The healing current

Bruno Groening’s “Healing Current” 

by Friedrich Retlow


The cures of Bruno Groening caused great sensations and amazements in the world. Since countless healing successes have been proven without any problems, the equally countless sick people hope to be released from their ailments through Bruno Groening. In order to show those seeking healing the way to Bruno Gröning and his power to overcome illness, the following explanations and instructions should be given. In order to understand the healing process, especially to recognize the character of the “healing current” (Heilstrom), it is necessary that we overcome the still widespread materialistic way of thinking through a religious-spiritual way of thinking. The recognition of a spiritual, divine world, which surrounds and penetrates our earth, at least suggests that we are dealing with a stream of life that flows to him from a higher world and through him removes diseases with healing effects.

Anyone who denies the spiritual powers and their influence on the state of health or illness will not understand Bruno Groening’s healing power and its effects and will not be able to receive them for the following reasons.

Since this writing is primarily intended to provide information to those seeking healing and to show those conditions that must be observed and fulfilled for receiving the Heilstrom, the scientific-metaphysical justifications have been placed at the end of this treatise. Anyone interested in a detailed explanation should therefore refer to the final chapters. In Bruno Gröning we encounter a stream of power that obviously flows to him from a higher world, reveals itself in him through the development of inner senses and has an effect through him. He is a person who has an ability that is far superior to the average of contemporary humanity and who is a unique phenomenon in our western world. The current of power evidently flows to it from the inexhaustible reservoir of life, so that no matter how great and persistent it is, there is never a weakening or drying up.

It is significant and at the same time characteristic of the work of Bruno Groening that the currents of healing power come into effect through him without a special attitude or effort. Without any effort, attitude or other measure, the forces flow out. In a casual posture, completely relaxed and without any tension, he confronts those seeking healing who receive the current. He has never prescribed a prescription or given special instructions. From this it can be seen that the healings are completely outside of any usual healing practice.

Bruno Gröning rightly describes himself only as the tool of a higher will and a current that works through him without having to add anything himself.



The healing current  (“Heilstrom”) is transmitted to the sick person from the spiritual side. The causes of illness, which lie in disturbances, paralysis or other inhibitions of the h

ealth rhythm, are thereby eliminated. In severe cases, such as long-term paralysis, arthritis, rheumatism and internal ailments, in which the organs have almost completely stopped in their rhythm of life, longer exposure is necessary. Immediate healings have been achieved in many ailments, including longstanding ones, as the following reports testify.

Since it is a matter of first revitalizing the exposed and no longer harmoniously pulsating currents of life, supplying them with strength and setting the rhythm of health in motion, a corresponding repeated action is necessary with serious illnesses. Such long-term healings are not caused by an insufficient strength of Bruno Groening, but solely in the process of the natural build-up and regulation of forces, in connection with the corresponding changes in the directly related physical body and its organs . The healing current of Bruno Groening is so strong that it is only used partially and in doses according to the individual cases. It has already been mentioned that this healing power has a cosmic character and is fed from the inexhaustible reservoir of a cosmic force field. This also explains the phenomenon of Gröning’s healing effects over long distances, without him having to be present himself.

His statement, which you can hear from him again and again, namely that it is not he who heals, but “IT”, finds the explanation here.

A power is concentrated in him, the radiation of which is directed and sent by him and which is able to have an effect in the entire area of ​​life. This phenomenal fact can be compared with the radio transmitter which is taken for granted today and which is able to transmit on the etheric waves wherever the waves have an oscillation field, i.e. in the entire area of ​​the earth. The only difference between these and the currents of force of Bruno Groening is that at the radio station we are dealing with ether waves that are sent by the electric current, while Groening is about forces of a higher kind, which are guided by a living will and which acts as currents of health to the finer recipient of the human organism. If we stay with the comparison with the radio broadcast, a fact will become clear to us, about which some people seeking healing are surprised and disappointed, namely that the effect of the healing current does not always lead to complete success. It can be said that the electricity heals every disease, but not every sick person.

The apparent contradiction lies in the receptivity of those seeking healing. If you want to receive the sound waves of a certain radio station, it is necessary that you tune your receiving device to the corresponding wave of the transmitter. If this does not happen, we will not receive any reception, and it would be wrong and foolish to claim that the transmitter is not active or that its power is weak because it does not reach our receiver. It should be noted that there are also good and not so good receivers. In each of these cases, however, it is not the power current of the transmitter that is to blame for an unfavorable or nonexistent reception, but solely the receiver or its device. It is exactly the same with Bruno Groening’s power flow. The physical behavior and the mental quality of the patient determine to a large extent how the healing current is absorbed in the organism and how it can affect it. Many sick people expect their healing exclusively through external influence, without at least adopting the mental attitude that is necessary to be able to absorb the current and let it work within you.

One of the most astonishing effects of the Heilstrom is that it is able to create a force field of a vastness, which can enclose hundreds of people at the same time, who then receive the power. The mass healings, in which at least a majority of people feel the healing effects, including spontaneous healings, are a fact that the participants clearly testify to. The healing seekers are connected to a power field within which they receive the stream of life by means of the “transmitter Gröning”, which helps them to overcome the disease states. When the patient’s own positive forces, released through faith, enthusiasm and inner exaltation, contribute, those changes take place, mentally and physically, which are called miraculous healings, since the inner regularity of these processes is generally not recognized.

