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Sacroiliac joint pain

Healing of sacroiliac joint pain

H.H., Free Comm.Darmstadt GERMANY

In 1995 I developed severe pain in the sacroiliac joint on my left side. The pain was centered in a depression on my bottom (dimple) and pulled down my left leg from there. My knee was also affected. In the buttocks area, the pain felt like everything was contracting and cramping to the point described above. Down the leg I felt a sharp pull and a gnawing pain in the knee on the left side. Whatever I did, the pain was always there, hindering me from walking, sitting and lying down. Sitting was particularly painful. Seating that was too hard or too soft was torture. Bending down was only possible with the greatest effort. For me it was mentally very stressful that no family doctor and orthopedic surgeon took me seriously. With this load I only used trauma spray. The trauma spray and prescribed massages brought me a short-term improvement. I had acupuncture done on my own initiative. It helped a little, but I had to stop it because it triggered migraine attacks in me. This condition was undiminished when I found the Bruno Groening Group in April 1998.

The pain in the sacroiliac joint continued in the manner described until after about a year I got a very severe regulation. One day I got excruciating pain while standing at the tram stop. They were in the usual way, but as strong as I had never felt them before. I decided to believe in the rules and hired on the spot straight away. For about four to five hours I had an intensive dialogue with Bruno, in which my belief in healing was very strong. After these hours, the concentrated, centered pain that I had had for about four years was resolved. After that I had light regulations for about three months. The pain was no longer punctual, but weak and distributed. Since that time I have been healed and walking, sitting and lying down give me absolutely no more difficulties. I enjoy being able to bend down carefree, as the pain in my knee has also disappeared.

Sacrum and pelvis pain

H. H. Free Comm. Darmstadt, GERMANY

In 1995 I began to develop pelvic and right sacral pains. The pain started from a point about ten centimeters next to the pelvic bone and pulled horizontally into the pelvis from behind. I found the pain gnawing and piercing. The pain was worst at night. Often times I didn’t know how to lie and would throw myself from side to side for hours. When I got up in the morning, the pain was very severe, I felt stiff, and I had difficulty getting up. The exercise was good for me in the course of the morning and it made the discomfort less. When I ran, I had permanent pain in the area described. With this burden I went to several general practitioners and orthopedists. The doctors prescribed trauma spray and a rheumatoid ointment, the name of which I no longer remember. The rheumatoid ointment didn’t help me at all and the trauma spray only brought me short-term relief. At my request, an orthopedic surgeon prescribed massages for me, which gave me short-term relief. By watching gymnastics on TV, I was encouraged to do gymnastics on my own. The pain got a little better and I felt more flexible. Nevertheless, in the year before I got to know the way with Bruno Groening, the complaints were still severe.

In April 1998 I heard a lecture about Bruno Groening at an esoteric fair in Darmstadt. There I immediately felt the Heilstrom.

Right from the start, when I tuned in, I felt the healing current like rain trickling over my head to my shoulder. I immediately felt that I had found what I had been looking for, for a long time. As a result, I immediately believed that I would get help here. The pain in the pelvis and sacrum area gradually subsided within one to one and a half years without my having had any significant regulation. I have been pain-free day and night for about 15 years. Even in the morning I can sit up straight away without any stiffness. Since then I haven’t needed any sprays or ointments.

Searing Spasms in stomach

 Jack D.– reports about his friend Neil from Cheshire, UK.
The ailment that ravaged my friend Neil had started some years ago, and unfortunately grew apace, both in frequency and in severity. Attacks, or spasms of pain would grasp him at intervals causing him to clutch at his stomach and to ‘lock up’ – to become tense and rigid – as a searing ‘stomach’ pain increased to a crescendo and then gradually released him. I saw this happen many times. This process demands about a minute or so of rigidity and of immobility as Neil would have to stop whatever he was doing to focus on enduring the pain that came over him. 
You could see that these spasms were severe, and they lasted long enough, often, to cause him to cry out as the pain peaked, and then to exclaim with relief as it subsided. I could see that Neil was going through a difficult time with these attacks, as they tended to occur about every hour or so, irregularly, throughout the daytime and evening, in recent months. 
Cancer of the stomach was suspected by some people who were witness to the attacks – and the probability of a stomach ulcer, or an ‘ulcer patch’ was proposed by other concerned witnesses. As time passed, his condition did not improve, but became rather worse. Over the few years since it started, for some reason, Neil never took painkillers against the violent spasms, Eventually, however, a new factor came into play, to shift the balance of forces within the equation of struggle further into Neil’s favour. 
Neil had seen photographs of a famous healer being used as a focus, in prayer and meditation,.. He had learned that aches, pains and ailments might sometimes be relieved by simply placing a photograph of the healer over the afflicted body part whilst praying for help. Unlikely though it may sound, pain relief and healing were often said to follow. Neil had also met with apparently sane and reliable people who spoke of having had this healing experience for themselves and who could attest to the likelihood, even the probability of success.
 When, eventually, a suitably-sized picture came into his possession, in February of 2015, he decided that he had nothing to lose by placing the laminated, postcard-sized (6”x4”) photo over the painful site, at about the lowest point of his sternum, He decided to keep the photo in place indefinitely, out of sight, over his skin surface but hidden away underneath his jersey… 
As he recently told me, it took only a few days for the painful attacks to diminish in duration, in frequency and in severity. Within about three days, Neil says, the attacks completely ceased. He noticed the reduction in severity and also the shorter duration of attacks quite quickly and then, he says that after about 3 days, the greatly reduced attacks were no longer occurring at all.  
The progression of healing was rapid and reassuring and the healer – through his photograph has somehow brought full and very welcome relief to another living human, although it has been many long years since the healer was here on earth in person. The healer was Bruno Groning, and he left our earth in 1959, pledging that if somebody needed help or healing after his death, and they were to call upon him, then – if God were willing, he would continue to provide assistance.    
A vast archive of all the fully witnessed, documented and verified cases of healing attributed to Bruno’s intervention, that the many interested doctors and various medical therapists have encountered, is maintained privately in Europe.  So many people have reported about healing and assistance being received when they petition and request help from the saintly man, that I felt I should record yet another merciful result in this short but recent and true witness account of mine, from England.  
                                                                                                     Jack.D. 2015                                                                                            johnfrancisd@gmail.com 

