Online Meetings (OMs)

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ONLINE MEETINGS (OM’s) – Our communitiy hours in the web. 

Since 2016 we have started to organize online meetings on the Internet. In order to bring friends in Germany and around the world together, we share in the teaching of Bruno Groening his valuable statements, success and healing reports, old experience reports and contemporary witness reports and a lot of music for setting and meditating.

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Below you will find a small selection of past “OMs”, feel free to take a look at them. They are available in English and German, also bilingual at Christmas and at the turn of the year.

Additionally you may read, what friends and attendees of our OM’s experience during the sessions online.

Experiences during our OM Online Sessions:

Rosa S. on the OM on October 3rd, 2018

This time I could feel a lot of Heilstrom, it was wonderful! I found the topic so interesting, I’ll watch the video again. Ms. Rüther made the meeting so beautiful! Thanks a lot for this.

Maurizio M. on the OM on October 3rd, 2018

I felt so much peace and quiet in my heart. It was such a wonderful feeling. Thank you for a wonderful community hour. Warmest greetings from Italy.

Suzan V. to the OM on October 3rd, 2018

When I went to the seminar, I had very severe body aches. During the seminar I noticed more and more how the pain was being released and the healing current was flowing properly in me. I feel like a new person the day after the seminar. Petra as a presenter is top notch. Thank you God, thank you Bruno, thank you all friends !!

Andreas B. on the OM on September 12th, 2018

Enthusiastic and deeply moving from the start. The music and the lectures were very nice. A deep feeling of security and a very deep joy to watch, to listen – to be completely there. The fact that the connection was broken from time to time was not due to the server, but to the line, which in this case is owed to the other side with the intention of disrupting it. But even in this case, everything is given and experienced that the good itself allows gaps to survive.

A “keep it up!” may be too little. The lessons are well managed. It is always a relief when you can let everything slide down like a dump truck – away and – as far as possible – out of your mind!

Doris B. on OM August 23, 2018

Dear Petra, everything was just right at this webinar, as always! Every single contribution gives strength and calm and trust in divine guidance. We are certainly grateful to you for taking on the honorable and certainly arduous work and thus enabling us all to have a wonderful community hour. THANK YOU and all the best and continue to enjoy your blessed task!

Margret K. (after the first participation in the OM on 07/11/2018)

Liebe Frau Rüther,

wie besprochen, berichte ich Ihnen von einer sehr schönen Hilfe nach Ihrem OM am letzten Mittwoch, an dem ich zum ersten Mal teilgenommen hatte.

Seit Monaten konnte ich kaum etwas essen. Ich litt unter Appetitlosigkeit und anderen Belastungen. Am Mittwochabend nahm ich also an Ihrem OM teil und hatte währenddessen eigentlich kaum Strom oder andere besondere Wahrnehmungen.

Ich bin bei anderen Bruno – Gröning – Gemeinschaftsstunden oft dabei und stelle mich täglich ein.

An diesem Abend hatte ich mir ein Essen zubereitet, das ich aber kaum angerührt hatte.

Ich hatte dauernd das erdrückende Gefühl, etwas essen zu müssen, um nicht noch mehr an Gewicht zu verlieren. Aber plötzlich “hörte” ich, dass mir jemand sagte: “Du musst jetzt nicht essen. Das kommt schon wieder in Ordnung. Lass es einfach, wenn du nicht möchtest.”

Im Anschluss an das OM begann ich schon, eine Portion mit Appetit zu essen.

Am nächsten Morgen erlebte ich einige sehr kurze Glücksmomente und Augenblicke voller Zuversicht, dass meine Bitten jetzt doch erhört werden.

An diesem Tag kochte ich mir nachmittags ein Essen, das ich tatsächlich gegen Abend komplett – in drei Portionen aufgeteilt – aufaß. Nach der ersten Portion begann mein Herz durch den ganzen Körper sehr stark und schnell zu klopfen, was mich verunsicherte, aber das beruhigte sich wieder.

Von da an bereitete ich mir täglich Mahlzeiten vor und aß sie mit Appetit.

Ich bin dafür sehr dankbar und bringe es in Zusammenhang mit dem OM am Mittwochabend, das heißt mit dem Heilstrom, den ich aufgenommen habe.

Vielen Dank für die Stunde und für die schönen Beiträge.

Alles Liebe und Gute,

Ihre Margret K.

Barbara Br., August 18, 2016

Dear Petra,

In OM session yesterday, you asked if anyone had a healing story to share. I would like to share with you what a joy we were given.

