Further Experience Reports


Experience Reports of undefined healings

A moment in time on the way to healing, 
 from Steve K. , USA 
 From the first day of being introduced to Bruno Groening at my introduction of September 9 2012 I have slept with the book  “I Give You a Little Wisdom of Life” , Volume 3 , and have found my dreams to be very specific. They have been very clear and vivid about my life and the demons that haunt me. Some of the emotions have centered around fear, fear of the medical word and there systems when dealing with insurance and proper payments etc.. Authority vs the people. Bruno had been in my life for months before this via YouTube . I have been doing Einstellen every day , twice a day and also listening to the introduction CD that I was given. 
Whenever a thought comes to me of pain or stiffness or discomfort and limitation I have a chat with Bruno about taking the burden from me that I have carried for so long. Sometimes I feel a sense of an answer coming back to me , a feeling of being wrapped in a blanket of warmth of being lifted. A week after my introduction I went to my second community meeting and was given the 2012 special edition of the success reports. Since that time I read and read. Today I finished reading all the reports and realized something. Many things. Most important among the new awareness was a deeper tangible sense of goodness and evil. In spending my life so far in service and being aware to the phrase in the bible , ” get thee behind me  Satan ” a new experience and more powerful way was being reviled to me in choosing good vs evil. 
 What is evil ? How subtle is evil ? Is evil more invasive then I thought ?  THANK YOU BRUNO GROENING FOR THIS. 
 In reading the reports or listening to the CD I knew that Heilstrom was being given but until I finished the report on the car accident in Italy that hurt a golden retriever at his ankle joint I did not realize how much I was receiving. I cried upon feeling the beauty. The feeling of God watching and His desire to heal us from our burdens.   
 One of the things I realized was that I had just read story after story about the difficult conditions that many people live with. Comparing them to mine at times, looking for an answer at times, handing it to Bruno  as I went along. I was aware at times they did feel uncomfortable but what I was aware of more then that was a feeling of heart and love for the human condition. 
The uncomfortable turned into grace and the awareness of the Heilstrom and a sense of wholeness I felt from each story.  All people became one , the outward appearance was just that what we see and perceive  from our perspective. Goodness and evil effect all equally. The choice is ours and the  free will is our tool to build or destroy. Bruno’s acceptance of all people and all states of health was something as a trained energetic healer that I so appreciated . Only Jesus the unconditional love and acceptance of all health conditions that  I saw at the hands of Bruno Groening. There are others that have walked among man but Jesus is the man I have studied , so know of him more.  Thank you all the other masters that have brought god and healing. 
 I can not turn my wrists out, a condition I have had for as long as I can remember. Something that you need to do during Einstellen. It hurts when I try. My Chriopractor says that the muscles in my arm are tight stoping this range of motion. Others have said to me that I am guarding myself. What is my body telling me ? I do not know when my wrists will open up I just know I am aware of something in my body that is calling me to open , something that is held tightly. I cried when reading of the golden retriever and felt a deep sadness for the next few hours I was aware of a deep feeling of feeling unsafe. I do not no where it comes from exactly , I have my story but the story does not matter. The feeling got worse and all I felt was lost in it, all I did was look into Bruno’s eyes and breathed. 
 During this time I started to do Einstellen again and was thinking of Emotional Regelungen or as I call it now ER. Then laughed at the title of the TV show. That I have felt tingles and pain in my body and I am aware of the evil that was in my body as well as the present limitations but also aware of some ability for new movements although stiff and not full of the ease I once had , new movement. The ER has come and gone a few times lasting a few hours at the most and then passing with a new feeing. Good and evil I have discovered are not just concepts but subtle feelings in the body. Listen and feel them , know the sensation of them , be able to hand over the evil to bruno and embrace the goodness , this is what I tell myself. A sense of tightness or a grace of fullness, a yuck or a joy , a gift or a burden.              
 ” My body can not heal till I put evil into proper perspective and become the goodness.”               
Quote by me.   I wonder if I will ever have a Physical Regelungen PR in the future but in the moment it does not matter. I feel the Heilstrom like a sponge that is soaking up energy. Sometimes I had to stop reading as I felt I could not take in anymore and sometimes I felt thirsty and could not get enough. It is enough to know that ER is working in me. I in and of myself with all my wisdom of 58 years know nothing and thank Bruno for his goodness and love. 
Steve K., U S A