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Lectures by Bruno Gröning in text form and on YouTube

Bruno Gröning has recorded a large number of lectures on tapes in front of those in search of help and healing and at home as well. Fortunately, most of these tapes have survived. On this website you can enjoy Bruno Groening’s lectures in writing on the one hand and also in the original sound of his speaking on YouTube in the form of videos.


Bruno Groening Lecture - October 3, 1958, in Springe, Germany

Bruno Groening Lecture - October 4, 1958, in Springe, Germany

Bruno Groening Lecture – October 5, 1958, in Springe, Germany

Beginning words: “And now, dear friends, one question: Are you there too?”

Content: Oct. 6, 1958

In this lecture Bruno Gröning and some friends refer about their experiences after WW II and how BG went into prison with his soldier comrades, how he was released and started again to help his fellow human beings. Be attentive to emergencies and difficulties of others in order to then switch to active help. But only those who help without self-interest also open themselves to God’s help. A moving call for more attention, helpfulness and unconditional active charity.

Lecture in CD form available at Bruno-groening-stiftung.org



Bruno Groening Lecture, Oct. 27, 1957, in Plochingen, Germany

Beginning words: “It’s truth, that anybody has to stand for truth…”