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Where there is love, there is also health, joy,
peace, understanding, there is also justice, empathy
and a desire to help, always serving those most in need.
In service with Love we find the greatest Joy, the greatest satisfaction, our interior is full of well-being. 
Bruno Groening said: Every help leads man to well-being. 
Let us do service with Love, let us walk together hand in hand, thus we will find meaning in life, thus we will be building a better, more human world, more united to nature and to God our Father.
 Where there is love, God lives.
God is Love, we are God’s Love.
Maria Molina
April 14, 2020

The Ocean of ​​Love (by Petra R.)

On the beach of the nameless sea
I went barefoot on white sand
thoughtfully I looked over the sea,
the sun shone brightly over the land.

The cool water gently washed around my
bare feet with spray and softly foam,
distant, oh how distant were sorrow and hatred,
It was as easy as in God’S dome.

Suddenly my soul flew out
out to the sea in endless distance,
and waves swirled around me with roar,
the heavy body was just a glance …

And as I floated there on swaying waves
a stream of love seized me there
and shimmering, sparkling drops drew
the spirit-like body away to nowhere…

And love flooded body and spirit, soul
and noticeably filled them by divine light,
more and more approaching the goal,
in God united without any fight.

And forever, forever I would have stayed there, 
one with God Father in heavenly vision,
if only people could love with care,
Satan would have lost forever his mission.

But until the time will be ripe for a change, 
I just don’t want to think at myself,
God Father will send HIs angels to arrange
so that we once in an ocean we dwell, 

The ocean of love with it’s heavenly waves,
the shining floods of divine forces,
may flow over us and all the shadows will fade away like running horses.

God has not forgotten his dearly children
with tender love he protect us all,
He wants to turn us into heaven finders,
and His love fills us small and tall.

Oh, dive into the sea of ​​love
enjoy the inexhaustible power
let yourself wash and purify
dwell forever in divine shower.



In many ways
Over many bridges
Our life guides us.
You don’t need to worry
Even the old ones sang
Always the one song:
Just let yourself be guided
And stoke your fire
The love that God gives us.

Go on all roads
Only with God’s blessing
Out of illness, misery, need.
Lift up your soul
Shout out loud
Up to the gate of heaven.

Father will hear you
Nothing will bother you anymore
Get stronger than ever.
Never let yourself be fooled again
And recognize the sins
that pulled you down

Come on with confidence
And in good faith
Get out of your grave.
Say goodbye to evil
you have to completely detach yourself
from this evil prone.
Then you will succeed
You will sing with joy
Once before God’s throne.

Petra Rüther

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