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Healing report: Multiple Sclerosis

Carola Tepler, Wutoeschingen, near Waldshut, Germany, 1954

C.Tepler was struck by a peculiar condition at the beginning of the war, which initially caused her pain in the nerves and which completely paralyzed her within a few years. Two doctors, Dr.Erich Streit and Dr. med. Albert Fink, came independently to the following diagnosis: multiple sclerosis.
All treatments, all cures were unsuccessful. Her husband carried her, her husband took her for a walk in a wheelchair – there was no hope for recovery.
In 1949 she heard of the healings that were done on the Traberhof. “I have to go there”, again and again Carola Tepler pounded this sentence. “The people helped me, on the train and on the way, that I came to the Traberhof. Thousands were gathered there. Everything was waiting for Groening. Sick people who were carried on chairs, others who were pushed in small boxes. I have never been to Lourdes. But I thought that’s how it must be in Lourdes. We waited for days. But Groening did not come anymore. It started to rain, but the people stayed. It was November and very cold. Many slept outdoors. I slept on a chair in a farmer’s kitchen for 3 marks.
After three weeks Carola Tepler gave up the wait. For Gröning she left a letter in which she asked for his help. For the sake of hope, she returned home. The illness was getting worse. In addition, she began to go blind. At the Eye Hospital Schaffhausen she was told: “The optic nerves are destroyed.”
And then, in 1954, came the day when she finally met Bruno Groening: in a small circle of his friends in Donaueschingen. Public appearance was forbidden him then. It was almost like a conspiracy. “We were about 30 people. Groening spoke until 2 o’clock in the morning. Nobody got tired of listening to him. After that I went to him. He said, “I will give power to you. And you will take it. “
On the way home she had to vomit. It was as if she had suddenly vomited out her illness.
“It started the very next morning. An unknown warmth flowed through me. The room around me staggered. It was like swell on a ship. But it was very pleasant. Every day I could move better and I started to see again. When I first got up without help, my husband and I cried for joy. We know that we owe it to Bruno Gröning. “
Carola Tepler can walk and talk and see again today as she used to. When the NEW ILLUSTRATED visited her, she worked in the garden. “Not a day goes by,” she said, “in which I do not think of Bruno Groening. He continues to give me strength and health. “
“Source: Neue Illustrierte” of 7th of November 1965

