P – Help and healing reports

Pancreatitis, chronic

by participating in the OM, May 2016

Kristin Burmann, Free Gem. Hamburg, GERMANY

transfered by E-Mail to Petra Ruether on 06/19/2016

Dear Petra!

At the last online community hour, I experienced extremes “regulations” in the form of heat and severe nausea with nausea, it lasted through the night. Before that, I had a fever for several months and was plagued by severe pain in the pancreas.

In the past, scarring of the organ was found due to chronic pancreatitis. I classified the complaints at the last online community hour as regulations. On the following Friday, May 27th, I had an MRI of the pancreas and upper abdomen with the result that I have beautiful, clearly demarcated organs and no findings are available. The pain is gone.

Shortly before I had a spiritual experience of special importance, before going to sleep I got the thought * Spigelia *. Since I didn’t know what it meant, I searched the Internet for this term. In fact, it is a plant that fits me homeopathically as a constitutional remedy, which the doctor treating me confirmed after a detailed examination. I am convinced that I was given divine help here and so relieved and grateful for this help that was still incomprehensible to me.

I wanted to share this with you, dear Petra.

Best regards from Hamburg from Kristin



Help and healing after intestinal obstruction and peritonitis : 

Montreal, CANADA
January 22, 2014,

For a long time I was told that my intestine was too long and I had to watch closely my diet, not to be constipated to avoid cramps. Usually these cramps manifested themselves when I was very stressed with either worries or unspoken disagreements. Keeping disagreements within, I knew, was my weakness.

In October 2013 I went to Spain for a spiritual gathering with Bruno Groening. While in Spain, I developed unbearable pain after severe constipation, comparable to contractions before delivery! I did not pay too much attention to the pain, thinking it was the onset of a strong “Regelungen” (regulation process). I waited in that state five days praying to God and asking Bruno, the group also prayed for me and I hung on without abandoning. On the plane, I could hardly breathe and I thought I was going to  have a heart attack . All along I prayed Bruno, Gisèle prayed too and Bruno was with us. Upon arrival in Montreal I got admitted to Emergency and I was operated the same day.
 I am a rebel and I have been very cautious towards traditional medicine for many years.  At the emergency room I let go my apprehensions and felt safe. I decided to put my trust in the entire hospital staff, I was no longer afraid. As if to comfort me in my decision, I felt the strong presence of Bruno and saw him standing by my stretcher, dressed in a plaid brown jacket.
Just before surgery, my friend Christina quickly slipped a photo of Bruno in my socks. Thanks Christina!   Under anesthesia, during the entire operation, I saw a magnificent spectacle. I saw a 180 ° panorama of golden colored sky, with golden earth, full of golden flowers. It was breathtaking! I was in a state of divine grace, serenity and ecstasy. A feeling of total happiness pervaded me, I felt like a child discovering a new toy. Infinite beauty appeared before my eyes!

My healing after the operation was not straight forward as I expected. After surgery, my healing was delayed considerably due to complications in clearing out internal infection in my abdomen. As the complications compounded, I was beginning to doubt profoundly my convictions. Did Bruno abandon me after all this? What was the purpose of all this? At one point, I was so discouraged, that I was ready to abandon everything with spirituality. But then again, I reasoned to myself, what did I have to lose? After much reflection, I concluded this was a test.  So, I continued to pray, meditate, listen to inspiring music and always held the picture of Bruno in my hand. I felt supported by so many communities, friends and family here and abroad and I held on! I held on to Bruno, as if he was my ramp, while I fell in a steep bottomless vacuum. And the collateral help continued to grow. Despite my difficulties, I came across wonderful people: the nurses, the attendants, technicians performing CT scans and ultrasound, the doctors, and patients in my room. This is when I realised that I was still being helped by Bruno.       
 Again, I thought I would heal faster than everyone. Alas it was not to be! After the operation, I could not breathe too well. An abscess was discovered under the diaphragm and they had to insert a drain. To ease the breathing, they had to remove 1.5 liters of water from around my left lung. The drain was removed and I was discharged. The oral antibiotic was not working and the abscess grew back.  10 days after I was hospitalized again to place a second drain! The universe was testing me! Over the Christmas holidays I was discharged with a drain, a half healed surgical wound and a pick line to administer a super strong antibiotics three times a day! This had to happen to me! I, who never believed in drugs! Finally the healing came on January 22 2014.   
 My husband has completely changed. All his life he has been a workaholic. He now is very much in the moment, participating actively cooking, cleaning, very caring and he is more present in his relationship with me. Since we sold our property in France, my relationship with my sister was quite strained and we never spoke spontaneously on the phone in the last ten years. She called me on her own at the hospital and the relationship has now been healed.  I believe she was afraid to loose me. A close friend, who never spoke to me in the last five years after her husband’s passing away, is back to mend our friendship. A guide and a good friend, who initiated us to the Teaching of Bruno, came back to see me at the hospital. Our relationship was strained due to a difference of opinions.   
 I had my doubts before, but this is certainly a “Regelungen”. Over the last 10 years I had problems with constipation due to a mechanical problem in my large intestine. Almost half of its length was not attached to the abdominal walls.  I did not know this. Through the surgical intervention the mechanical problem has been solved once for all. Bruno held my hand and brought me to the surgical solution, which I would have otherwise resisted, I am certain!   I am now aware that one must consult a doctor when in doubt. Bruno’s unconditional help is always there for support. I now take care of my emotions and I do not hold them within.  I express them when it’s time while maintaining my positive spirit.  
 Throughout this experience, I realise, I was surrounded by love and prayers of my family, my close friends and kind souls from different groups of meditation in Canada and abroad. I was carried by each one of you, through your prayers and love to pass this test.   Thank you Bruno to have taken care of me, guiding me to the operation and bringing me back to life. I have learnt to let go my control! I have confidence in this life, my guides, Bruno and God! 