None of these processes are suggestions, imaginations or even hypnotic influences. Bruno Gröning rejects any influence of this kind, but only sends the current of power that is revealed in him, without affecting the free will of people. If he calls open-minded thought and a believing mind as a prerequisite for receiving the current, then it happens for the reasons already explained, whereby the patient regains the connection with his higher nature, which is exactly the opposite of a medial state.



What do we have to do with the forces and conditions that are not visible to our eyes, but are still there? Thoughts are mental structures that can condense in such a way that, as is well known, they imprint their character on the face and posture of a person. That thoughts are living forms, formed from the fine material of the supersensible world, is hardly doubted any more, since the fact of mind reading and thought transmission is well known. Many experiences have been made that the healing current of Bruno Groening was only slightly absorbed and had little effect, as the sick unconsciously shielded themselves. Thoughts of worry, also the thought of one’s own illness, as well as of course skepticism and disbelief are obstacles that stand in the way of the flow of power. You cannot pour liquid into a vessel that is tightly closed with the lid. And even the sunlight cannot reach us if we cover the windows of the room we are in tightly. With the healings by Bruno Groening we are dealing with processes that are on the spiritual, spiritual level. We must therefore pay special attention to the spiritual forces, that is to say to the thoughts and feelings in our mind.

In order to be able to receive the Heilstrom of Bruno Groening as strongly as possible, it is necessary to switch off the own radiation, i.e. all idiosyncratic, selfish and disturbing thoughts, as far as possible. We are dealing here with the same requirement that we find again and again in religious teachings. In order to partake of divine grace, the soul must open to the divine in grateful piety. We must “become like children” in order to receive the divine good. Not underage and without responsibility, but without guilt, without envy, hatred and without desire for worldly power, earthly possessions and enjoyment. Again and again we find the religious demand expressed that man has to switch off his lower self and forget that the divine can only come to revelation in the believing soul that is turned towards the good and the truth.

Experience has shown in numerous cases that the humble, who humbly and reverently abandoned their fate and healing to the decree of God, received the Heilstrom most powerfully and achieved full healing. However, those who proudly, self-confidently and demandingly demanded healing, prevented the higher power from flowing in through their selfish will and could only achieve their healing to a small extent or not at all. In view of this importance of the state of mind of the person seeking healing, the words are to be understood when he says again and again: “Do not demand, but obtain!” It is a scientific fact that thoughts and feelings have their special radiation and that sources of energy emanate from them which have a determining effect on the environment. It is therefore entirely understandable that such self-radiation stands in the way of the healing current and can obstruct the flow of it.

It is also not uncommon for people who care for the sick, parents, relatives, etc., to screen their worries, doubts and demanding expectations as disturbing self-senders for the wards and thereby unconsciously make healing difficult or impossible. It is certainly not easy to get rid of the thoughts of doubt, worry and sorrows of everyday life.

These thoughts envelop many people as if in a dark cloak. Everyone has their own world of thoughts and feelings, the radiation of which significantly influences and determines their surroundings without words and actions. A complete mastery or elimination of thoughts is only possible for a saint. It is also not necessary for receiving the Heilstrom. But a letting go of disturbing and shielding feelings and thoughts must be brought about. This presupposition has its basis in the laws of spiritual life and in the interaction of the forces under consideration here.

A religious person who turns a believing mind to the operation of a divine will and regards his body as the house in which he lives as a spiritual individual will most easily become free from the restrictive and concluding thoughts. He faces his organism like an observer and calmly observes the effects and changes that are taking place through the Heilstrom. “Don’t think about the illness” is the demand of Bruno Groening again and again, because we hold onto it by thinking about it. “We sit on the disease” and prevent its elimination. For this reason, the experience has been made that in sick people with the same ailments, one could be cured quickly, while the other had to act several times because of his “holding on”. Religiousness and belief in God are therefore characteristics that Bruno Groening repeatedly demands as prerequisites for his healing. For him, however, religiosity and belief in God are by no means only means of attaining and healing to health. In truth, it’s the other way around. His endeavor is to lead people back to the divine on the path of internalization. A godly life forms the content of his will, is the goal of his striving, and the bringing about health is only a prerequisite for him to find himself in the divine.



As already explained, the power current flows into the person, strengthens the life cycle, leads the sluggish or paralyzed life rhythms back to their healthy and normal frequency and thus fills the weakened and inharmoniously working organism with new strength. The current has a particular effect, of course, in those parts which are the life-giving and sustaining element of the sick organs. Since every cell and every organ of our body has the underlying spiritual field and every disease of an organ of our body has its cause and basis in the nourishing and sustaining spiritual vibration field, the illness in the physical body is also eliminated through the replenishment and regulation of the life force .

The external effect of the current, which becomes apparent in the body, is like a very delicate electrification, combined with warming, blood circulation and relaxation of the diseased organ, mostly the body. In addition to the above, the effects of the Heilstrom are of course very different and varied depending on the condition of the disease. In one person, the pain can disappear quickly, while in the other, pain appears, which is only caused by the changes in the organism. It is important that changes show up, which show that the patient has absorbed the healing current and that the organism is reacting. Spontaneous healings from severe ailments that have existed for decades and could neither be alleviated nor eliminated through medical efforts, Bruno Gröning brought about in large numbers. Relaxation and resolution of paralyzed and deformed limbs is therefore often achieved in moments, so that paralyzed people who could not walk for many years got out of their elevator or put their crutches aside and came into full possession of their freedom of movement. The same successes have been achieved with blindness, deafness, stiff joints and severe internal ailments. There is practically no illness which is able to withstand the Heilstrom, provided that the patient’s attitude does not place any obstacles in the way of the current.

