T – Help and healing reports

Tooth pain

An Unexpected Healing from Tooth-pain
Recently I had a healing that was rather a surprise to me…
I developed a toothache during a weekend when no dentists were open. I don’t like to take painkillers if I can avoid it – and so I keep and take a small amount ofpropolis (a natural tree-resin gum) – which gives some relief if retained in the mouth; however the relief is rather slow and variable.
I was feeling ‘twingy’ and very fed-up on the Monday morning after about 30 hours of intermittent pain. When I got up and tried to sit for meditation, I found that I could not concentrate due to the tooth pain, and returned to lie down in bed after only ten minutes.
Lying on my back in bed, I realised that even if I could do nothing else, here I was able to open my hands and tune-in to the healing energy as I have been shown.
For some reason, I felt comfortable and relaxed doing this, and was able to concentrate
and to ask for the healing energy to enter me. My awareness drifted away rather quickly, and I was apparently asleep for a couple of minutes.
When I returned, after a very short time, I slowly became aware that there was now no
pain in the mouth, and that I felt rather well.
After this pleasant surprise, I rested for a while, hardly daring to believe in my good fortune. After I arose, I touched my face around the area that had been painful and found only a slight numbness there; a feeling like a mild version of the dentist’s anaesthetic.
I was able to eat a normal breakfast of toast and honey with a cup of tea, that morning, and later to eat lunch after 1pm – all without any pain.
I feel most privileged and grateful for this rapid miracle healing, which occurred almost immediately when I opened my hands to receive the healing energy, and asked Bruno Groening to intercede for my help and healing.
Jack.D, Chester, UK

Broken Tendons pain

Maria Nuria S., Free comm. Illawara, AUSTRALIA

The same year of my son’s death I had a fall and broke the tendons in my right shoulder. In 2007 I broke the tendons in my left shoulder also. This left me with restricted movement and pain after any kind of lifting or raising the arms. 
After being introduced into the teaching of Bruno Groening I was blessed by the relief of grief about my son’s death. 
 In October 2009, I felt deep pain on my left shoulder while doing “einstellen” (absorbing the healing stream) in another session and since then I regained movement on that shoulder and the pain vanished, and in December of the same year my right shoulder became healed also.  I had never asked for the physical healing and yet those were granted to me as well.  I thank God for these blessings and for His son Bruno Groening who mediated for me, he; Bruno has became my life-saver and my friend forever, THANK YOU DEAR GOD!