H. T. 1963

Mrs. T. in R. tells about her connection to Bruno Gröning

In the year of 19…, I was very sick and in the care of physicians. I was an in-patient in a clinic in B. I had been suffering from symptoms of severe rheuma, from a weakened heart muscle, and low blood pressure. Not one doctor nor countless injections were able to help me or offer relief. The opposite was true. The condition became worse and the pain became increasingly unbearable.
Just as I was giving up all hope, I received a visit from a female acquaintance who showed interest in my condition. After I related my various unsuccessful visits to doctors and specialists, she asked me, “What do you think of Bruno Gröning?” I responded, “Not much!”
My husband, who had followed the conversation, interrupted and said, “Is it not possible to meet the man? Could we not give him a try since we already have tried so many other things? Spiritual powers do exist. Let’s see whether he has such spiritual powers!”
Right then, the woman gave me a small ball of foil and said, “Gröning has just deposited me at your door. He was in B. with an acquaintance When I told him that you were so sick, he took this little ball of foil and gave it to me for you with his best wishes for health.”
I was filled with consternation and said, “What am I supposed to do with this little ball?”
The woman said, “Take it with you to bed tonight and concentrate on Gröning.”
She gave me hope, and I felt a sense of excitement. As I lay in bed, holding the little ball in my hand, I felt an inner assurance that Gröning would help me. I felt a calm relaxation, and the usual (physcial) attacks remained absent. I felt something like an electrical current going through my left leg. That repeated itself several times. I pondered what the cause for it might be but could come up with no explanation.
I now had only one wish, namely, for Gröning to pay us a personal visit. Two days later, this wish was granted. Bruno Gröning came to us, accompanied by another man. I met him at his car parked in front of my door.
He greeted me with the words, “Well, we know each other already.”
I responded, “No, we’ve never seen each other before!”
He answered, “I greeted you in the garden, and you are better, aren’t you?”
At first, I didn’t understand what he meant. But then I remembered that I had rested earlier in the garden with the little ball. I also felt better. I was calm and had slept through the whole night. It was something that I hadn’t done in a long while.
Our conversations continued until 5 a.m., and I felt no tiredness. In addition, I was totally free of pain. Because my physical body had been depleted of nutrients, Bruno Gröning gave me examples of how to conquer those effects through use of spiritual principles. We all finally rested until 8 a.m. When we gathered for breakfast, Gröning was very quiet. He ate nothing, just as he had not eaten anything the previous evening. He put the breakfast egg into the pocket of his trousers.
At five minutes before eleven, Gröning took me by the hand and placed me right into the outlines of his footprints with the words, “Stand real still and only speak to me when you feel something in your body, something that you have never felt before.”
I kept real still and paid attention to what was going on inside of me. About 20 minutes later, an electrical current hit me. It rose from the legs and travelled through my whole body. I remained rooted in place, unable to lift a leg. I felt as though a strong magnet kept me in place. Excitedly I asked, “What is this? What are you doing to me?”
Gröning responded quietly, “Remain very still and let ‘It’ do the work.
After this wave-like electrical current had made several passes, Gröning waved his hand upwards – and I was suddenly free. I (my whole body) felt loose and supple, whereas before, I had been unable to turn my head. A brand new feeling came over me, and I felt as though a heavy burden had been lifted.
The experience affected me in such a way that I, from that moment on, felt a change in my inner being, and thereby became a totally different person!
Gröning told me, “This power, which you have just experienced, is accessible to you any time you wish. You can ask it to come to you. Only, you must be real calm on the inside. You will experience a strong reaction, a re-balancing that will last about three weeks. Because your body has been so depleted, it needs time to re-build itself. The power needs to rebuild everything within you!”
As he took leave, Bruno Gröning gave me the breakfast egg, which he had placed in his pocket, and said these words, “Eat this egg five minutes before two o’clock sharp, and watch what will happen. Wherever (in your body) something makes itself known (felt), Evil resides.”
With that, he once again drove away.
I ate the egg at the exact minute I was told to eat and proceeded with taking a walk with a female acquaintance. About an hour later, I suddenly came down with a terrible colic-like pain in my abdomen. I couldn’t continue with the walk and had to lie down in the grass.
I thought that this was the end of me. But after approximately ten minutes, the pain suddenly stopped, just as it had come. I arrived at the house totally exhausted. I lay down; and once again, electrical currents ran through me. Taking the advice of Bruno Gröning, I withdrew from all human contact so that I would not be affected by my surroundings.
Soon after, I once again took a walk with the lady who also had contact with Bruno Gröning and who had been impressed by his effective (healing) works.
Suddenly the old nerve pains returned with a vengeance and took hold of certain areas in the body, especially the abdomen and the breasts. The feet swelled and were not only blood-red but also stiff. They seemed to double in size and swell up over my shoes. I sat down on a small retaining wall and waited approximately 15 minutes until everything stopped and I was able to walk again. For three weeks after, I had severe nerve pain, even in the places I did not have pain before.
After this event, Bruno Gröning suddenly appeared at our door without having been called. He said, “I knew that you needed me urgently one more time.”
We talked about everything again, and he gave me strength to endure all of it and not to lose faith.
“It will only go on for a few more days. It must be so,” he finally said.
The third night following that I felt my whole body go stiff. My face became twisted, and I felt fear. I thought, “A stroke!”
Suddenly I felt a slight breeze – and saw Bruno Gröning’s head before me. At the same time, I heard his voice very clearly, “Don’t be afraid. Endure. It must be!”
Right then, every bit of of tension left my body. My hand began to move back and forth. When I tried to hold it still with the other, it, too, began to move back and forth. Then my legs began to kick. Finally, my whole body thrashed about and caused the whole bed to shake violently. I began to sweat, which totally soaked me to the bone. Soon after, everything stopped.
I was freed from all pain, could move every one of my limbs, and was like a new-born person.
My husband was very pleased. He believed in everything (he saw) but did not feel anything himself. He said that he, too, wanted to feel something. I should share a small piece of mine (my experience) with him.
Six weeks later, Bruno Gröning came to us once again to see how I was doing. On that occasion – and in the presence of some guests – my husband left the room to climb the stairs. Suddenly he was unable to lift his legs. It felt as though some power was holding him rooted down. He returned pale and distorted to us.
Bruno Gröning asked, “Well, how was it out there. What happened? How are you doing right now?”
My husband related his experience and remained quiet and withdrawn the whole evening. He was digesting what had happened to him. He had felt the power. He was convinced.
Gertrud Elisabeth Weidner (Hrsg.):
Lichthort, Journal of Universal God-Experience, dualistic Spirit-Realization and Esoteric Wisdom-Knowledge
(Publisher for Esoteric Sciences,
Markschalkenzimmern, Schwarzwald, 1960) Number 4, Page 154-156

Healing report: Paralysis (letter to Bruno Gröning)

Juliane Hinrichsen, Husum, August 1st, 1954

Dear Mr. Gröning!
I have suffered from a serious illness for 15 years and have not been able to walk. I had to sit on a bench for two years, unable to sit on a chair because my body was too heavy. My husband and daughter looked after me. Every little bit had to be handed to me. Those were painful years that I bore with patience. Then my daughter heard from Ms. Thomsen, Steinberg, Telecommunication Gröning. My husband and daughter made their way to Steinberg. And I asked our Lord God he would like to protect them as they went away, because it was such bad weather, the way was long and so scary between fir trees and hedges. The rain was lashing and my dear friend, who was already 77 years old, always had the firm belief that my wife would be helped and the great miracle happened, I slowly began to get up and the water disappeared in my body. I just have to describe everything briefly, how it all happened. I was able to go to the bedroom, it was like a miracle. My faith was so firm and the Heilstrom from our dear Mrs. Thomsen that she received from Mr. Gröning was so strong. I was able to walk outside after just 2 months. I have to emphasize the word outside because my heart laughed with joy. Dear Mr. Gröning, the sky was blue, the trees were beautifully green. I felt like I was reborn. Thanks a lot, dear Heavenly Father, as I sat on the chair. A thousand thanks, dear Mr. Gröning, for the great love I received from our Lord God.
With kind regards
Mrs. Juliane Hinrichsen
born d. 3/30/1880, 74 years old
Husum, August 1, 1954
Ostenfelder Landstrasse No. 4

Archive of the Bruno Gröning Foundation

Healing from Glaucoma

Barbara Pöcher, Klagenfurt, AUSTRIA on February 2, 1954

Dear Mr. Gröning

Since I was lucky enough to be able to receive your divine power, my body has undergone a spiritual and physical cleansing. There is no more fear, no sadness, no more pain in me.

I am very nearsighted, which is why I went to the ophthalmologist. He told me I had glaucoma in both eyes. The left eye needs an operation. I came to St. Veit on Sunday through Miss Holzbauer. I felt a twitch, then pain in my left eye, then all over my head and shoulders. When driving home, where we had to run to the train, I and my husband were very surprised that this allowed my breath. At the second meeting here I had pain well into the night, it was me, someone was pulling something out of my left eye.