The fact that in difficult and complicated cases the personal presence of Bruno Groening is desirable results from the changes that the healing process causes. Even with the healing method of Bruno Groening it is not a question of miracles that happen outside of the laws of life and nature, but of lawful processes lengths that are on a subtle level. With repeated clarification by Bruno Gröning, he can constantly check the patient’s condition by focusing on the patient and let his current work in a smaller or stronger circuit. However, Groening’s personal presence is not absolutely necessary. For the effect of his healing current there is neither distance nor time limits within the great etheric field of our planet, similar to the way radio waves work beyond the earthly barriers of time and space. Numerous cases testify that sick people at a great distance achieved their health through the current and announced the reception of the healing wave by giving the exact time.


(Unfortunately there are hardly any balls left by Bruno Gröning) but a photo is also possible for using)

These remote influences play a major role in Bruno Groening’s work. During the healings, when Bruno Gröning is not present, the tinfoil ball is used in many cases. It was formed by himself and charged with his current. This ball is in constant contact with him magnetically and in a sense represents an intermediate transmitter that radiates the healing power in the same way and with the same character, as is the case with Bruno Groening himself. The healing effect of the sphere is so great that its radiation has ameliorated or completely eliminated serious and severe illnesses. The charged power of the ball is not exhausted, as it is constantly being replenished by the current that Bruno Groening sends, without having to specifically consider the individual centres or forgetting one or the other.

Many people owe the recovery of their health to the tinfoil ball, without these people ever being in personal contact with Groening and getting to know him face to face. The healing ball can be used in various ways to receive its electricity. According to Groening’s instructions, it is best to hold it in your right hand in a sitting position, with your back not leaning on if possible. In this sitting position, the hands, knees and feet should not touch each other in order to enable and facilitate the even circulation of the current. The healing effect is promoted if the patient is in a calm state of mind and is not occupied by worries, plagues and everyday interests. It is important to get rid of such thoughts and also to switch off thoughts of your own illness. It is advantageous to adjust to your body in a quiet elevation like an objective observer and to listen carefully to what sensations and changes are going on in the body due to the current of force. Any kind of change, such as B. Temperature changes, pulling, stabbing, warming or cooling conditions, which can also be painful, indicate that the current has been received and is effective. Remain in this inner and outer position as long as the changes are noticeable and the effect of the current can be felt.

After this has subsided, this session can be broken off and repeated at appropriate time intervals at the discretion of the patient. The patient is also free to use the tinfoil ball as he deems it appropriate and effective. So she can z. B. in sciatica or arthritis sufferers are brought to the diseased parts of the body through a cloth or stocking or worn. This is especially recommended at night while sleeping. During sleep, the healing process is usually more effective than during the day, because the thoughts and sensations have come to rest completely, as a result of which the life currents and radiation of the healing power can flood the organism without restriction. Besides the ball mentioned, Bruno Gröning has many other items such as B. Pictures, sculptures, stones, books as well as crutches and chairs “addressed” and charged with his current, which have the same healing effect as described in connection with the tinfoil ball. The power flow in these objects is maintained and is not exhausted for reasons already explained. These facts may seem puzzling and unbelievable to the materialist thinker who regards only the gross physical environment as the sole reality. In fact, a higher insight into the subtle sphere of our planet and its mode of operation is also required in order to be able to understand the phenomena around Bruno Gröning.

The diversity in the interactions of the earthly world astonishes us through the continuous inventions. The more subtle force fields and levels, invisible to our eyes and not measurable with physical instruments, allow their far greater mobility and higher frequency of vibration of their material to have even greater possibilities of mastering forces and laws than we generally understand and know them. The super physical world with its vibrations, forces and possibilities is a hidden realm for the materialistically thinking person, and when events and effects from there affect our everyday world, then one describes it as deceptive pretenses and the other as a miracle. They are neither of the two, but merely the application and exercise of a higher knowledge and finer powers that have not yet been explored by official science and are therefore still unknown. So this way certain abilities appears into the work of Bruno Groening that must be called enigmatic and wonderful.



expresses itself in different ways. We have already spoken of the “aiming”, this is a clairvoyant penetration of the human organism, similar to what happens with X-rays, which makes it possible for Bruno Groening to recognize the state of the disease flawlessly, as it is through physical instruments and actions are not possible. He often takes the clinical picture of a person seeking healing like a lightning-fast, spiritual photograph and transfers it to another person, who then perceives the state of the disease as the patient himself does. Bruno Groening then allows himself to be transferred to the person who received the picture report, the condition of the disease in detail. The patient then, with great amazement, confirms the precisely correct report. Such transfer of the clinical picture to another person is particularly advantageous in sick children in order to recognize the exactly clinical picture.