My father, born in 1932, was brought into hospital in April this year. Rushed to the hospital as his kidney failure was getting worse. Initially, the goal was stabilization. In the hospital, however, his condition deteriorated very quickly. His kidney values ​​became so bad that, due to the uremia, he fell into delirium. In addition, there was the atrial fibrillation of the heart. The doctor told my brother, who works in the hospital himself, that our father only has a maximum of 2 days to live. During all this time, I prayed to Bruno Groening and asked the group for a position, which I also received with thanks!

After a few days, his health stabilized, so that our father was released from the hospital again. Meanwhile, after four months, he is as we know him: cheerful and optimistic. His kidney values ​​are better than they have been for a long time! I thank everyone who was with us during this time and Bruno Gröning from the bottom of my heart. Thank you very much, dear Petra, for all the good you give people. You are a real asset to this world. Kind regards; Barbara

Kristin B. beginning of June 2016, Hamburg:

Dear Petra!

At the last online community hour (May 25), I experienced extreme regulations in the form of heat and severe nausea with nausea, and it lasted overnight. Before that, I had a fever for several months and was plagued by severe pain in the pancreas. In the past, scarring of the organ was found due to chronic pancreatitis. I classified the complaints at the last online community hour as regulations. On the following Friday, May 27th, I had an MRI of the pancreas and upper abdomen with the result that I have beautiful, clearly demarcated organs and no findings are available. The pain is gone. Shortly before I had a spiritual experience of special importance, before going to sleep I got the thought * Spigelia *. Since I didn’t know what it meant, I searched the Internet for this term. In fact, it is a plant that fits me homeopathically as a constitutional remedy, which the doctor treating me confirmed after a detailed examination. I am convinced that I was given divine help here and so relieved and grateful for this help that was still incomprehensible to me.

I wanted to share this with you, dear Petra.

Best regards from Hamburg from Kristin

Anonymous: 02.03.2016 wrote:

I have been retired for one year now. Since my pension is small, I wanted to sell my apartment, which was way too big for me on my own. A co-owner wanted to buy them everything seemed clear. He also encouraged me to move to the Baltic Sea. A new apartment had been found and the move was imminent. On the day of my move, the co-owner refused to buy the apartment but urged me to move anyway and offered me to help sell the apartment so that I would not have any pressure. I trusted him even though I had a strange feeling. Soon he was putting pressure on me – my distrust grew bigger and bigger. I adjusted myself, but I had been doing this alone for a long time – I became more and more desperate. Financially, I would not be able to sustain this situation for long. I joined in and desperately asked Bruno for help. One evening I found your site Petra and from then on I took part in almost all online meetings. I found a good broker very quickly and it actually turned out that someone wanted to rubbish me. The sale then went well with threats, etc. I would not have endured this stress without hiring the groups. Many thanks to Bruno and all friends. A.G.

From Gabriele and Detlev, Germany:

Hello Petra, greetings from Groß-Umstadt. At the last meeting, Detlef received a cure. He could not put weight on his left foot for 3 days. After the lesson Detlef was able to walk or appear normally immediately.

Marie France, Montreal, CANADA: My dear Petra, it is so nice to listen to your voice on the net for meeting of the souls. Last time I had shivers and I experienced so much energy it was flowing like a permanent spiritual shower . It was wonderful to experience such a strong Heilstrom for so long, I was, it was really amazing. Petra, whatever you say it from the bottom Of your heart and you are sending so much energy through your words . Bruno is so much with you. Whatever you say, it’s more what you say and how you say, it is so touching, thank you so much to share that with us . I am looking for the next Wednesday the 11th March to the next hour together.

I am very happy because 5 people of our group are joining us. Love Marie France

Karin N. (regularly takes part in the OM’s)

For a week I had been suffering from overexertion, a so-called lumbago and also pain in the left hip, left knee and left ankle. I felt a fever all over my body. Day after day it got better for the day, but as soon as I lay down in the evening I couldn’t sleep because of the pain in the lower HOS. Stronger pain pills hardly helped.

I set myself 3 times a day, walking improved and I was able to carry out the daily tasks, but as soon as I lay down, the pain began to be severe and my general. Mood sank day by day.

I emailed Petra hoping she would have time to adjust. About 10 minutes after submitting it, I felt a tingling sensation and a pleasant flow at the bottom of the WBS. The heat went out and the pain was / is gone. I immediately felt free from now on. All in all, I suddenly had a fever-free, strong feeling. And that night I slept pain-free, whether lying on my side or on my back.

A new way of life! I am very grateful to this friend and it is an experience to experience how fast and effective the Heilstrom is. I thank all three from the bottom of my heart: God, Bruno and the friend.

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