The Teaching of Bruno Groening


We humans are spiritual beings and live with our material body in a polarized, material world, which, however, is permeated by the spirit of divine nature. According to Bruno Groening’s statements, humans were originally completely connected to God and lived in a paradisiacal state of consciousness. Bruno Groening referred to God as the greatest source of power, the origin of light and the creator of all life.

Over the millennia, most people have relied more and more on the material values ​​of the outside world and over time have forgotten that they are divine beings – endowed with a divine consciousness, a divine soul that lives in a body. By sliding our consciousness into ever-deeper levels of vibration, we were no longer able to internalize and perceive the divine, which is simply “the Good”. Over time, we have lost contact with our original, natural being and have tried to compensate for this deficiency through purely externally perceptible processes.

Bruno Gröning said: “Often, I have given you to know what my real goal is. I want to lead every person back to faith, because every person is a being of nature, every person is a child of God. We humans have only one Father, and that is our Lord God.”(01.10.1949)

Bruno Gröning described God as an inexhaustible source of power permeated with love and light, from which we humans can draw vital energy for life, but also wisdom and peace, joy and vitality. Man had partially or completely lost the connection to this source of power.

“The further a person turns away from God, knowingly or ignorantly, the less life is in his body, so that there was hardly so much life in it that the organs reacted to him as he had to determine it. As a result, he could no longer go through life full of strength. He has lost this source of strength here. In the end he lost the connection to the great source of strength. He was no longer able to absorb the power of God. And so he, his body, became a wreck.” Bruno Gröning

Bruno Gröning made it clear during his lifetime that he wanted to make his teaching accessible to everyone:

“I do not want to miss all of my knowledge and ability to give you on the further path of life. Maybe it’s interesting, maybe not, but I do! (…) And I leave nothing undone to convey all my knowledge and ability to you in writing and in words anyway.” (26.09.1950)

Bruno Gröning was concerned to lead all people through a “great return” back to divine consciousness.

“What I have to say here definitely concerns every single person, no matter what nation or denomination they belong to, no matter whether they are poor or rich. Everyone is the same to me, the colour of the skin does not play a role, much less the mother tongue.”(Date unknown)

“And now, finally, dear friends, so that you too can understand this little wisdom, I tell you: Love life – God! God is everywhere!

 With this I have given you one of the best proofs that you can be with your body wherever you want, even if you are in a small, simply modest, if dark little room, there too it will receive the divine mission, because there are no limits to this.

It does not have to be that your body is in Germany. No, no matter where you are on this earth with your body, because God is EVERYWHERE !! Because God is everything to us. We are nothing without him.

We belong to God! “

Bruno Groening March 30, 1956, Plochingen