Above all, he uses this measure to record several clinical pictures in a very short time and to record them in writing. In any case, he himself sees through the patient’s condition with absolute accuracy and certainty. For the reasons indicated, it is understandable that Bruno Groening does not want to know what type of illness is from those seeking healing, as his clairvoyant ability enables him to better and more quickly recognize which illnesses are involved. “Don’t tell anything and don’t ask” are the utterances that you hear again and again when dealing with the sick. To what extent his clairvoyant ability is sufficient to see people and events in closer or further distance cannot be said with certainty, as he does not speak about it and rejects related questions unanswered. But it has been shown from spontaneous omissions about certain events that he has this ability, at least to a certain extent and temporarily if he specifically adjusts to it.












With regard to the subsidence of illnesses until complete recovery, a critical time should be pointed out, which Bruno Groening calls the “regulatory process”. The healings through the stream of force are the same as with any other healing, even if the remedy is different from what it is used otherwise. But here and there, changes take place in the body that arise from overcoming and eliminating the disease.

A new stream of life pervades the paralyzed or flaccid organs, eliminates foreign substances and poisons, relieves cramps, repels everything that is not “health” and thus works on a change that takes a shorter or longer period of time, not without side effects is going on. So it can happen that within these transitional phenomena pain occurs that was previously not perceptible, that conditions arise that can give cause for concern. These regulation symptoms and regulation pains, as Bruno Groening calls them, are natural processes that accompany the course of healing and cannot be avoided. This is by no means to say that these uncomfortable states have to occur in every case. They are mentioned here in order to recognize them for what they are and to avoid the delusion that a healing is not going on, let alone a relapse.

There is a risk that during this transition period a patient will assume that he has fallen back into the old illness and that he will take narcotics and other medication to alleviate pain that may be stronger than before, which then does not heal can only stop, but possibly completely prevent it. Normally the pains of regulation subside more and more, even if it can happen that sometimes by external influences, e.g. B. cold, overexertion or the like can make these painful symptoms noticeable. The convalescent must know that his recovery requires patience and care. The thought life is of great importance for this transitional state and the time until health is firmly in our hands again. Especially with healings through the power of Bruno Groening, to which the materialistic world is unbelieving and hostile, there is the danger that derogatory opinions and malicious judgments will storm the patient and, with suggestive power, believe in Groening’s ability and thus the belief in healing and destroy recovery.

It is understandable that such a harmful influence, especially when it is absorbed by the patient’s sensation, suppresses and destroys the constantly active and newly flowing healing current. Many a relapse into the previous state of illness can be traced back to this destructive influence of negative thoughts. Thoughts are forces that have their specific vibration and radiation. Just as a stove can radiate soothing warmth or poisonous coal fumes, so a person constantly sends out healthy, uplifting forces through his thoughts when he thinks good, or unhealthy degrading ones when he has bad thoughts. If, therefore, the sick, who are being healed, come from a harmonious environment of good, helpful and confident people into another circle of scoffers, doubters and unbelievers and remain connected there, relapses can occur for the reasons mentioned, the causes of which are external seen, are not recognizable. It is therefore an imperative of prudence, in such a change of environment, as in general in intercourse with sceptics and the ignorant, to be as silent as possible about a healing initiated by the current. Only when the transition period is over and the state of health appears to be well founded and secure should we talk about it freely and should then feel obliged to make a clear and powerful commitment. Such is the natural thanks to Bruno Groening, through whose work we have come back into possession of the most precious, earthly good, health. The confessing testimony of the completed healing is at the same time a certain help for him, which he still needs in the difficult struggle with an incomprehensible world to achieve freedom for his beneficial work.



We are at a significant turning point at which, through the research of metaphysics and the humanities, insights into the inner nature of the universe and of man come to light, which the truly wise and enlightened have known in all ages, but which have been buried and denied by materialism and had been forgotten. Matter, the externally tangible matter which for an age was regarded as the sole reality, has finally been dethroned through scientific research and philosophical exposition. It is recognized more and more that matter-bound force and force is nothing else than refined matter. The ocean of life with its energies and currents of power is hidden behind the changing forms of the world of appearances, which nourishes and builds up all creatures and gives them existence. The life element, the spiritual, invisible basis of all beings and appearances in the world, cannot be seen with physical eyes, cannot be grasped with hands, cannot be weighed on the scales and cannot be dissected with a knife. But this invisible sea of life, from which the organic activity of plants, animals and humans arises and affects the material bodies, is still there. If the materialist asserts that nothing existsthat he does not know, it is saying that such a person imagines that he is already in possession of omniscience and that there cannot be anything in the world that he has yet to learn . But every new discovery has put an end to this megalomania, and all insightful scholars have finally come to the conviction that, as the great Newton says, “we are only children who play on the bank while the great one in front of us is still unexplored ocean of reality. “

The period of blind materialism is over and the insightful thinkers of the present are again approaching a higher spiritual standpoint, which the great sages have taken and defended in all times. It is certainly the case that modern science, with the aid of the finest instruments, has examined the structure of the human body down to the last detail, that modern chemistry knows more about the external relationships of substances and metals than the ancient alchemists. But the representatives of spiritual science knew much more than our materialistic science of the mysterious forces that exist behind things, in the soul of the world, and thus work in all creatures and forms. In addition to the human body, spiritual science knows much more important components of the human constitution, namely the inner, spiritual centers, which work in the visible body. According to materialism, the human being with his thinking, volition and feeling is an activity of the physical body, especially the brain. Spiritual science, on the other hand, regards man as a soul whose conscious and organizing power builds and maintains the physical body. The body is only the house that man lives as a spiritual individual. When treating the house, therefore, one must not ignore the occupant, because the house is built from this builder himself and is maintained by him. Even if a precise knowledge of the material body and its organs as well as their functions is of great value and a necessity, it is still of even greater importance to know those forces which animate the body and enable its organs to be active. It is those ethereal-spiritual forces, which are summarized as the soul.