The morning brought the big surprise. The cloudiness or haze had disappeared from the eye. Now was the time again when the doctor called me again. He said – is this possible – the star would have gone back again.

Due to the cold, I had great pain in my kidneys and pelvis, which often made housework difficult for me. Then there was drawing and burning in the varicose veins. When there was heavy fog, I was so short of breath that I had to avoid the streets. The strong palpitation of the heart, which kept me sleeping for many nights, has also disappeared. Since the sixth meeting, when there were still pains to regulate, I’ve become a completely different person.

Last week I had lots and lots of laundry. I used to be afraid of the laundry day. This time I had no lower back pain. I owe it only to you, dear, good Mr. Gröning, that my worn-out body has become so fresh and healthy today

One that comes from the bottom of my heart

“God bless you! “

Please help me further on.

Your very devoted, grateful

Barbara Pöcher Klagenfurt, Paulitschgasse 22

Healing Report Doris Puchalka (Original document)

Translation of Healing-report form:

Success Report:

Local Community: Mannheim

Name: Puchalka, Firstname: Doris, Age: July 28, 1933

What complaints: car-accident (suspected skull fracture)

Complaints since: Accident on 2nd October 1956

What diseases did the doctor diagnose?
increased cerebral odor (intracranial pressure), air accumulation on the brain (according to x-ray), immediately admission to the hospital on October 25, 1956 after the X-ray notification.

Name and address of doctors:

Dr. Dittel, Mannheim

Dr. Dieter, Mannheim (X-Ray doctor)

How do you feel relieved of previous complaints?
Through Mr. Gröning’s doctrine of faith and through a letter from Mr. Gröning after the accident at the beginning of November 1956,

Has there been a medical check-up? Yes, in the hospital at the beginning of November, shortly before discharge.

What did the doctor say after the healing?
There is nothing left from the accident. The intracranial pressure and the accumulation of air have disappeared.

Name and address of the doctor:
Theresien-Hospital, Mannheim, Dr. Fahrländer

Special note:

I will be grateful to my Lord God for the rest of my life that Bruno Gröning is here, because he was my guide to re-finding my faith. However, it was not the first time that the power of faith helped me to salvation. But more about that overleaf.

I affirm in lieu of an oath that I have provided the above information truthfully:

Signed: Doris Puchalka
Mannheim, June 8, 1957



At the beginning of March 1955, my nerves suddenly broke down at my workplace. After being at home for 3 days, I resumed my duties with a horrible headache and enormous fatigue. I really dragged myself to the workplace.

But then came the 31st of March 1955, when everything seemed to be over. I collapsed and had to stop working. On the same day, because the doctor absolutely insisted, I was taken to hospital. As I suddenly developed severe abdominal pains, I was treated for a week in the belief that it was an abdominal pregnancy.

When the suspicion was not confirmed, I was discharged after a week. One day later I had to go back to another hospital. They were not sure if it was a brain tumor or something else. My eyesight was decreasing and it seemed as if I was looking through a veil. After many examinations, at first they said exhaustion, overworked. But a bank note issued by the doctor said “psychosis”. That was probably the hardest blow for me. Shocks for weeks (except on Sundays), every second day even two shocks in a row.

When I was discharged in June 55, the doctor thought I could work. But that was not the case. The headaches were still the same and so was the fatigue. I was fed up with life. I consulted one doctor after the other, always hoping that “he would definitely help”. My body absorbed loads of tablets and injections, but there was no improvement. I was sent to a spa cure, also without success. Injections and tablets again, then Pervitin was prescribed against fatigue. Everything was in vain. 

In March 1956 I was sent to a sanatorium. And there they gave me electric shocks. After three weeks I was sent home because I had been written off by the health insurance company. A year had passed and everything was still there. I should also mention that I was afraid to walk alone on the street and always needed an accompanying person.

Another doctor I went to see, who I understand is a forensic expert,

literally told me: “If you have a psychosis, then I have one twice.“  But what was that good for? He also gave me injections and pills.

Then came the hour when I learned about Mr. Gröning through an acquaintance. It should be obvious to everyone that I absolutely wanted to see this man. I could attend a lecture on faith. I have to say it was all mixed up in my head and I said to myself, “If anyone can help you, it is Bruno Gröning”. He didn’t give me any medicine, he didn’t say a word about illness. He didn’t want to be told anything about it either. 

I absorbed every word of this man and could not wait for the second lecture. But then the accident happened and I immediately wrote an urgent letter to Mr Gröning. When I held his reply in my hands, I could cry for the first time out of joy, because my feeling told me that everything would be all right and I was no longer afraid of a possible skull operation. Shortly after that I was discharged. My faith and trust had won. I left the hospital a rich person, my inner order was restored.

Today I am a healthy, life-affirming person. I no longer have any complaints and for that I thank God, but not least a man who helped me to this, my salvation, and this man is

B r u n o  G r ö n i n g



Remote Healing

Letter from a 10 year old boy whose mother and father were healed:

Hansi Schedlbauer, Miesbach, October 12, 1949

Good dear Groening!

So glad you cured my mother’s diabetes. How should I thank you You don’t want one, but can I pray for you, right? You made me infinitely happy, now my mom is no longer so insane either.

Dear Gröning, my father had an accident a year ago, always had pain in his shoulder, the doctor said that it would never cure an older man. You healed him remotely. Now I have one more wish, I would like to see you directly, how you look very close. I am now 10 years old and can understand that thousands of sick people still want to be cured by you.