Sleep disturbance

DISTURBANCE DURING SLEEP                                                                 
For the last five years or more, I have been woken from my sleep on many nights, aware that something was happening to me. However, I wouldn’t know exactly what caused me to be suddenly awake. I would wonder about it, and usually move to change my position slightly.
On starting to move, my internal body energies would seem to “boil” – especially in the legs and lower torso. It was as if some large energy field was leaving me in a hurry…
I began to suspect vampiric activity, or some form of energy intrusion from a discarnate, when this happened night after night, after night. I got frightened – at times rather much so – and wondered what was really happening to me. I prayed sincerely to God, to Jesus, to other teachers and – since my Introduction in March 06, – to Bruno Groening. My friend, – sleeping in a different room in the same house, was unaffected and remained completely unaware of my nightly struggles.
I sought advice and help from experts in several different countries, at different times, and had some help to reduce these intrusions. Invariably they re-started after a time. The lady who gave me the best and clearest information was also able to strengthen my own boundaries, (aura) which succeeded in keeping “him” out for some months. I heard from her the story about the soul of a man who had passed away in an agitated mental state and who still frequented the building, (a block of four small houses joined together). I learned the history of this man, his disposition, his fixed ideas, and the circumstances of his death (a suicide).
I had the house ‘cleared’ twice by different professionals, and special prayers and other measures were used. However, he remained present, moving around within the dwellings, and was able to enter my sleeping body at will, which would wake me up, sooner or later, with the familiar sensations. I would also pick up his anxieties and thought patterns – which added to the unpleasantness of these episodes. Eventually, my terror changed to indignation, and I would chase him out, threatening all sorts of dire consequences to make sure he went. However, I was powerless to prevent the nightly intrusions, and I worried about it, wondering what on earth he was doing getting inside me?
In the Autumn of 2007, I was running out of countermeasures, and went to order a ‘black light’ bulb to keep on all night, as I had heard that ghosts avoid this special light frequency. That night, before retiring, I remembered some CD’s of Bruno Groening speaking, which I had converted to mp3’s, loaded into my mp3 player – but had, as yet, never played. I took the player to bed with me, and – whilst tuning into the healing energy – for an hour or more listened with interest to the voice of Bruno. It was like being in the same room as him. I must have fallen asleep at some point, for I later woke up. The voice tape I’d been listening to was finished or the batteries had emptied by now; instead I heard a voice speaking in English.
Drowsy, I caught only the last four words “…has been taken away”.
Bruno, of course, speaks only in German.
I lay there for a while, wondering if I had imagined it, and whether anything had been taken away…but soon went back off to sleep again, when I was sure that I was not being “attacked”.
The intrusions ceased from that night onwards, and have not recurred. I sense that the dwelling is now free from this disturbed being, and I believe that I received help from Bruno and his assistants, because I prayed to him, asking for relief.  I am very grateful for my now undisturbed sleep and my peaceful nights. I’m sure that this other soul is – or will eventually be – very glad that he was helped, too.                  
  Jack D. Chester. UK.



Healing report about a very severe stroke at my brother in law Andreas. R., 2012 GERMANY

Adreas R., my 49 year old brother in law, suffered from a stroke in September 2012. One morning, his supervisor found him (who for his (entire) life (time) is being thalidomide-disabled, in that his arms are very short, the legs normally developed) in a completely desolate state with disorientation and lying on the floor. She immediately called an ambulance and he was taken to the hospital in the same place. Because of his disability, however, there was not much they could do for him there, and a short time later, he was flown by helicopter to a specialist clinic in Lippstadt. The way it looked, he could not speak, not move, and the doctors said that we would probably not see him again the way as we knew him. A three by three centimeters wide area in the brain was considered to being affected by a blood clot and one would have to expect the worst. We friends in our meditation group started off a (phone)call action, and all of us adjusted us firmly in favor of him, prayed very intensely to God for Andreas and asked Bruno Gröning for mediation during the night.

We visited Andreas in Lippstadt 5 days later. He was able to walk again without obstruction, yes even run. And he could speak again, even if he was searching one word or the other, when it did not occur to him right away. 
This however, has likewise disappeared completely after a few weeks. He is fully recovered. The physicians are mystified. He told us that on the night after the attack, as we all prayed for him, the feeling in the limbs came back and everything in his head returned to normal. This is inexplicable from a medical point of view. Today, he functions again completely normal in all his movements, and in speech and comprehension during communication.
Andreas himself did not know anything about Bruno Gröning or his teaching and is not very interested in spiritual things, but he is very helpful with others. For that, we thank God from the core of our hearts and Bruno Groening for help. THANK YOU, GOD!
Petra Ruether