Free Communities


Since 2009 until today, through our work in the teaching of Bruno Groening in Australia and all over the world, free communities and groups have been founded in which people can come together to absorb the divine healing power, as Bruno Groening taught us . We are not a tight organization, but a loose association of free communities that lead themselves and take care of those seeking help and those who are spiritually interested.

Russian-German friendship

Independent Communities

Free Communities has started all over the world.


Bruno Groening told us about a divine energy and called it “Heilstrom” or healing current. In our healing and meditation sessions we are sitting together and “tuning in” to this divine energy. We observe and watch our bodies and the healing light will enter through our crown center into the whole body.


We can feel and experience the divine power ourselves. We learn to receive and take in the healing energies on a simple way, sitting on a chair in an open posture. Through absorbing the healing waves help

and healing can happen in our lives.


Here a short, simple description:


  1. Sit with both feet flat on the floor, a comfortable distance apart. Place the backs of your hands on your thighs so that the palms face upwards and the hands do not touch each other; and your arms (and legs) are not crossed. Your spine is straight (if possible) but relaxed.

  2. Believe in a loving God who wants you to be well.

  3. Have an intention of tuning into (Einstellen) and accepting and absorbing the Divine Healing Stream (Heilstrom).

  4. Trust and Believe – the Divine power Helps and Heals. – believe that as soon as you request healing, you are receiving it, and you are healed.

  5. Pay great attention to your body, and particularly on good feelings in the body.Do your best to not follow the pains or discomfort, but rather notice other sensations. As soon as you do the steps above, you are receiving healing, and there will be sensations caused by this. If your mind wanders, just bring it back to an awareness of your body. If this is difficult to do, then instead think of something beautiful, or listen to spiritually uplifting music. If you experience an increase in symptoms or unusual discomforts when you are sitting in this position and tuning in, do not be concerned – just remember that you have asked for healing, and sometimes this has to work in a very physical way – these pains do not always occur, but are called “Regelungen” (it is a cleansing process).

  6. If you have any illnesses or worries or problems, do not focus on these – rather just give them all to Bruno Groening to deal with, and ask for his help and protection.

  7. Live according to divine laws (and the teachings of Bruno Groening, which express divine laws). Put aside resentment and anger and gossip, and other evil things which harm yourself and others. Avoid as far as possible other peoples negative attitudes.

  8. Things which can get in the way of healing are loss of hope, an unwillingness to believe in God, an identification with the illness or problem (i.e. Holding onto it, thinking of it as yours). You must be open to the healing.