So be warm greetings from me, I always want to keep my fingers crossed for you that you are very lucky.

Hansi Schedlbauer, Miesbach, Münchener Str., Barrack 6.

Healing from Asthma Bronchiale

Johanna Jesser Degmarn, April 6, 1954
Kirchstrasse 43

Dear Mr. Gröning!

Out of my inner need, full of joy and gratitude, I politely allow myself to write to you.

When you were here in Degmarn on March 7th of this year, I was among those present.
I had suffered from bronchial asthma for almost thirty years, which had almost overwhelmed me for the past three years.
It got worse and worse and I was only able to overcome my repeated severe seizures with loads of pills and injections.

I could hope for relief from the medical profession, but not a cure. In my great need and the belief in recovery, I gave you all my trust and thus took the opportunity to attend your lecture. Since that hour, dear Mr. Gröning, I have renounced all medical medication and only used your cure. The first few days were probably bad for me. I had to stay in bed, but I firmly believed, hoped and prayed and what a great grace, since March 12, 1954 I have been completely freed from my suffering. I haven’t noticed any side effects since then. How happy I am now and what moves my inner being, I cannot describe in words. But I can thank you from the bottom of my heart and wish that the Lord God let you work for a long time, so that many who still suffer may benefit from the grace of recovery. My doctor who has treated me for years, Dr. Schönfelder from Oedheim, Heilbronn district, has confirmed to me that my health is very good and was happy for me.

The entire population of Dagmarn can give confirmation of the extent of my suffering since then, just as to all people my complete recovery seems like a miracle of God.
With the most devoted admiration and with a thankful heart, I greet you with the utmost respect.

Johanna Jesser, widow

“God bless you.

Grete Stiller reports about her father’s healing

14 a) Aufringen
Krs. Boeblingen

My dear, honored Mr. Gröning,
you can’t write as much thanks as you deserve. How many people have you made unspeakably happy and we can count among you too. How good our Lord God is that He has given us a person like you.
I had already forgotten how to pray, but since we got to know you, I can do it again, because nobody like you can show the really true way to God.
My father has been free of pain for those few minutes that I sat with him (on your behalf) and it is so wonderful to see how free he feels.
There are two pictures of you on the wall in my room, and in a very short time a cross comes in between, because you, Mr. Gröning, are a god-gifted man, and so where could it fit better?
Mr. Gröning, stay with the world because you are loved by us and all your friends.
My heartfelt thanks
And everything that is imaginable
Your Grete Stille and parents
The warmest greetings to your wife

Healing from lung-tuberculosis

Affidavit from Heinrich Brecker

On January 6th, 1948, an x-ray revealed a bilateral open lung TB with a cavity on the left the size of a mirabelle plum. I went to a hospital. After a few weeks they put a tire on me. However, the tire could not bring the desired success, since an overgrowth did not allow the cavity to close.
I was released on April 4th but had to go to the hospital once a week to have my fill. The chief doctor suggested that I have a caustic made. I refused them. A sanatorium application was rejected without any further explanation. After questioning my doctor, I was told that my age does not matter. I was 55 years old.

I started working again on July 1st. It was very difficult for me because I had too little air. In August and February 49 a caustic was suggested to me again. I refused in both cases. At the beginning of February there was a lot of talk here about a miracle doctor. My dearest wish was to be treated by him. On February 19, my son-in-law met Mr. Gröning and was relieved of his stomach ailment. On the following day I was treated for the first time by a photograph from Mr. Gröning.

At about 10:15 p.m., while I was in bed, I suddenly felt pressure in my left lung. After a short time the same thing was repeated and again after a short time, but to a greater extent. The pressure was so strong that I went up in bed and gasped for air like a fish for water. I felt as if someone was pushing upwards with both hands. After that I fell asleep calmly. The next day I felt fresh, much more comfortable and more alive. On March 10th, I was “treated” again. Since then I have felt well and alive.

Draws with a grateful heart

Heinrich Brecker

Duisburg-Beeck, d. March 20, 1949
Friedrich Ebert Strasse 357

Elisabeth Schwerdt

Bielefeld, May 12, 1949

Healing report (letter to Bruno Gröning)

Dear Mr. Gröning!

I really feel the need to write you a few lines. Above all, you will be pleased to hear that I am doing very well. When I met you at the Klussmann family, I was feeling very bad. But you were able to cure my heart disease, which was caused by severe circulatory disorders, without further ado, and today, after almost three weeks, I have to say that I feel better every day.

And now something completely different! You were with us yesterday eight days ago. During the conversation I casually told you – Mr. Hülsmann and a man from the press were still present – about my two serious ear operations and chisels, which resulted in my hearing loss completely in my right ear. At the time, the doctor found a 4 mm long crack in the ear canal during an auditory canal examination and gave me the very unpleasant message that a return of hearing would be completely out of the question.

Now you will be amazed: On Tuesday evening, 7 p.m., I was delighted to find out, to my and my parents’ greatest joy, that after 20 years I am able to hear on the operated ear again.

I only owe this to you, dear Mr. Gröning. How much I am grateful to you for this cannot be expressed in words.

My mother is just as well, she has been relieved of severe nerve pain (in the head) that had remained from cranial nerve paralysis. She had had this for two years and no doctor was able to help her.

We are always ready to provide personal information on how we did this to the press almost every day over the last week.

Greet you kindly in gratitude

signed Elisabeth Schwerdt

Bielefeld, Friedrichstrasse 23 ptr.