We have to consider the universe with all its creatures as a revelation of the divine life and will, which sets the world substance in different kinds of vibrations. The higher, faster and more spiritual the vibration, the more the divine-harmonic forces reveal themselves. The more material and slower the vibration, the less the higher life and consciousness is expressed. Spiritual science therefore speaks of several vibrational fields on our planet that penetrate and surround one another. In relation to clarifying the healing phenomenon of Bruno Groening, it is above all necessary to understand that our planet is surrounded and permeated by an etheric field and that our physical earth is only a condensation of the invisible, ethereal globe. The presence of the ether

No one needs to be proven today, since the etheric wave transmits the audio images of the radio station to us every hour. The etheric field of the planet and the solar system is the carrier of all life forces. All magnetic and electrical currents vibrate in it and animate every being and creature in the world, every atom, every plant, every animal and every human being. Just as the planet is composed of the indicated fields of force, the coarsest of which is the physical earth, man too has the same composed constitution. He leads an earthly existence through his physical body, his life force has its basis in the etheric body, the passions and feelings vibrate in his astral body and the forces of a higher kind, the forces of thought and virtue belong to even finer and more spiritual fields of vibration. Everything in nature is life. The things that can be seen are not life itself, but rather its manifestations in appearance. The same forces which are active in great nature are also active in man; the same law prevails in both. That the earthly body of every human being is animated and permeated by an ethereal organism has already been scientifically recognized as a fact. It is called the fluidic or the Od body.

This etheric body is different for every person. Therefore every person has a stronger or weaker life force. Without the etheric body, the earthly human being is only a corpse. The fact that one cannot see the etheric body is no proof against its existence. One cannot see the air either, and yet we live in it like fish in water. Various experiences and appearances in our earthly body testify to the presence and effectiveness of the etheric body. As the bearer of life force and the sensation of life, it is also the bearer of that feeling that is expressed in the body. Without the etheric body, man would not feel any physical pain. During anesthesia, e.g. B. during an operation, the etheric body is pushed out of the earthly body to a certain extent, whereby the insensitivity of pain is achieved. It is also known that with amputated limbs, whereby the etheric body remains unchanged, the person concerned still has corresponding sensations in his no longer existing arm or leg. In the normal state the etheric body is closely connected with the earthly body. Separation of the two leads to death. Because without the etheric body there is no life activity. Since every part of our earthly body, every smallest cell, is encircled and flooded by the life currents of the etheric body, it is easy to understand what influence the nature of the etheric body has on our physical well-being, especially on the disease states, their cause and healing.



Harmony, order and health are the lawful expressions of the spirit in nature. Where this order and harmony is disturbed, disorder, congestion, displacement, pressure etc. arise in the individual creature as well as in social life and in all of nature. Illness is the result of a disturbance and weakening of the harmoniously working life forces, whereby their influence on the body is prevented. There are many diseases, depending on how they are expressed and the organ whose activity is disturbed. In general one can speak of three types of illnesses: physical, moral and intellectual. Depending on the nature of the disease, the causes are also different. The disease as well as the cause of it are judged differently according to the point of view which the person takes

designated. This gives rise to the various healing methods through which one tries to eliminate the diseases. It goes without saying that mankind can only be cured of countless diseases by avoiding the  causes.

But this assumes that you know the same. Materialistic science will not be able to free mankind from the burden of illnesses because it denies the true inner causes of illnesses, namely the psychic forces and currents of force. Help from the outside can only become part of the human being, since everyone has to gain a clear insight into the laws of life for themselves. Because only he who knows the laws can fulfill them. The task of our life can be described as the knowledge and fulfillment of the spiritual laws. You are the divine will in nature.



There are many healing methods, each of which has had particular successes. It is not the intention of this publication to discuss the individual methods and to compare them with one another. Only two groups of healing methods should be pointed out: those that use external, material remedies, and others that use invisible, spiritual, human forces. In reality all healing methods, including the materialistic ones, which use external means and medicines, are methods of an occult internal kind. For all substances obtained from preparations are converted into forces through assimilation, which act on the etheric body of man and from there on the earthly body influence. This is particularly true of homeopathic healing methods, in which the remedies are administered in great dilution. The effect of a force increases with the refinement or dilution of the substance on which it is based. Every force is material because there is no force without material. Matter is bound force and force is nothing else than matter in a diluted state. The effect of the homeopathic remedies lies in the release of energies of the ether.

Since every organ of the human body is based on the corresponding part of the etheric body and all illnesses are based on disturbances in the etheric currents of force, these disturbances are eliminated by homeopathic remedies and their energy release, after which the illness in the body is eliminated. The effect is based on the power potency or the number of vibrations of the ether on which the means are based. A direct influence without external means occurs through the healing power of magnetism. The force at work here is Prana, the life energy, which, as already explained, fills the entire solar system and is the sustaining and building element in all creatures. It is also the life element of every human being and has its seat and carrier in the etheric body. Everyone has their own special life magnetism. Some have it to a very high degree, some have it low, and the pulsating rhythms are weak and sluggish.

