L – Help and healing reports

Lung problems

Healing from lung problems of my father in law through the photo of BG
Chi Chen (Jack) Y. TAIWAN
My father in law got the lung problem at about March and was sent to hospital. He lived there about four days.

I gave the photo (of Bruno Gröning)  to him and had told something about Bruno to him about two weeks ago. I told him to put it in the pillow or took it with him. 
Last Saturday, he suffered from fever and lung problems and was sent to hospital again. At first, doctor let him X-ray the lung. After the photo of X-ray came out, the doctor said my father in law was not worse. After two hours, he took some medicine and went home. Last Sunday, he totally recovered. I asked him if he used the photo always. He said “yes”. 
It is really magical for this case. So I tell him to go on using it. Share it with you and Thank Bruno, Thank God.