Archive of the Bruno Gröning Foundation


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Franz Huneke, Ahlen (Westf.) Oststr. 22, May 24th, 1949 Transcription healing report


In 1934, my wife became diseased with multiple sclerosis. This resulted in an almost complete paralysis of her right side and partially also of her left side. Her eyesight weakened ever more as time went by. Speaking disorders occurred; the mouth was twisted to one side. I have since that time shied neither expenses nor effort to procure healing or relief to my wife, a mother of 3 children. Her condition deteriorated more and more with time. Among other things, in 1937, my wife has been at the University Hospital of Münster for ten weeks.

Other medical specialists, I have consulted. Further, I have regularly used the services of Dr. Plate, Ahlen, and a few weeks ago, I was at Prof. Tönnissen-Langendreer’s medical office, who was named to me as a capacity for such cases. Again, it was explained to me that this disease were incurable, if it is traceable to physical causes. Thus, the last remnant of my lay belief was destroyed, that my wife could ever be healed again.


Suddenly, I heard about the miraculous healings by a man named Gröning in Herford. Although, I am very suspicious and sceptical by nature, some cases of real healings were brought to my attention from my circle of acquaintances. Despite my attitude otherwise, I considered it my duty, at least to try even this opportunity.


InHerford, we werenot granted access, because some authoritybodyhadbanned thehealing ofincurableill individuals by Mr.Gröning. However, wewaited allday, because, strangely enough, my wifehad an unshakablebelief insuccess.

Only by the evening Mr. Gröning appeared on the balcony and without obligation chatted with the crowd at the request of the numerous individuals present, whereby he unfortunately refused, to deal in opposite to the ban with the healing of any of the many ill individuals, but he only answered a general question.

After a short time, my wife had the feeling that she could again lift her right arm, and lo and behold – what no longer was possible for years – she could grasp her head with her right hand. Suddenly she said: “My God, I can also see again!” Then, by her own power she lifted both legs in her wheelchair, which previously had not been possible. She spoke of a “tingling” in her paralyzed limbs, the mouth had again a totally normal position, her language became clearer again and her face had a very different expression. How is such a thing possible? How would I believe it if I myself had not experienced it? That was on Monday, May 23rd, 1949.


This morning, my wife has again been able to comb her hair for the first time after many years. Even her toes, which have been stiff for 15 years, she has been able to move again the first time today. How the matter is going to develop further, I cannot know. I have only described here what has happened from yesterday to today. But one thing I can say: Well, also I share the faith of my wife, that she is becoming healthy again. I’m already today indebted to Mr. Gröning, and I felt the need to hand in this description, whereby I am expressing the hope that the regulatory authority bodies decide to put no further obstacles in the way of the unselfish work of Mr. Gröning. My pieces of information can be checked at any time.


Signed: Franz Huneke

Karl Nolte (copy), 14.05.1949 cure report


Mr. Karl Nolte, b. 26.10.1915, living in Ennigloh near Bünde, Burgstraße 19, a defender of military service, appears and gives the following explanation


statement on oath instead.


According to (submitted) certificate of the pension office Bielefeld, pension office, from 25 May 1946 – File.Nr. II d. R. 18 No. 036.990, the following official medical examination is available:


  1. a) Partial stiffening of the right knee, hip and ankle joint and paralysis of the foot after a fracture of the thigh through gunshot,


  1. b) Loss of the two end members on the fingers 3 and 4 of the left hand and slight movement disorders on the fingers 2 and 5 by gunshot wound, diseased according to stage III = disabled for work purposes in the sense of the WFVG.


On July 10, 1944, I was badly wounded. Since April 1948, I have been wearing a splinting apparatus and have always had severe pain in my right leg. In addition, since birth, I suffer from a strong speech disorder, the cure has been completely unsuccessful. That left me very behind in school. I am a carpenter by profession.


I learned from Mr. Groening by the article on May 11, 1949. in the “Free Press,” and yet I went to ask him for healing. This was this morning, at 12:30, when I was admitted.


Mr. Groening immediately started healing. I sat in a chair and felt after a few minutes that new life came into my right leg. After another 10 minutes or so I strapped on the advice of Mr Groening from the leg brace apparatus and had to walk a few steps through the room. In doing so, I found that I was able to do significantly better than ever since the injury. The toes, which I could not move at all beforehand, will loosen up in a short time, Mr. Gröning told me, and my right leg would then get better over time. Then Mr. Groening took away my stick, which I have been using since the wounding, and broke it up. Mr. Gröning wants to make the healing of my speech impediment on a next visit.


Herford, May 14, 1949 Karl Nolte


Recorded by E.A. Schmidt

Report from Herford. added, 2am in the night:

Mrs. K. S. of A., A.weg No. 5 with her daughter Rosemarie R. (child from her first marriage) and states in affidavit.:

“According to a doctor’s note (available in the archive) Rosemarie suffered from the effects of a left-side body paralysis. This disability impacted Rosemarie to the effect that she was not able to raise her limp left arm, the left fist was convulsed and she couldn’t open it. The left side of the body she followed suit when walking. This paralysis occurred in March at 1948 She was transferred to the A. Hospital, where it remained to August 48. For financial reasons, she was taken out. Then I sent my daughter into treatment of Dr. X. in A. He told me that he could not promise whether Rosemarie would get healthy again. At my request, the doctor advised me to go to Mr. Groening in Herford. That’s what I did on june 6th 1949. I believed firmly at a healing by Mr Groening.

