part of my life. It was not possible for me to give up this burden from the heart. I was under a spell. I even called the day ‘Payday’ because I thought it had to be so and just hid.

After the decision that I don’t want to hurt anyone else with it, something moved inside of me and finally my husband asked the community leader G.H. for help. We talked on the phone and were able to recognize and uncover the wrong thought and behavior patterns. From this moment on I felt the need to defend myself for the first time, not to give up immediately and to surrender to the mighty pain as usual.

After an online meeting with Petra R. in the summer of 2017, the pulsating pain in the left side of the head and in the entire left side of the body became even worse. I repeated the affirmations I received from G.H. had gotten busy and felt that something was changing in me. I now felt the need to get out of the impotent victim state. In November 2017 I had very strict regulations again, but instead of lying down, I went out with my last bit of strength and went for a walk in the rain. I kept repeating the sentence: “I don’t need it anymore, I don’t want it anymore, it doesn’t belong to me, it doesn’t belong to me!” by G.H. received as an affirmation. It was hard. For me at that moment it was more like an attempt than really believing that it would work.

When I got home, I called G.H. and asked for help. It was previously inconceivable for me to ask someone for help in such a situation. She definitely took two hours and told me a lot and I felt the good. I was in a deep sleep. I lay in my usual embryo position and listened to her. It was like being numb with pain. It was very difficult for me to speak in this state. I remember that at the end she said: “Sit down, Vesna, get up!” And I sit down. Otherwise it would have been unthinkable. Normally I wouldn’t have gotten up until after thirteen hours at the earliest. I sat down and G.H. asked me if I can and I replied that I want to. I then got up, went to the kitchen, and met my older daughter, who had grown up with the migraines I had. She asked in astonishment: “Already finished, mom?” It was evening. We ate together afterwards. Normally I was otherwise unable to eat until noon the next day. That was the last migraine attack.

Mouth ulcers

Lyn L. 
Bruno Groening’s friends – 
Illawarra, AUSTRALIA
June 2014.                     
I can remember the year I began to notice I was getting mouth ulcers, it started in 2009. One to three ulcers appeared in different areas of my mouth, they were painful. Then they would go away for a couple of weeks always to return and this happened regularly. My husband thought this wasn’t normal for anybody to get mouth ulcers as often as I did.   I made an appointment to see a doctor regarding this problem. 
The doctor said the cause could be stress or hormonal changes in my body. I said that it couldn’t be stress or anxiety as I’m a happy person. A mouth swab test came up as negative. I made an appointment with another doctor and another mouth swab test came up negative again. This doctor also thought that the problem was due to stress. Since both doctors had the same opinion which I didn’t share I chose not  to worry about it although I applied Zovirax cream, SM 33 gel as prescribed and used Listerine mouth wash as well. 
Following the doctor’s advice. I Applied Zovirax cream as soon as any ulcer appeared and rinsed my mouth with Listerine often.   These ulcers were very uncomfortable and painful especially when eating, they were very annoying and hard to ignore. It was a horrible experience, they appeared on my tongue, in my gums and also in the palate, and this happened all year around, they disappeared for a few weeks only to return again. If I was lucky enough, they would disappear within a month. This went on until 2012. On that year I decided to visit my doctor again and she recommended that I should see a specialist.
I saw a specialist who lives in Sydney but sometimes visits Wollongong – the area where I live- He didn’t seem worried about my condition and said that according to him it was a hormonal imbalance and gave me a prescription for the ulcers. After this I went back to my doctor because the pharmacist I took the prescription to was unable to read it and since my own doctor couldn’t decipher the writing either, she prescribed another cream: kinalog, which I used alternatively with zovirax SM 33 gel sometimes. 
That was the condition of my mouth a year before my introduction. In March 2014, my husband and I were introduced to the teachings of Bruno Groening. We tuned-in to the Healing stream twice a day. I started asking dear God and Bruno Groening for total healing and especially for my ulcers to vanish. I did this almost every time I attended our group meetings and also when absorbing the Divine energy at home. My husband asked for me as well. 
Between April to early May I noticed a big improvement in the ulcers and then, they vanished completely. I couldn’t be happier! It’s a wonderful experience to receive a natural healing from the Divine power. I thank God and dear Bruno for this healing.  

Multiple organ failure through the hospital germ MRS.

Healing of my husband G. H. (75 years) Mrs. H. reports during our Congress in 2018 in Eitorf:

In 2006, at the age of 63, my husband was infected with MRS in a minor, minor procedure. Within a very short time he developed a very high fever and was transferred to the intensive care unit. Since my husband was asthmatic, he was given oxygen and a lot of antibiotics. His condition worsened from hour to hour, and the chief doctor told me that there was nothing more that could be done for my husband because the values ​​were so bad and the medication was not working. I said to the doctor, “I don’t think so. This is not intended for my husband. Please do not tell me anything more about my husband’s condition from now on. ”I also asked our children and all relatives not to be afraid and only think about healing.

From now on I was at my husband’s bed in the morning, in the afternoon and also in the evening until 9:30 p.m. I put photos of Jesus and Bruno under his pillow. Training letters, success reports, music CDs were on the bedside table.

I hired myself at 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. in the evening. In between I played music and prayed incessantly for my husband to heal. The chief doctor allowed me to put a note on the door with the words “Healing Meditation” on it, so that we would not be disturbed by the visit at 9:00 am. The doctor’s rounds always came afterwards.

In the evening at 9 p.m., the doctor on duty sometimes sat down with the setting. Then he said: “Now I feel fresh again for work.”

I switched to regulations as things got worse and worse.

My husband was put into an artificial coma, ventilated and fed. In June 2006 I was called to the clinic at night. Now the heart was also attacked and multiple organ failure occurred. I did not accept that either. It was like a protective wall around me that gave me strength and support.

My husband was moved to a room at the very end of the ward. It was probably a room for going home. At 9:00 a.m., I readied myself for the healing again. Then I was brought to my knees by a strong force. I knelt by my husband’s bed and rested my head on his hand. A deep regret came over me, for every bad word, for every bad judgment, for every reproach I had ever made against my husband. (During the time of the hospital stay I read the book “Forgiveness and Jesus” by Kenneth Wapnick, which helped me a lot.) I howled like a castle dog and suddenly the room was full of light and unconditional love.

The miracle of God had happened. From then on, my husband’s values ​​got better and he was brought out of the artificial coma. That was in July. When my husband was available again, I said to him: “We’re coming out of here for your birthday.” That’s exactly how it was! On August 24, 2006 we were able to go to rehab. In 2015 we celebrated our golden wedding anniversary. My husband is fine. All organs are working well and the asthma is gone. We are infinitely grateful to God.