A magnetizer by calling is a person who has a large flow of Prana and can therefore “fill up” and strengthen the sluggish, weak or disturbed life cycle of a sick person, which then has an effect on the patient’s recovery. Since every cell and every organ of our body has the etheric field on which it is based and every disease of an organ has its cause and basis in the nourishing and sustaining ethereal image, the disease in the physical body is also eliminated through the filling and regulation of the etheric organ in question. Since the will of the magnetizer also comes into play when magnetizing, albeit unintentionally, the spiritual and spiritual nature of the healer is not without importance. The patient who makes himself passive while magnetizing easily absorbs the emotional and emotional states of the magnetizer. A healer who uses magnetic or other spiritual powers should be a saint, at least a morally and spiritually high person, in order to be able to help the sick mentally at the same time.



After the above explanations it will now be possible for us to understand the character and the effect of the healing power of Bruno Groening. However, we are not dealing here with a healing magnetism in a known, generally occurring manner, nor with any other suggestive or even hypnotic force. Rather, it is a stream of power, which can be described as a direct inflow from the spiritual world and which works with such intensity, breadth and inexhaustibility that the healing successes achieved appear like inexplicable miracles. Every human being is in constant connection and interaction with the cosmos through his or her physical, ethereal, astral and mental constitution. We therefore call man the microcosm, i. H. the small world, which is the image of the macrocosm, of the whole world and has in itself the same forces and conditions that are present in the big world. In the people of the present stage of development, however, the internal organs for the revelation of the cosmic forces are generally not yet developed. Therefore, people initially only face the currents of power of the cosmos in terms of sensation and knowledge, without being able to trigger the forces in their immediacy and creative power.

Through his internalization, elevation and union into the higher, divine self of man, the centers of the inner body open up, and the higher forces and currents of life are revealed in man. The greatest German doctor, Theophrastus Paracelsus, says; “There are great secret powers in nature, and when they are freed from the obstacles that stand in the way of their development, it is as if a captive man is stripped of his bonds and his mind is free. The mystery of nature in bodies is like a fire in wood that cannot burn as long as the wood is wet. But if we want to get to know these secrets, we must above all consider what is most useful and noblest to know for man, namely the great mystery of what God is, what man is and how God and man relate to one another, since eternal good can only be known through God. Archidoxes “Libe I”.



When looking at the work of Bruno Groening, one side should not be left unmentioned, which in his work represents the religious-ethical content and his own motivation. He is a religious person who sees existence on earth and its value not only in the attainment of health. For him, health is only a prerequisite for a lifestyle in which the religious and ethical demands are fulfilled. His endeavor is to do the divine will, which is love for all people and creatures and to help liberate mentally and physically sick humanity from suffering. Therefore we hear from him again and again the admonition to turn to the divine good and truth, since fundamentally permanent physical health can only be achieved by following what the divine demands in us as the voice of reason and conscience . In Bruno Groening’s speeches one hears again and again how he describes the return to God as the task of all people. If those who have regained health through him want to thank him, he rejects this thanks and says: “Thank the Lord God, not me, for he alone is the helper, and thank Him by fulfilling His commandments ! ”Again and again he points out that man should love his fellow men as he does himself. In simple faith he is filled with his mission and mission to lead people back to God.

All his love is for the sick, the poor and the needy. To help them is the content of his life, to which he sacrifices all comforts and conveniences. His friends know how important the sick are to him, and how often, after days of travel, exhausted and hungry, for him only after visiting the sick, the time for his own recovery comes into consideration. People should become kind and helpful again, should know that they are all children of God and accordingly think and act in a brotherly manner. These are statements that he repeatedly suggests to his patients. The structure and maintenance of the body depends to a great extent on the nature and character of the soul. The soul is the creative cause and the physical body is the outward effect. Through the way in which a person is spiritually constituted, how he thinks and feels, he shapes his outer life and thus his body. The daily experience testifies to how immensely the ideas and imaginations influence the well-being.

The thoughts and ideas arouse the desires, the passions and desires and determine a wrong way of life, the consequence of which is again the host of diseases. In the human soul we have to recognize the common basis of all conditions in human existence. One can compare the present overall condition of mankind to a great disease, the effects of which are manifested in wars, revolutions, social misery and in the ruthless struggle of all against all. The greed for possession, pleasure and power dominates the minds and creates those conditions which, in their further course, lead down into the abyss of heartless alienation, despair and the destruction of all values. All discerning and kind people realize that the evils of existence can only be overcome by a return to unchangeable spiritual goods.

In truth there is only one highest good, that is God, who is one life and eternal, spiritual light in all the world. Each of the great religions, philosophies, ethics, science, and true art speaks and strives for this goal of human development and perfection, and their teachings and references are consistent with one another, regardless of their forms and expressions. Because there is only one truth, only one supreme divine being and only one way of elevation and reunification, which consists in overcoming false knowledge and selfishness. Bruno Gröning’s work is directed towards the external and internal transformation of people. We can only wish that for this beneficial activity he will be given the freedom that will enable him to restore health and faith to many suffering people.