When I arrived in Herford in the early morning of June 10 at Wilhelmsplatz, I was only disappointed that Mr. Groening was not present in Herford. Nevertheless, I sat down with Rosemarie in the yard of the property Wilhelmsplatz No. 7., I was determined to wait until Mr. Groening’s return. So I sat up until 1 am on the table in the courtyard, next to my daughter. Suddenly Rosemarie had fallen asleep. But after a quarter of an hour she suddenly started terribly crying and shouting “ouch”. Frightened I took her in my arms and rocked her back and forth. My neighbour, who knew my child was paralyzed on the left side, suddenly called out to me: “Look at her, what she is doing with the left hand!”

In fact, the girl raised her previously paralyzed arm into the air, opened her fist and endeavoured to walk. I let her walk, and – what a surprise: The child had again its normal course.

The many hundreds of people were all full of admiration and came down from the Wall to see the miracle. I myself am happy again to have a healthy child. A recent medical examination will be carried out and I’ll send the report about to Mr. Groening.

(Sgd.) Mrs. K. S.


Josette Groening (ed.): The mental and spiritual healer (Denkendorf bei Plochingen / Neckar 1960) No. 8, pp 124-12.

Statutory declaration (assertion under oath)

In the afternoon of March 29th, I went to Mrs. Mitching like every day. In this house we live as refugees. Mrs. Mitching told me that she had a visit from a man with name Groening, who has a wondrous charisma.

Just as she said this to me, there was a knock on the door and a simply dressed gentleman came in. Mrs. Mitching introduced Mr. Groening. to me. When I wanted to draw back for the sake of decency, Mr. G. asked me to stay seated. Mrs. Mitching told him then, that I was also a Pomeranian refugee and had suffered a severe head,- and forehead injury, as a result of a bombing raid. Since the accident happened, I had to suffer severely.

I wanted to explain more to Mr. Groening, but he made a gesture of refusal to talk about discomforts, for he did know exactly all about.

I was very excited then and Mr. G. immediately started with his “treatment”. At the same moment I felt rising tingles from my feet. It went all over the body, hands and arms, up to the head and stuck to the wound. It tore at the wound, as if somebody was rubbing over there. As I could barely endure this anymore, Mr. G. broke off and asked me to come back in the evening.

As a result of a turnmoil in the house, I could not go to Mrs. Mitching that evening. I then spent a very restless night, because it tingled and tore in my body, especially at the point of my head.



The next morning I spoke to Mr. G. and he asked me to come back in the evening. In the evening he “treated” me for almost three hours. He explained, that he had come just in time, to save me from a misfortune. I think so, too, how bad it was about my head and my body. The next morning, Mr. G. had just left, I woke up feeling like reborn.

Since Mr. Groening advised me, always to go into God’s free nature, I have always had the urge to go outside and looked for diversion for relaxation. This diversion banished the gloomy thoughts.

I am glad and happy that Mr. G. came to our house and freed me from my misery. I always want to be grateful to the Lord God, for sending Mr. Groening to me as well.

In gratitude, I always stay connected to Mr. G.

Elfriede Carmesin

Mrs. Elli Kratein

Healing from cardiovascular disorders

Ingeborg Werder: 24.06.1949

Miss Ingeborg WERDER, Biemsen, Lockhäuser Str. 11, 24 years old, appears and states the following:

For two years I suffered from cardiovascular disorders, which manifested itself in heart pain, general weakness and heat waves. I was treated by 3 doctors and received different types of medication, but they did not help me.
At the beginning of May I went to Mr. Gröning to let him heal me. Mr. Gröning told me that my blood was too thick and that my symptoms were due to it. He said I didn’t have to worry anymore, everything would be fine. I should watch my body and report to it.
On the day of my healing, in the evening, I felt a tingling sensation in my legs and feet and my legs were very heavy. The next day I felt fine and from that time on I got better day by day. I no longer have any pain, and the other complaints have also disappeared. I feel perfectly healthy.

Herford, June 24, 1949 signed INGEBORG WERDER

Success and experience report of several cures and healings

Grete Häusler, Schildgen, July 24, 1974
Transcript (PDF)

I met Bruno Gröning for the first time on August 28, 1950. It was in Munich Schwabing, Nicolaiplatz, in the apartment of naturopath Eugen Enderlin.

I took my girlfriend, who was blind, and a girl I knew from Lower Austria who was blind to the Enderlin house as an accompanying person. I was also very interested in what was happening around Bruno Gröning, but, as I thought at the time, to discover the dizziness.

When I listened to Mr. Enderlin’s introductory lecture, I found nothing bad, just a lot of new things. When, two hours before Bruno Groening himself appeared, I felt such strange feelings in my body that had hitherto been strange to me and pain arose, I was forced to take the whole thing seriously. Because to be able to get well yourself, this thought had never occurred to me until then, would be really unique. Despite all skepticism, I followed the lecture with interest and realized that all of this was neither fraud nor deception, neither hypnosis nor suggestion, but that here people in dire need, and in which I was also, are being called to return to God to become worthy of supplication to receive His help and healing.


When Bruno Gröning stood before us, I knew in a few moments that this man knows and can do more than anyone who is now alive. So my belief grew that I too can get what can make me happy again in life.

When Mr. Gröning called on us to break off the descent on the path of suffering that leads down, to turn around and to go upwards over the great gap that opens up between man and God, because he built the bridge and for him to follow on the divine way, which leads upwards, where there would be no more illness, no more misfortune, because the way leads to God, then I said inwardly: “Yes, I would like that too.”

When Mr. Groening said seriously but unequivocally, “Give me your illness, give me your worries, you won’t be able to cope with it!” I said to myself: “What kind of man is that, how can he say that “Who is he? Yes, I want to do that. I want to give my illness and all my worries to him now, but how do you do that?” Like a child, I thought to myself: “There you have everything, I don’t want it anymore.”