Polyps in bowel

Healing from polyps in the bowel
Rosemary D.
Free Bruno Groening Friends – Illawara, AUSTRALIA
In the year 2010 two polyps were detected in my bowel which were surgically removed. Another polyp in the same area appeared within the following year and this one was also removed. I heard of the teachings of Bruno Groning in 2012 and have been attending the regular meetings since then and tuning-in to the Healing energy but only from 2013 it became a regular daily activity as I felt the Divine power for the first time in the group meeting. In 2013 a small polyp was again detected in the bowel and the doctor advised to wait and see if it would become larger in which case it would have to be removed also. I regularly ask Bruno for my total health. A year later in 2014 a follow up test could not detect any polyps in my bowel.

Preauricular fistula

Healing of my sons ear through photo of BG


My six-year-old son Eric suffered from the swelling of Preauricular fistula of his right ear about at late March. 

First, I took him to see a doctor. The doctor gave the medicine “Antibiotic” to my son and said if he didn’t recover, he needed small surgery. He took the medicine about two weeks and then I stop him from taking the medicine because the swelling area was just became smaller and didn’t vanish. From the beginning of his suffering, I put the small pictures of Bruno on his ill part and in his pillow. 

Petra, her friends and I do the pray for my son (passing the energy to him). Tell all of you the truth, I sometime felt uneasy in this period of time.

But I saw the photo of Bruno and asked myself to come back to be positive again. The swelling part was becoming bigger in this area. At the one night of middle April, my son was jumping on the bed. Suddenly, much Pus came out from his ill area. There were several times for Pus to come out in the following days. 

At 5/3, I took him to see a doctor. He said my son’s ear was healthy. 

Dear friends, the energy of photo is real. The meditation is also important. When you are feel helpless for some trouble and you really need help but there is nobody near you, you can watch the photo and ask Bruno for help. I write this report because I really got help by this way. And I don’t give you any advice for any trouble because It depends on you(your will). But when you spend some time understanding the method of absorbing the divine energy, you can open your heart and try to do it. The photo will make the meditation more strong and stable.

Thank Bruno. Thank God.”


Psoriasis guttata 

B.F,. Free Comm. Wiesbaden, GERMANY 
July 2015-08-29   
In winter 2010 my 3-year-old daughter got dry spots at her thigh-outsides that disappeared for the summer. Next winter the dry patches appeared again and increased in size. We did nothing else except applying a fat cream regularly on the red, scaly patches. This continued until Dec. 2012 when we were forced to give her an antibiotic as a result of scarlet fever with streptococcus bacteria. In January 2013, the spots had so far increased that we looked for advice at the pediatrician. She said that it might be psoriasis, what was attested by a dermatologist in February 2013. Daily new small patches appeared which fortunately were not visible by an outsider, as face and neck were not affected. 
 In April my daughter got chicken pox and there was now barely a speck on the body of my daughter, that was not occupied by chickenpox or rough, red spots. After she was no longer contagious, she was allowed to go to kindergarten again. Initially, we were able to respond to questions about her skin that were the remnants of chicken pox, but by and by the remnants disappeared ; but dry, red spots remained.   
 Spring came and the red spots couldn’t be hidden under sweaters and pants. Fortunately my daughter is very confident and answered questions about their skin, that it is just dry. From January until April 2013 and after the chickenpox subsided, I creamed each morning the rough, red spots with a fat cream and was surprised that my daughter has not even complained that her clothing stuck to the skin. Her scalp was concerned as well, she was covered with a thick layer of scurf. 
 We firmly believed that all these phenomena were a kind of “Regelungen” according to the teachings of Bruno Groening. Sometimes this must be so that God can bring about a complete cure. That was not always easy. My daughter and I did Einstellen every day together, and our homeopath gave her a homeopathic remedy for support. It took until the end of the year, until the skin became very clean and the relapses that she had were over. But at least, when she came into the first class of Prime school in Summer 2013, we discovered that the mascot of the class was a stuffed animal, a bear with name “Bruno”, I knew that God was all there and she would get the cure. 
 When we received the diagnose “psoriasis guttata” in February 2013, my daughter said, “I have Hakuna Matata”. I thought that was funny, because it’s a quote from the movie “The Lion King” and it expresses something positive. Only at the time of writing, I looked on the Internet for the exact meaning of this phrase. Hakuna (there are none) Matata (difficulties), so it means colloquially: “Everything is fine.” Somehow she must have felt it, that she had to go through something which would disappear again. 
 She has often lived in anger during the whole period in which she had to do with skin rashes , mostly when something happened that she didn’t like. This pattern we have recognized and I talked about with my daughter and told her that this kind of anger has something to do with her skin, so that she must change this pattern, so that her skin would be able to recover. It took a while before she comprehend it. Meanwhile, it works very well. I thank God for this great healing and all the people who have accompanied my daughter and our family at this time, especially my community leader of the independent community of Wiesbaden, which has encouraged me repeatedly and built great believe in her healing and  encouraged her to work at her patterns.