From the abundance of SUCCESS REPORTS

hundreds of which have been available since Bruno Groening’s only two years of work, only a few are to follow. There are also those from remote effects, which may serve as evidence for the above declarations. Would the enlightenment contribute to the knowledge of the truth and bring healing to many people.

H. H., Duisburg, February 21, 1949: “I hereby declare in lieu of an oath that Mr. Gröning removed my stomach ulcer as determined by an X-ray. I was also a witness to the healing of Mr. K., here himself, whose forearm was paralyzed, can move his hand and fingers easily again and has feeling and strength in them. “

W. P., boy, 9 years old, Freimann, 03.03.1949: “At the age of seven months meningitis, mentally retarded. Imbalance disorders, cannot walk alone. – Now spiritually enlivened, walks alone through the crowd without bumping into it.

J. K., Munich, September 3rd, 1949: “Severe bilateral hip disease, dislocation for 45 years, feels completely restored as a new person.”

RM, Bischofswiesen, 14 years old, September 3rd, 1949: “Spinal paralysis since the age of six weeks, can now walk again.”

AG, Waakirchen hei Bad Tölz, October 3rd, 1949: “Paralyzed by embolism after pneumonia in 1945 , can not walk. Get up after consuming power and go again. “

J. E., Westach, Post Isen, O3.O9.1949: “Dropsy of the heart, kidney and bladder problems. In the last three months in three hospitals, in the last after 48 hours sent home as hopeless. By touching Bruno Groening I got completely healthy in passing, went into the pub and had a roast and drinks two liters of beer. “

W. Sch., Westach, Post Isen, October 3rd, 1949: “For nine months, leg festering due to thrombosis, severely swollen, completely covered with eczema, since the meeting with Gröning the eczema dried up completely and disappeared.” Report from Eyewitnesses from the same village.

Ms. A., Vienna 13, reports on November 10, 1949: “In the Traberhof near Rosenheim I was able to convince myself that polio had been cured. The patient was brought to the Traberhof in a wheelchair, could not move and was relieved of his severe paralysis. In addition to the walking handicap, the patient had a speech impediment from which he was also relieved. As the patient reports, for the first time in three years he was able to converse and move freely with his wife. According to statements, the healing took place about ten weeks ago and continues to this day. ”“ On September 29th, my husband received a remote healing in Vienna. He expressed the wish to get to Groening personally. As a result of his illness, the doctors declined responsibility for a trip. In the later period he felt such an improvement due to the remote healing that he was able to start the journey to Germany alone. According to statements by well-known doctors at home and abroad, this patient has been described as incurable. “

F. B., Munich, November 6th, 1950: “As an 11 year old girl I got very severe rheumatism. I had to lie in bed for ten weeks and the disease moved from the neck to my left leg.

The leg pain has never completely left me since then. The heart was badly affected. Two operations, two pregnancies and the menopause resulted in increased pain in the legs as there were also varicose veins. After the power consumption by Bruno Groening, the left side of the body became very warm, then hot, and I felt the pulse pounding in my fingertips. I was able to get up and bend my leg back and forth without pain.

October 16, 1950: No pain today. How wonderfully I can now go up and down the many stairs. October 20, 1950: I am healed. “I. Sch., Bad Wiessee, October 28, 1949:

Report on distance healing: Ms. A. Z., Munich, asked Mr. Gröning to cure her severe heart condition, Mr. Gröning dealt with the received letter that same night. The patient received the reaction during the night. She was able to get out of bed, walk, and feel very healthy.

E. G., Schweinfurt a. Main, March 10th, 1951: “Since the last power consumption, my headache, which was mainly caused by severe headache that increased to nausea and which in recent years could only be countered by overdosing on headache tablets and by injections, has completely disappeared. I’ve had this condition for almost 30 years. “

Ms. G. K., Bad Kissingen, March 20th, 1951: “My little son had constant anal bleeding for 3/4 years. Despite medical treatment and interventions, it was not possible to stop the bleeding. The child was so weak that he fell off the chair and passed out. When she was admitted to the clinic for observation, she came home unimproved. Her eyes were constantly purulent for three years and she was under constant medical treatment. A miracle happened through Mr. Gröning. After his healing current there was no longer the slightest bleeding. The child asked to eat what I hadn’t known before, because I always had to force him to eat. Now the child is visibly blooming, the eyes are also good. “

A. K., Schweinfurt, March 22nd, 1951: “According to X-rays and EKG, I suffered from cardiac muscle damage and severe circulatory disorders. I also had 3.3% urinary sugar and 2.9% blood sugar. The ailments were diagnosed in the city hospital in Schweinfurt. Thanks to Mr. Gröning, I am freed from the ailments mentioned and no longer have any disturbances. “

W. E. M., Bad Kissingen, March 14th, 1951: “I had severe rheumatism in my knees and also with my heart. I was always under medical treatment and no one got rid of the pain. Thanks to Mr. Gröning I got well. “

A. P., Schweinfurt, March 28th, 1951: “For 10 years I have had raging headaches. Various doctors found a frontal sinus dilatation. I was under unsuccessful medical treatment for almost two years. Mr. Gröning gave me a reaction which was expressed in the fact that small clumps of pus with congealed blood came out of the nose and mouth. Now I feel completely fresh, healthy and without pain. “