So I experienced a spontaneous healing. At the end of the get-together, all pain and feelings fell away from me and I stood there, free and happy – that was indescribable. Through this first meeting with Bruno Groening I was released from three incurable ailments. 15-year-old chronic frontal sinus catarrh, seven years of incurable liver and gallbladder disease with severe liver swelling and too little sugar in the blood were all taken away from me in one fell swoop. On the following day, to my great amazement, I was able to eat fat bacon sausage and then all dishes without causing pain, although the doctors prescribed lifelong diet food for me. There were no more headaches and endless colds caused by the frontal sinus catarrh, no more attacks of dizziness due to the lack of sugar in the blood. Everything was settled and was getting into order. After five very strong regulation symptoms on the following evenings, each half an hour, I was completely healed.

This experience on my own body resulted in a complete transformation of my attitude in me. I was led back to God by Bruno Gröning and I have resumed my belief in my Creator with infinite gratitude. The fact that I can believe in God again has remained the greatest experience I have ever been able to experience through Bruno Groening. An infinite number of experiences have followed to this day, which confirm to me that the path shown by Bruno Gröning is the truly true, divine one.

I returned home healthy and liberated with one wish in my heart to be able to help one day. This wish was soon granted to me, quite differently from what I had expected. I wanted to remain silent about this great experience with Bruno Groening – it was the most sacred thing for me. After three months I consciously broke the silence, because I realized that it would be a very great selfishness on my part to keep this to myself and the other people I met were exposed to the most incurable ailments, pain and thus torments that Opportunities to withhold that they would have if they were led to Bruno Gröning. When I broke my silence, my great experiences began.

A father of my student in St, Veit an der Glan in Carinthia had been suffering from very high blood sugar for decades. There was also a nerve problem caused by a shrapnel in the spinal cord. It was declared incurable by the greatest and best specialists in the Vienna Clinic on Rosenhügel, and the woman was told she was

should be prepared for an imminent death. This is how the woman described the need and misery to me. She had four young children, and the husband had too few years of service to receive a sufficient pension after his death. Then I broke my silence and, in view of this need, disclosed my secret about Bruno Gröning.

During a visit to this family, as I spoke of my healing, the unbelievable happened: The man recovered so that he could resume his job as a car mechanic on the railroad in 14 days. After three months, his long-time family doctor confirmed that he was sugar-free and that his nerves were in perfect order. Later I was able to convey a bullet to this man.

Shortly afterwards a well-known woman came to me and asked me to tell her about the alleged “miracle doctor” from Germany, because she had had eczema for a long time, and now her hands would be so open that it was difficult for her to do the housework. I told her about Bruno Groening and gave her the book “Die große Umkehr” to read and the address: “Bruno Groening, Munich, Postfach 144”. You can ask for remote healing there. She told me in about a week that she took the book and the address to a relative who had a very bad heart condition and who was currently home sick. She told about what she had heard from me. The man wrote a letter of appeal to Mr. Gröning, and three days later he went to bed with a very great heartache. They increased so much that he believed the end had come and made a will. After three days and three nights of unspeakable pain and novel conditions, he got up and was healthy. The doctor was puzzled and explained that the heart condition had been completely resolved and wrote the man healthy. I met him later, and he stayed healthy, becoming a community leader. His whole family received healing from the most severe ailments. When I asked the woman about the eczema, she showed me her hands, it was all healed, and when I asked what had helped her so quickly, she said she hadn’t smeared anything, i.e. that is, she had not used any ointment since visiting me, and day by day the condition improved and she would have been completely relieved of it.

Then word got around, and the healed came and brought their relatives with them and asked for help. Great help and healing occurred. A woman had been suffering from small tapeworms since she was 17, allegedly having barbs that could not be loosened by any medication and could not be removed by anything but surgery. The woman suffered unspeakably until she was 45. When she first heard from me about Bruno Groening, she immediately received the Heilstrom and I found it hard to believe how this woman could be helped. The next day the woman lay in bed and writhed in pain. The man was indignant that instead of receiving help, she was lying there in such a way that she screamed. But in the evening the animals loosened themselves in their bodies and went through the chair – there were three full chamber pots at once. Liberated and relieved, she was doing her housework the next day. When we formed the first community, she was always there, and she often experienced such purification. This, too, was inexplicable to the doctors.

In September 1952 I was called to a paralyzed girl in Deutsch-Griffen, a small mountain village. I was accompanied by a woman from St. Veit, who herself had experienced healing from severe eczema and a 29-year-old liver and gallbladder disease. The girl was paralyzed on all sides and could not move her arms or head. It was put from the chair to the bed, from the bed to the chair. She was emaciated, seventy-two pounds, her face disfigured by eczema. The sight shocked me so much that I almost lost the belief that such a living corpse as I felt could be helped at all. I got myself up and thought: “Dear God, help here, your help is necessary!”

I started to tell about my experience with Bruno Groening; after a short time the girl began to moan and scream in pain. I had never seen anything like this before. Still, I was delighted that the electricity started working so well. After half an hour the severe pain in the legs, knees and head subsided, and the girl became calm and listened intently. After two hours we were about to leave when it said: “It’s as easy for me as if a hundredweight had been lifted from me, and look, I can move my leg, I feel healthy!” In fact, she pulled the leg up and straightened it again. It was an inexpressible moment to be able to witness such a thing. I also said it shouldn’t be lazy anymore, four years of idleness was enough, it should get up and

work. We’ll go to the alpine pasture together next year. If this help-seeker believed everything, but that she would go to the alpine pasture next year, that was too much. On the way home I regretted saying such things to her.