B. J., Reith bei Kissingen, March 17th, 1951:” My grandchild suffered from tendon paralysis. The foot began to grow in downwards, the toes were badly crooked and could not be bent upwards. Mr. Gröning took a remote healing at 8:40 am. I drove home immediately, we took the child out of bed, put it on the table, and feet and toes were straight and the child could bend its toes upwards. We were all deeply moved. I myself suffered from walking difficulties and also experienced significant improvement. “

R. H., Hassenbach near Kissingen, March 5th, 1951: “My two-year-old child is not able to move, it stays where you put it down. It was also unable to speak and was unable to keep its head upright, but always had it in a drooping state. I have seen countless doctors. They advised me to make the child available for experimental purposes, as it would not be curable, among other things a doctor told me to pray to the Lord that the child would get pneumonia and die. I don’t need to count on recovery. The day after the visit to Mr. Gröning, the child suddenly began to speak little words, which it had previously not been able to do. It became much calmer and happier. I can play with the child now and he or she laughs. It is also particularly astonishing that the child can now tighten its legs. “

C. H., Bad Kissingen, March 7th, 1951: “For years I have suffered from severe rheumatism, gout and circulatory disorders, sudden rush of blood to the brain and convulsive twitching, with the fingers cramping inwards. Thanks to the tinfoil ball, my pain has completely disappeared and, thank God, I feel very well. “

L. W., Schweinfurt, March 21, 1951: “I suffered from a very severe phlebitis on my left leg. All medical efforts were unsuccessful. The Gröning tinfoil ball made my ailment noticeably better, and in a few days I was completely relieved of it. “

A. Sch., Bad Kissingen, December 22nd, 1950: “On October 13th, 1950, my son suffered a concussion as a result of a fall. Thanks to Mr. Gröning’s remote healing, the boy became completely healthy again in a short time without any consequences. At a meeting with Mr. Groening in December of that year, he asked how the boy was doing. I reported that he was perfectly healthy. Then Mr. Gröning said: “But the boy’s right leg is somewhat handicapped.” I was not aware of any of this. But when I told my wife about Mr. Gröning’s statement, she was very dazed and confessed to me that the boy had fallen on his kneecap four days ago and broke a splinter, which she had not told me about. Both on the right leg. He cannot walk properly and complains of pain. We were completely speechless about Mr. Gröning’s television ability. “

S. K., Munich, February 22nd, 1950: “I had knee inflammation for two years and could only walk with a stick. Medical efforts brought no cure. I was helped by Mr. Gröning. The pain is gone, I don’t need a stick anymore, I can bend my knee, which I couldn’t before. Also headaches, from which I suffered for 20 years, have completely disappeared. “

Ms. PM, Bad Kissingen, January 8th, 1951: “It’s really like a miracle that you have cured my years of suffering – chronic nerve pain -” CB, Bad Kissingen, March 8th, 1951: “Suffered for more than 10 years I have severe arthritis in both legs and have tried everything to get better, but to no avail. While the power was being drawn, I was able to move my knees and then walk the long way to my apartment without any pain in a short time. The following morning and afternoon I was able to take longer walks. “

One of the remote healings with Bruno Groening’s television, of which there are a large number, is to follow here.

It should be noted that in most of these cases those who have been healed do not give a report and the healing is often only known through communications from others. One of many letters was picked up by Bruno Gröning without having read it and without knowing its contents and found it remotely healing on

December 27th, 1950, as Mr. PAD, Munich, can testify:

“Ringing in the ears will subside with warmth, Illness disappears when it is completely forgotten.

“The letter in question, which was only opened after the remote healing had been initiated, has the following wording in relation to the illness:”

All the specialists here explain to me that, unfortunately, they can no longer cure me. How happy I would be if I were released from the buzz in my right head half or ear and could hear with my right ear again. Furthermore, if I were freed from the unpleasant side effects of my ailing pancreas, liver and bile. I was in the hospital for two months this year and was unfortunately discharged as unhealed. “

Reply: Linz, February 15, 1951:” A change in my health has taken place. Only you could have worked a miracle on me, because I have literally blossomed in the last four weeks or so. Most importantly, I feel so good physically. My heart is much better, including my bile and pancreas. I can eat anything again with impunity. I would be infinitely happy if I could get one of the famous tinfoil balls from your dear hands. “


“In the last few weeks we have witnessed healings and saw how those suffering from paralysis that had existed for years suddenly put off crutches and sticks and. could walk normally without them. We are also witnesses of absent sick people being healed. These facts are well established. With the freedom of expression granted to us by law, we ask the public for what reason and with what right the ban on healing was imposed on Bruno Gröning. We and countless people who have also been healed and improved say that no earthly law can and may not withdraw his healing power from Bruno Groening. The undersigned declare in lieu of oath that they are witnesses of the cited healings in themselves and others. E. S., Augsburg: The undersigned “

Of the many healings in animals, in which the prejudice of suggestion, hypnosis and the like is certainly excluded, the following report:

W. K., Schweinfurt, March 19, 1951: “My German shepherd had been suffering from severe distemper for weeks. The pus ran out of the eyes after unsuccessful treatment. One evening I put the tinfoil ball for the dog under his bed. The next morning the eyes were perfectly clear and the dog is completely healthy. “

Source: RETLOW, Friedrich: Bruno Gröning’s Heilstrom. Its nature and its effect. Self-published, 1953.