After three weeks my mother came to see me and wept with joy. “Minna is healthy,” she reported. Minna asked to eat the same evening I was there and has been eating inordinately since then. The bowel movements have been in perfect order since my visit. The eczema on her face would have receded and dried up; she had been walking around the apartment with crutches for 14 days.

She asked that I should help her to write a success report to Mr. Gröning for him. to say thank you. Only then did I find out how the evil came about and what it was. Symptoms of paralysis appeared after the angina had been ignored. Minna was treated for six months in the St. Veit hospital. They said it was joint inflammation. In the next hospital in Friesach they said it was bone tuberculosis. The paralysis could not be eliminated. The treatment would have paralyzed the internal organs. The heart was working poorly, the stomach, bladder, kidneys, liver and digestion stopped working. After two years she was taken to the Klagenfurt regional hospital. The condition became so bad that the doctors gave her up and, after the last unction had been carried out, advised the mother not to let her be led home, she would not survive the journey alive, she should let her daughter die here, it will be done shortly. The transfer of the body would have been too expensive for the woman. So she dared it anyway, and in her bitter need she appealed to the Lord God for help. The daughter did not die, but she had been in this incurable condition for two years.

We wrote the success report together and thanked Bruno Gröning from the bottom of our hearts.

That was September 1952. In December I received a Christmas card with the message that Minna is doing very well, she would walk with sticks and take care of light housework. You would be very happy. She would have gained body weight again.

In mid-January 1953 I received a letter from my mother. Minna had to go to bed with gastric catarrh on December 28, 1952 and developed a high fever; she passed out. The condition worsened so much that the mother asked the pastor on New Year’s Eve. He said that Minna will probably not live to see the new year and gave the last rites. The mother asked the Lord God in prayer: “Dear God, if you want to take Minna to yourself, take her, but if she is still allowed to live, please give Mr. Gröning the strength to make her well!” Mother was calm there. Minna had not died on New Year’s morning. Relatives brought the doctor who found bilateral pneumonia and meningitis. It would be all too late. He wanted to have her taken to the hospital, but her mother refused. He gave two shots.
Minna did not die. On 4.1.53 her consciousness came back and she said: “I’m not taking the medicine, Mr. Gröning will help me!” On the morning of 5.1.53 her Mr. Gröning appeared at five o’clock in the morning. Then she got up and was healthy. She was now able to walk without a stick and met the doctor at the post office in mid-January. He was startled when he saw her and asked if she was Minna. “What did you do? What was it that helped you?” Minna didn’t say it. At the end of January Minna took part in her brother’s wedding party until after midnight, she ate roast pork and drank wine and at one o’clock in the night went a long way down the mountain to home.

I visited Minna myself in February. I didn’t recognize her. She left without any complaint and looked pretty, young, and plump. I was able to convince myself of the truth. She asked me to go to the alpine pastures with her in the summer. I cried for joy over so much help. In July I went to the alpine pasture with Minna. She was able to walk up the mountains with a rucksack to the hut for 3 ½ hours, she drove the cows out and home, took care of the dairy woman’s household. She couldn’t bend down just as far as her shoes; Bending your hands backwards to comb was not possible yet. Stooping was given back to her after 14 days, and she was given the ability to comb in December 53 in St. Veit after the first community hour she experienced. Since then she has been very healthy and works in the household, in the stable and in the field. Now she is taking care of the four grandchildren in the best of health.

After that I experienced many wonderful healings. Let me name just a few: a young woman was cured of shrinkage of the kidneys, an older man from angina pectoris, a woman from cataracts, a boy lost insanity, a boy regained his hearing, a woman lost severe sugar disorder, and a young one Man developed spontaneous tuberculosis of the lungs cured, with caverns.

In Trieste I was told and personally convinced myself of the following very great healing:

Ms. Annasipoli, the Trieste community leader, met one day the relatives of an old woman who had been to the community several times. “You know, our love has been in the hospital for three weeks, the whole abdomen has turned into cancer. There is no more rescue, the doctors are giving her three more days!” Ms. Annasipoli (thought of Mr. Gröning) was surprised and visited the woman on the same day. She was emaciated and so weak that she could barely hold the ball in her hand. She kept shouting: “I have to die! I have to die! Everything hurts me!”

Mrs. Annasipoli thought of Mr. Gröning and got the feeling: no. She said to the woman: “If you want to die, die, but if you want to live, then take the bullet!” It was in the drawer of the bedside cabinet. She didn’t want to lose them and the sisters would throw them away if they found them on the ground. Mrs. Annasipoli wrapped it in a handkerchief and handed it to the woman.

After three days the woman was up and met Mrs. Annasipoli. She is fine, only she is very hungry, she is not given enough to eat. Mrs. Annasipoli brought her a chicken. She ate the half chicken with great appetite. Ms. Annasipoli thought to herself: “If the woman can eat so much at once, then she is no longer sick.”

The woman did not die. She was discharged as healthy that same week. The doctors also said: “A miracle happened, a saint must have intervened here!”

The following week I visited this woman myself. She thanked her for this healing with all her heart. In 1966 we got the last message that she was healthy.

Another time I will report on the many, very many healings I have experienced, some of which took place during Bruno Groening’s lifetime and, on the other hand, after his death.

Every time something really big happened: I mentally asked Bruno Groening to help the person who was looking for help, and he did it. We thank him as mediator, we thank God.

Archive of the Institute for Frontier Areas of Psychology and Mental Hygiene V. Freiburg i. Br., Inventory: 20/16, signature: “Training letters 1974/1975”